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This story is a sequel to Distorted Fate

After enduring the task of adapting to being a filly and helping to stop a potential disaster from occurring, one would think that things are finally turning around for me. Sadly... fate will never be that nice to me. Now I have deal with ponies knowing that I was originally an alien, Twilight's desire to learn everything I know, as well as training a team of ponies to handle any interdimensional issues that could come to Equus thanks to Celestia's recklessness. My life just keeps getting worse.

Oh, and everypony said I'm also going to have to go through something else, but I didn't understand the word. Just give me a moment as I look it up. I think it started with a p.

Note: It is recommended to read Distorted Fate first. Also may contain some gore.
Updates Tuesdays and Fridays.

Art: WildSoulWS
Editors: FourponyChapters I-XXXV), Hyari(Chapters I-XIV) PersonalGamer (Chapters XXIX and onward) RockstarRaccoon (Chapters XXXVIII and onward), PinkieThePrankster (Chapters Chapter LVIII and onward)

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Wow that was fast! Going to read right now :pinkiehappy:

Wait... Didn't pinkie already ask that in the other story?

6152605 No, she asked about Aether having birthday parties, not about ever having a party in her past life.

OH...oh...oh my this won't end well will it?

starts with a P, PUBERTY?

:pinkiecrazy: hehehheeehhehehehhehehehehhehehehehehehehehheheha

that is what i think will be how goes with pinkie pie with knowing Aether never having party before s/he in his/her old life :applejackunsure:

6152620 like a dog and a cat in a small room together :unsuresweetie: and the cat being rapt in bacon

Why am I foreseeing a scene that has Aether in the kitchen makings treats, with a smile? Also I see a future scene with Aether teaching Pinkie how to recreate some of the 'food' she's had in other dimensions.

Everyone, I think you are missing the bigger question. Such as is Aether's Cutie Mark a crescent moon with a star or a curved shooting star?

Hmmm:trixieshiftright: starts with a P.... hmmmmm nooo i dont get what it coul-:pinkiegasp:




No time skip...? Awww.

Nice cover art, though!

6152785 Best reply i've seen XD I'm in puberty right now. Thank god I'm not female for it.

Omg favorite picture of an oc ever especially knowing her personality. Know one deserves to be that adorable and be that deadpan all the time. Lol

6152785 This is hilarious. I quickly realized what it was, and this comment makes me laugh so much!

Now all Aether has to do is point out to Pinkie, is that she never had any parties, ebcause she was poor, and she was poor because of those dimention jumpers and breakers.

Anyone want to bet on what would happen the next time a portal opens? :pinkiecrazy:

Reminds me of another story.

In the beginning there was nothing.

And The Voice Said.

Lets Get This Party Started. :pinkiehappy:

Oh, good, A sequel. You had me worried there for a moment. I thought there was way too much material in the first story to just retire the whole thing.

neat, looking forward to more


Hahaha!!! Love it!!!

Launching Party-Nuke in 3... 2... 1...


Aether, do you prefer to be referenced as a male, female, nondecisive or unique gender?

6153364 party area located prepare for fun

6152704 Dog will be confused "Why is bacon hurt me?"

Oh, and everypony said I'm also going to have to go through something else, but I didn't understand the word. Just give me a moment as I look it up. I think it started with a p.

Oh my 8D hahahah.

Nice job on this man, nice job!
Can't wait for more.
hehehe eue

Who else absolutely loves the cover art?:pinkiehappy:

6154260 I Do! It looks amazing! :raritystarry:

Oh... Now I feel bad I never finished your story >O< ;-; I feel sad.. Sorry

Aether just doomed herself by mentioning she never had a party x3 lol

lie my ass of


Pinkie pupils instantly shrank to dots as she stared at me, and I think I could see a bit of foam coming out of the side of her mouth.


Ming want to go through the first chapter here; it's rather rushed and a lot shorter than it should be. An example would be when pinkie hugs her to the point of her turning blue. She's ALREADY blue, and it feels like there's a some details lacking that shouldn't be.

6154732 She's purple, and this isn't the first time Aether's face turned blue from the lack of air.

6154762 The cover art looks more like a navy blue or dark purple. Regardless, the chapter feels rushed, and while it's appreciated that you are stick to a daily update schedule, it looks like something rushed out, so the sequel would be out in time for the epilogue.

There's a lot of roughy patches, and if I weren't doing this on an iPhone I would be more willing to quote them instead of just the last one that was substantial (which is still something that should be expanded on, among other things).

*Foams at mouth from the awesomeness of story and slowly slides down chair*

so I was trying to find some fan art of this series. And I am sorely disappointed in the lack of it :ajsleepy:. I might just have to rectify that myself:rainbowdetermined2: ! In the mean time keep writing master pieces!

I don't get why this isn't in the other story. I mean, I get that the previous bit was getting a bit long in the tooth but the separation here seems rather arbitrary. This is a direct, seconds later continuation of what we were reading. Plus the fact the previous story really didn't have a 'conclusion' so much as a 'convenient pausing place.' I'm not saying I'm upset the idea is continuing. It's still a fun read and all. But why split it here? Why not after this little bit and then start this particular story a month or so on when Aether starts dealing with the new recruits or something? A place where there is a distinct change ... see, I wish I knew literary terms now because I'm grasping at straws trying to explain myself ...

