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excuse me jack could I intrest you a story trilogy that has some similarities to yours but with a ton of references!

Hey! I sure hope you enjoy it :)

Hey bro glad to see you made this and also I see you've started another story can't wait to read it

thank you, they will be there at a moments notice!

Welcome and thank you for coming :)

Glorious things lie ahead.
Dark shadows and unholy dead.
Will look up beheld with dread.
For there will be guns, ships, soldiers and treads.
With bread.

As for why I thought of that short rhyme, I don't know why.
I honestly geek out on sci-fi and tech themed stories.
It's an honour to be here Sir J. Hammer:yay:

Thanks for coming! :raritywink:

Thanks for the invite Jack! 😁

Haha that's a fantastic security response!

For some reason I cant add my story :P

Post whatever you like in the open folders!
Just as long as it fits the folder name.

Os this a group only meant for spin offs of your story or any HIE stories?

Comment posted by Therisinghero deleted Jul 13th, 2017

how is security around here I wouldn't mind providing some!

It's a sci fi/horror series I write. I added a link to the bottom of the group description to help out :)

What's "Equestrian Alliance"?

Feel free to set down your weapons, take off your exo suits, and kick back for a little fun!

I typically dont resort to weapons unless its to dis arm an assailant with a gun, throwing stars are my thing and when it comes to melee weapons I only own two, my fists and my retractable staff! but hey if you guys need your moral raised here is something that made me feel empowered!

*takes a nap*

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