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Horrifically Fun



An infiltration attempt goes from ‘wildly successful’ to 'weird and confusing' in record time.

Thanks to Tired Old Man for edits, suggestions, and helping with the title. Also thanks to Nova Quill for her edits and suggestions.

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...oh god, this was hilarious!

Where do you get your ideas?


Often talking to others on chats and such.

:rainbowderp: This one just came to me while I walking though. Thanks to TOM and Nova it went from idea to "complete" in about four hours. So, hats off to those two for sure.

So, Chrysalis and Starlight are roommates, now? Hope to see a sequel in the future!

so many references to other clopfics!

“Mercy?” Cadance purred. Her smile only grew as she walked over towards a large armoire and opened it. “There is no mercy.”

You scare me.

(What the hell do you smoke to come up with this stuff?)

what? no bug zapper! for shame. shame on you.

I was not expecting her to specify what stuff would be done


Love Tap: NO! I am not mailing you to the Crystal Empire!

Adagio (muffled): Please?

Button: Why is Adagio all tied up?

Sonata: For her magic trick silly!

B: Really!

S: Yup! Me and Aria sometimes even get involved isn't that right Aria?

Aria: I will neither confirm or deny that statement.

B: Say does anyone else hear that weird buzz-

LT: All of you get to bed! RIGHT NOW!

Sombra: Spike! I had that dream again!

Spike: Sigh. Fine I'll sleep with you again tonight. (Gets off bed and goes under.)

KS: Bless you Spike. I promise when the time comes I'll make your demise just slightly less painful.

Spike: Yeah yeah just go to sleep.

Um, that was, um. :rainbowhuh: Whatever you're smoking to come up with this, can you share?

With rulers like that, who needs invaders? Nope, just nope. Still hilarious.

On one hand, it's a pity Chrysalis escaped so soon.
On the other hand, she looks traumatized enough already.
Anyway, have an upvote.

Starlight’s upside down, glowering face suddenly appeared over the edge of the bed. “I swear, if you keep me up I’ll go get the bug spray.”



Very entertaining little comedic romp. :pinkiehappy:

Jfc how horrifying.

I think I love you. :derpytongue2:

Oh god. :rainbowlaugh:

Brilliant as always.

Butt things...heheheh...you pulled that one right out of my brain, didn't you?

I've come to just expect that any story with some sort of "thanks to Tired Old Man" in the description is gonna be gud :rainbowlaugh:

silly and warped.
perfect !

Aww... I was kinda hoping she would go for it...😈

This was hilarious! And I can SO see that happening :rainbowlaugh:

I can see it now. One morning, Twilight gets up and heads for breakfast. She is greeted by Spike, Starlight, Queen Chrysalis, and Trixie, greeting each one back in return. Then she stops and wonders: what is Trixie doing there, she was supposed to have a show in Appleloosa.

Snrk, that was hilarious. I'd so love to see a sequel.

Maybe worth Chryssie actually bonding with Thorax after it turns out that hid in the same place to avoid the crystal couple.

This is silly, You are silly...why the fuck do I want more?

Why I would want to read a follow-up to this, I myself do not know.

I can't decide if this:

Tools that were clearly meant to be inserted into… places.

or this:

“I have many holes, Starlight Glimmer.”

is the best line in a short fic filled with great lines :rainbowlaugh:

Love it!

This is just downright hilarious. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm tickled <3 Bravo darling. I giggled at 'strawberries'

Just gotta say, I LOVE that cover pic. (Yes, this is basically because of my profile picture)

Just when Chrysalis was getting comfortable and about ready to sleep, Starlight Glimmer's upside-down face appeared at the edge of the bed again and eyed her unwelcome guest. "By the way, Sunburst is going to be visiting me tomorrow."

"And..." prompted Chrysalis.

"Well, together we don't quite have the bedroom hardware collection that Cadence and Shining Armor have collected, but I'm fairly certain he would be open to the three of us--"

Several minutes later when Starlight managed to dig herself out from under the thrown bed, she regarded the shattered window to her bedroom and drew an imaginary vector from the fragments remaining. It curved in an upward direction, coming to an end in a familiar bedroom in the same crystal castle, and Starlight had to chuckle under her breath despite the mess.

"Just wait until Chrysalis finds out what Twilight has in her closet."

This has a vaguely Venture Bros feel to it.

This thing started out going in a fairly predictable direction, and honestly didn't deviate from the expected course... the difference was made in the details. I ran out of breath somewhere between "there is no mercy" and "I have many holes", mate.
Thanks for a good laugh, always great to find something short and simply hilarious on here!
- Headwind

Chrysalis nods. “You’re right, there was enough in that bedchamber to fill all my holes!”


By the way, it's currently at the top at the feature box.
Right where it belongs.

And now I want to see the weird friendship between Starlight and Chrissie.

CAN'T... STOP... LAUGHING... :rainbowlaugh:

Poor Chrissy... Now, It need a sequel... Maybe King Sombra join under the bed? Or under Twilight bed.

I almost feel sorry for the Bug-Bitch. ALMOST.:rainbowlaugh:

"Come into my parlor, said the spider to the fly."

I love how Chrysalis didn't figure out she was the prey and Shining and Cadance were the predators until it was too late. I get the feeling they were still putting on a show for Chryssie when the guard entered the bedchamber, but I wouldn't be surprised if Cae and Army were into some risque stuff. She is the Princess of Love, after all.

The only thing this story was missing was a Chrysalis-shaped hole in the wall of the Crystal Castle as she made her escape.

The bug spray line was a stroke of genius, too.

Chrysalis nods. “You’re right, there was enough in that bedchamber to fill all my holes!” She looked down at her legs. “I have many holes, Starlight Glimmer.”

I can just imagine Starlights baffled face at these words. :rainbowlaugh:

I haven't seen this idea before, but it was followed a predictable yet well executed arc. Well, maybe not the end, that was a small surprise. But when you do something well enough, it doesn't matter if the audience sees it coming.

Comment posted by StarTrotter deleted Jun 26th, 2017
Comment posted by StarTrotter deleted Jun 26th, 2017

Well done. Good job etc.

Seriously though, this was brilliant. Only thing missing was flufflepuff *pfffft* :pinkiesmile:

Is there any sex in this?

No. There is nothing explicit in this fics.



I picture her saying the line in an almost saddened, but matter-of-fact voice.

Starlight’s eyes drifted downwards. “What kinds of things?”

“… Butt things.”
I picture Starlight with a picture perfect 'wat' face and poor Chrysalis with a thousand yard stare during this whole conversation.

Oh good, is it just implied? I'm wondering why there is a sex tag for the story?

Yes, there is some suggestive jokes but that is. Cadance and Shining really want to do... things with Chryssie but she escapes before it gets serious :).

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