Just seems a bit strange to split it all here is all. Still, better to split somewhere than to go on for two hundred 'chapters' like some of these stories I suppose.

I just have one thing to say.... CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS, ALIEN DEFENSE EXPERTS, YAY! :pinkiecrazy:

I just got done binge reading Distorted Fate and then I noticed this.

Immediate track, thumbs-up and fave.

Also I wholeheartedly agree with your breaking up the story where you did, unlike some others. Plenty of stories start the second book at the in-story point the previous book ended. Also the central conflict of the first story was done, so no point dragging that on.

Pinkie's reaction to this latest reveal.

Just without the, you know, evil-ness.

Oh, and everypony said I'm also going to have to go through something else, but I didn't understand the word. Just give me a moment as I look it up. I think it started with a p.

Power outage?
A Mirage throwing Prism at you point blank and detonating it?

Oh, puberty. Good luck.

"The oppos—don't be cruel to the recruits Aether,"
Should be-
"The oppos—don't be cruel to the recruits, Aether,"

"Just be reasonable Aether, no pony would be
Should be-
"Just be reasonable, Aether. No pony would be

"Aether why are you here?
Should be-
"Aether, why are you here?

"She has a point there sugarcube,"
Should be-
"She has a point there, sugarcube,"

CTRL+C, CTRL+V powers activate!
A Direct Address comma is used when you directly address the person being spoken to in dialog, such as by saying their name. Put one after the name if it's at the beginning of the sentence, one before the name if it's at the end, and one on either side if it's in the middle. These can significantly alter the meaning of a sentence, so here's some examples showing why they are important.

"Let's eat, Grandma." -> Inviting your grandmother to join you in a meal.
"Let's eat Grandma." -> Conspiracy to commit murder and cannibalism.

"Shoot, Jake!" -> You are telling Jake to shoot something.
"Shoot Jake!" -> You are telling someone to shoot Jake.

"Bob, hit me." -> You are asking Bob to hit you, for some reason.
"Bob hit me." -> You are dobbing Bob in for assaulting you.

"Come on, Sally." -> You are urging Sally to engage in some unspecified task or activity.
"Come on Sally." -> You are telling someone to, err... Never mind.

Note that you still do this even if you are using something in place of an actual name.

"Damn you, you vile wench." -> Damn that vile wench.
"Damn you you vile wench." -> Word salad.

"And that, my friend, is why I ate your cat." -> A perfectly ordinary conversation.
"And that my friend is why I ate your cat." -> Blargelbarf.

6156180 No I see exactly what you're saying this could have easily been in the epilogue of the previous story or a final chapter and then we start after this.

Still excited to read this and I like the story :D can't wait to see what happens next. Lots of things could happen.

Cue Pinkie Pie trying to talk the pink menace out of doing way too many parties for Aether.

6156700 And another thing:
The first story was about Aether learning to cope and live in Equestria, and her life as a child...

According to my headcanon, a child is a 'teenager' in Equestria, when they get their cutiemark. They know what they can, and probably will, do especially good. In their life, that is a turning point. A turning point is one of the many places where you can place a good interruption, for example switching into a new book, AKA the sequel.

6156959 Considering she is an alien...
Paparazzi makes astonishing sense, if the CMC couldn't shut their mouth. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaait...

She has to go through 'Paparazzi'.

6160374 ...do...ponies even get periods?
Puberty, I could understand...maybe

"Whoa, your teats are huge; you're not related to Milky Way, by any chance, are you?"

Or else Aether is suddenly with foal for some reason


Wait a second, didn't Pinkie already throw multiple parties for Aether since she came to Equestria? So Pinkie's exclamation doesn't make literal sense.

Edit: found out that I miss read what Pinkie said, still leaving comment up because screw it why not? Otherwise still leaving not sure how well a lid that the Crusaders can keep, though the incidents in past might hopefully keep them quite till they talk to Aether, though they are excitable so that might work against them.

I still find riftbutt's attitude toward Princess Celestia to be thoroughly unjustified. She didn't even bother to learn the full story. She just heard that Celestia went to another dimension to woo a lover, and instantly assumed that Celestia was ripping holes in space just to try and get laid. In fact, the one at fault would be Starswirl who created the portal, and yes he then figured out it was too dangerous, but he sure didn't destroy it. And even if Celly prevented him from destroying it, for all her power she's not omniscient. She couldn't recreate his portal spells, so she may have been entirely ignorant to the potential dangers they could cause. Really all she did was ignore some stodgy old codger who hated fun, and that's not going to destroy the world even if you are a supreme goddess of everything, unless that codger just happens to be hoarding the knowledge of terrible dangers that instead of teaching you what they are he just says "Just don't open this box little girl, you wouldn't understand why."

And even if after all that Aether wanted to smack Celestia with a statue, Aether never asked for the full story, so unless she learns it, she's just being a total bitch and taking her abusive past out on the nearest authority figure.

Which is fine, I mean. If you want Aether to be a total bitch. But there's no way that I'm going to read that ranting about Celestia's foolishness unlike the wise, knowledgable protagonist who has to save the day while all the foolish ponies just stand back and watch how great they are, and have any reaction other than thinking, "What a total bitch!"

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