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This story is a sequel to Fluffle Puff in the Crystal Empire

Continuing from "Fluffle Puff in the Crystal Empire", Shining Armor sits down during an awkward tea party with Chrysalis. He has no idea what to do.

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Yay :yay: , another Fluffle Puff chapter.

I would have find it more funny if during Shining's outburst, Marksaline would gradually turn in her monstrous for like in the last Fluffle Puff video.

Find a couple mistake.

“Fluffy just wanted to some for a visit,” Chrysalis answered.

Fluffle Puff released a gasp of happiness and smiled as at Chrysalis.

Cute! I love these little Fluffle Puff/Chrysalis side stories.


'Marsaline' - Marksaline

Pure briliant fun :3

PS: We need a Fluffle Puff smile

We go from Anon a Miss back to Fluffle Puff. What a great return

:pinkiehappy: <It's true love!)
:rainbowhuh: <But it's kind of cheesy.)
:twilightsheepish: <Still, as long as Chrysalis has Fluffle Puff, she won't need to eat our love.)
Queen Chrysalis announces, "Cheesy Fluffle Puffs! It's the snack that smiles back!"

:trollestia: <Some people from Pepperidge Farm are here to see you.)

I swear..

.. My heart is dawwwwing non stop....

*looks at the wall and saw fluffle puff*


Anyone else struck by the idea of Sunset Shimmer meeting the trio and Marksaline turns out to be her mother? Just me?

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