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It was an average morning in Ponyville. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, the changeling was swimming in the pool.... wait what?

This story is written by me and Limescale.
You can find his page here
Front page at 1/21/2017. Thanks guys for making it possible!

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 92 )

About right. Thanks for the laughs

Later that day, once Twilight leaves, seven changelings congratulate themselves on a prank well pulled.

This was great - :derpytongue2:

7884312 Oh god, that would be hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

Oh god, I LOVE Changelings, because they can be super adorable and a very good villain at the same time, just like Discord.

Minus the adorable part of course.


Adorable Discord, someone get on that.

This is a very good one-shot.

That was amusing, and something I would love to see animated.

That was cute. Seems to me you drive the gag of Twilight being the one gung-ho to arrest the changeling a little too far, though. Twilight has hardly been slow to action in the past, so it's not like she would need her friends agreeing with her first to go after Kevin. It may be possible she's virtue-signalling instead, but there wasn't any payoff there.


Admitingly, it was played a little hard. Yet we tried our best kept to the general scope of what Twilight would have done within that time. My co-writer wrote the parts on twilight and his insperation was from one of the episodes where Twilight was having a nervous breakdown. Decided to keep it in and play the scene as straight as we could. Twilight is known to act, yet has also been known to try to get her point across before acting.

Fuck'n Kevin show'n at people's houses lounging in their pools, who does he think think he is, Princess Celestia? Smug ass bugboy float'n 'round the pool like he owns the damn place, giving zero fucks about being arrested. Bet that skinny carapace'd douchnozzle had a martini too.

Kevin is the best. 10/10. Better than Luna.

So changelings cannot get into pools without some ponies kicking up a fuss?
What is this, species-ist segregation? "Non-changelings Only"? Like what was commonplace for Americans of African descent (otherwise known as 'blacks') before the Civil Rights Movements? Sure, the changeling species has a hive-mind mentality, and the main one is led by an aggressive queen (which would affect the rest of the hive), but not every individual changeling is like that. Changelings have rights too!

Perhaps I'm reading too deeply into this.

poor Twily, still so traumatized by changelings, but Kevin attended Cranky and Mitalida's wedding so I think she was convinced that being a changeling wasn't a crime. Could even see here apologize for being racist. Also, changeling who just hangs around undisguised, can we say "research"?


>doesn't bother to mention invasion
>sans profile picture


For Faust's sake, Darling. Let it go. :duck:


Love the story by the way, Chap. :raritywink:

I half expected Spike to just wander out there and talk to him himself, being the more sensible of the group.

Pool's closed on account of changeling.

that sounds like one of your side stories. :duck:

7887529 Don't worry, there's a group of ponies with afros standing around it, keeping us safe from the changeling-infected pool.

“He’s a changeling! They can’t be trusted!” Twilight said.

That's racist.

Hahahah, for reals though, awesome job on this :rainbowkiss: This was adorable, and a good laugh.

I neither liked, nor disliked it. The theme of it is pretty much a running joke with Twilight's understandable unfriendly reaction towards a changeling being the center-point and her friends finding its presence to be completely non-threatening as one after the other enter the house and have the same discussion over and over, with minor variances for each new interaction. But nothing gets resolved other than Fluttershy's pool guest departing at the end, thus irritating Twilight.

It is well-written, and the characters don't seem to be OOC, and this almost feels as if you took a scripted scene from the show and turned it into fanfic-form. But while that last bit could be an appeal, it is also its weakness. It starts like an episode might, and then just ends like one might expect before the opening theme would play, but then nothing else happens after that because it's the end of the fic.

TL;DR, it's not a bad fic by any stretch, but it's a rather forgettable one, too. Nothing really stands out.
Had this: 7884312 been the actual ending, I would have actually laughed at it at the end. But it wasn't.

i found this to be a rather mellow and chilled out fic, rather nice to read fics like these while listening to Bob Marley from time to time.

