• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Equestria Divided - Nightmare Darkness

The times are dark when the land is ripped apart at the disappearance of the sisters. Everypony seems to be out for themselves even the mane six have split to form thier own houses. Equestria is Divided and needs hope again, only who will it be?

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How it has Changed...

Applejack Spring 21,14 ASD

Betrayal. That was the only thing that hurt now. The warm-hearted mare from the past that brought them all together was now just hellbent on finding the Alicorn sisters who had betrayed everypony. Now she was even more interested in her delusional conquest to ascend to Alicornhood. Twilight had asked her and the others to join her and that was where Applejack drew the line. It wasn’t when they found out that the Royal sisters betrayed them, or even when Twilight changed after her parents died. It was the one last attempt she thought was going to save ponykind, but it was a perverse use of magic that Applejack would not be a part of. Fluttershy agreed with Applejack and flatly refused the transformation. Pinkie Pie was against it, but Twilight had something on her that made her accept the experimental transformation. Rainbow had accepted out of some misguided loyalty to the sisters, and Rarity was showing signs of a surging disease called crystallization where crystals would form slowly encasing the body until you could no longer move.

Now the friendship that was once so strong was shattered, and from its ashes rose bitter enemies. The sun and moon still rose and set. Applejack attested that too was one of the many reasons Twilight had begun practicing such dark alternatives. The worst was the news of Pinkie’s death and Rainbow’s escaping with severe burns over the better part of her face and barrel. With that news, Applejack had put down the cart and picked up the sword. Alliances were made, troops assembled, and all-out war declared. Equestria was divided into five main houses with several smaller factions all with goals to exploit or take over Equestria.

House Earthborn, lead by Commander Applejack, was the largest in terms of territory and military might. Its goals were to rid Equestria of unicorns and their unnatural magic. With her family being the leading circle, the Apples lead an effective and tough military that relied on one another like family.

House Stormwing, lead by Supreme Commander Rainbow Dash, was the most militarily utilized with air superiority and the fastest fliers in Equestria. Repurposing the Wonderbolts into an elite group for stealth, assassination, and recon, Rainbow had proven herself a capable leader and was always the first into a fight if her advisors didn’t stop her. In her mind, the sisters did their best and everything was peaceful, and the only way for Equestria to survive these turbulent times was to enforce a strict code of military honor and duty on Equestria until the sisters’ return.

House WhiteGold, run by Rarity, had the least territory, but was by far the wealthiest. Leader of the trade union and quietly known as the Crystal Spider, Rarity was the go to mare if you need any information or goods. As the owner of the gem mines, she has imposed her will on the Diamond dogs and gained a very powerful ally. Nopony wished to cross her for her crystallization has made her unstable. Her mood was often erratic, and the only thing that seemed to keep her sane was her little sister, Sweetie Belle. Rarity’s motivations were often a secret to all, but when asked about her thoughts on who should lead Equestria, she simply smiled and said ‘Only the ones who can afford it.’

House Moon and Star was led by Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Prince Shining Armor, but truly run by Twilight Sparkle. Her motivations were shrouded in secrecy, but one was told she planned to merge the astral plane with unicorns. Not much was known about the next plane, but one pony who did know about it in great detail was a wise wizard named Starswirl the Bearded. With dark magic she summoned and captured his soul, chaining it to her in ways nopony understood. It was unclear what she planned to do with the power she hoped to obtain, but when all was said and done, it would change the face of Equestria.

The Everfree Tribes were,as the name suggests, a collection of tribes situated within Everfree forest. They govern themselves, but all listen to Lady Fluttershy. The tribes for the longest time were content to live their lives inside the dark forest, but soon the forest began to expand unnaturally. Fluttershy had left her shy and doubtful self, only to transform into a pony who defended any under her care. It wasn’t long until the thing that made the Everfree what it was contacted Fluttershy. This creature only presented itself to Fluttershy and it went by the name “the Everfree Liege”. Her constant self-preservation changed to one of expansion to bring everypony under one tree…

The last was the Cult of Laughter, but it was anything but a laughing carefree group as Applejack understood it. This group was led by an eerie creature named the Laughing Mare. Not much was known about them but that they could be anypony and everywhere. Their goals were unclear and their methods horrendous, using necromancy and cruel forms to fight. They attacked from the shadows and kept to them.

Applejack thought back to her life before the divide, which seemed a lifetime away. Applejack looked into a mirror and her once delicate features were replaced by small scars, cuts and an eyepatch over her right eye. She had made a pact with a spirit that was summoned the night they became allies with the buffalo tribes at their large feast. She had been asked to partake in a ritual that would allow them to ask for victory in the coming battles. A spirit showed itself to Applejack and presented an offer to her that she couldn’t refuse. The eye of true sight that could see through any lie. She removed her eye and the deal was done. Nopony could lie to her now, and on more than one occasion her true sight had foiled a plot to assassinate her or her family.

A knock on her door brought her back to reality.

“Come in,” she said, turning to face the door. Big Mac opened the door and stepped through dressed in his juggernaut battle armor. It had spikes on the shoulders and was made with plates of heavy steel that kept out almost everything that tried to pierce them. Big Mac closed the door and stopped in front of Applejack’s desk.

“Scout’s back?” she asked. He nodded grimly, causing Applejack to frown.

“What is it, Big Mac?” she said firmly. He took a moment to think.

“Everfree is holding ground but not advancing. Stormwing patrols are keeping to their borders. Nothing as usual in Whitegold, but we came under attack from what the patrol said was Moon and Star troops,” He said, frowning. Applejack frowned as well.

“What were they doin’?” she asked. Big Mac shook his head and shrugged.

“The scouts retreated before they could tell. But on their way back they saw a large contingent of ponies flying. No colors. They looked to be traders heading east toward Redheart’s Refuge,” he said. Applejack digested this information before she looked up at him.

“Send a contingent to take a look-see inta’ the Moon and Star. I want to know what they are doin’. Everything has been too quiet lately.” Big Mac nodded his understanding and turned to leave, before stopping and looking at her as he opened the door.

“Dun’ burn yourself out, sis. Get some rest,” he said, walking out of the door and closing it. When he left, Applejack sighed and looked at her desk and where there had once been orchard numbers and lists of chores had been replaced by troops movements and battle plans.

“Oh, how the world has changed,” she muttered.