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G5 and Twilight. · 2:48pm February 27th

I think that many people here already see the G5 Movie trailer and read the summary. So... After several years after Celestia stepped down and Twilight take the throne, Equestria pretty much fell apart? Earth ponies, pegasi, and unicorns all live separately, and there is "paranoia and mistrust".
Funny thing that back in Russian brony circles I many times said that Twilight rule most likely ended up horribly and will end Equestria as we know it. And it looks like I'm right!

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GAH! I DELETED YOUR POST BY ACCIDENT I'M SO SORRY. I'm on a phone and the reply button and the delete button are RIGHT NEXT to each other. ._. But as for your question, no, there is no connection.

Thank you, friend, for the favourite!

Thank you for the watch comrade! :pinkiehappy:

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