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Hello! My dark, and nightmarish friend!

Comment posted by Nightmare Darkness deleted September 8th

I am not trying to pester you, nor am I trying to bother you or pressure you in any form of way. But I just wanted to ask, how it is it coming along? Again, take your time, I'm in no rush.

No it's okay. It just felt like you followed me out of nowhere. I mean I've posted stuff recentley in some forms and most of it was just joke replies to stupid sh*t posts about imprisioning neo nazis the same way they imprisoned the Jews.

Don't worry about it unless you don't want me to follow I can just unfollow you. Didn't mean to make you question about what you do.:unsuresweetie:

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Small Celebration · 4:25am July 29th

So my story of 'An Earthly Portal has reached over 600 views, this is a great thing. Sure it has only 32 likes at the moment but who knows if many more people read it and find themselves liking it. But as of right now I'm struggling with the idea of him being more heroic or dealing with his inner demons. But maybe he overcomes his demons by being heroic. I don't know I'm just brainstorming. :facehoof:

But still 600 views! WOOOOHOOOO

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