“I, um… didn’t really ask.” Fluttershy admitted. “He looked tired, and was looking so peaceful in the water that I… um, let him stay there?”

I had a moment there where I distinctly imagined a changeling corpse spread eagled and face down, floating in Fluttershy's pool. Had a pretty good laugh at that.

Amazing, just Amazing. I need more with Kevin.

I kinda wanna see how the pones would react to a post-wedding Twilot goes back in time somehow to an alternate world where the changelings had peacefully introduced themselves much earlier, and were fully and openly integrated into society.
this could go two ways:
1) a serious story centered around judgement and assumptions
2) a flutterape/sombra wants back into his empire-styled fic where Twilight tries to do something every chapter to get Celestia to banish them all or something but keeps failing

I love how this whole thing seems to have a sketch comedy skit feel. I can't put my finger on why it gives me that impression, but I like it.

And I couldn't stop laughing at how they insisted on calling him by his name even as they were trying to be hostile towards him. :rainbowlaugh:

7887201 but how can you be sure that ALL changelings were part of the invasion? :trixieshiftright:

“Really, Twilight? I mean, yes, a great number of them proved themselves to be quite a menace in Canterlot, but isn’t it a bit harsh to tar them all with the same brush?” Rarity queried.

Considering that, at the time, the ONLY changelings they knew about were ALL from Chrysalis' hive and ALL had taken place in the invasion... yeah, looking at a 1-1 ratio there. You'd have to be terribly naive NOT to be suspicious.

*And then Kevin went off and informed Chrysalis that, yes, the ponies were mostly trusting morons who'd be easy to capture... and that is how the season 6 finale actually happened* :trollestia:

7887756 There have actually been a number of short fics almost exactly like this, with Twilight being the only one suspecting the changeling of sinister intent. And they all pretty much end the same way, except for one which DID feature the changeling being a spy ascertaining how stupid the ponies really were.

And Spike never left the pool ever again

The End


chrys: hey guys if you don't obey me i'll fuckin deck you
changelings: ok
changelings: (wouldn't exist without chrys, only have her as ruler)


And then Spike was arrested and interrogated.
The end.


Your demand was granted before you made it, seeing as this video was made in 2014. My job is done now that I have brought it to your attention.

7889611 I can now die in peace.

7889611 Is there any more info, or a story attached to this? It's one of the damn cutest cartoons I've ever seen yet I can't find any related material on the idea of a Baby Discord.

7889722 There's a story by the same people that made the cartoon here on Fimfiction that explains why Discord's a baby. Here's a link.
There's also apparently an ask blog on tumblr. Ask Baby Discord I think. I don't remember there being much on there though.

7886471 is there more to this somewhere?

We do have plans to make an extra chapter. Just as an extra punchline.

That was a great way to start my day!

7890372 Can you make a sequel to this where Shining Armor and The Princesses see it happen and show how they react?

Ah, Twi's a filthy racist. Grand Wizard Wakka from FFX would be proud.

Excllent matter for one-shot episode. ^^

Xenophobic Twilight...check:pinkiesmile:

Changeling that has done nothing wrong....check:pinkiesmile:

Me liking the story.....Triple check:pinkiehappy:

When I first saw the title, I immediately thought that maybe the Changelings had found the Mirror Pool seeing as it'd match their theme of cloning through use of shape-shifting. Kind of wonder if the Mirror Pond is actually a Changeling artifact that was forgotten to time except from Pinkie's Nana.

A Changeling in the pool...
Why not?

Say, will there be a sequel?
Like, what he was working on?

Somehow I can see many things happen...

- Spike find some eggs under the pool

-Twilight follow Kevin all day finding he is not doing anything evil

-Twilight send a message to Celestia but is ignored


Good thing I saw this in the update feed. XD
Didn't think you would actually do it!

:trollestia: Well, it would be a crime to let this party go to waste...

:twilightoops: *Returns to find a Celestia in Fluttershy's pool*

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