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Nightmare Darkness


An entity that has watched over the world that Equestria inhabited only known as the Guardian whose power has began to wither and diminish. Bestowed the Princesses with the duties of moving the celestial objects as it was becoming to much of a burden on her own. As a last act as a Guardian who was bestowed life from her own mother who had given her life was to experience what it was like to be one of her mothers creations. We follow the life, interactions, and adventures of Scriptheart.

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Spike is a full adult and has lived for hundreds of years. The elements are long gone, a memory. Celestia and Luna have moved the capitol of Equestria to Ponyville and have moved into Twilight's old castle. Spike has been summoned back home at the behest of the royal sisters but for what he does not know. But if Celestia asked Spike the Guardian of Equestria...he will answer.

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The story that begins right after you lose sight of Noble six with his duel against the elites. After the fall of Reach he finds himself in a set of events that lead him to Equestria.

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A side story to Astral Aegis

Glass Prism was a humble pony but felt the call to join the forces lead by a young filly named Aether Aura. He is one of many being in the third wave of recruites that answer directly to her. Training will be difficult but if what she promises is just beyond the veil of his world it will be worth it.

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After running away from an abusive home our hero/protagonist is granted a wish by the most unlikely of things. He awakes in Equestria with a new body, new life, and new challenges. What is in store for our boy? Read and find out.

Wow this story was featured 12, Aug, 2018 I am so flattered haha.

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Art compliments goes to its proper artist. (Not me) original idea by PoorYorick on DA

Times are dark when the land is ripped apart by the disappearance of the sisters. Everypony seems to be out for themselves. Even the mane six have split to form their own houses. Equestria is Divided, and needs hope again, but who will that be?

Proofread by: Typoglyphic (who is awesome)

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Death. When one is faced with the idea of it, it both terrifies and allures us. But in the case of one Grape Vine a corrupted lawyer who meets her end she meets death and has been chosen for some reason to take up the mantle of the grim reaper. See through the eyes and feelings of her as she deals with both her new job and what its means to be death.

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This story is a sequel to A day in the life of Chrysalis

Chrysalis is between a rock and a hard place, on one hoof she has Equestria that could keep her subjects alive and happy for years but cannot conquer it. On the other she has a race of changelings to feed so how do you feed your children? The Changeling queen is not above her subjects but will do anything for them...even give up her castle and everything to keep her subjects alive and how do you do that. Only Infultrate equestria so you can use what you know about love to make happy couples and further increase the output of love. Ya nothing can go wrong with this plan...especially if she chooses her main headquarters to be in ponyville.

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A short summery of the day in the life of the changeling queen.

Just did this to have some fun didnt really take to seriously lol

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