• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Equestria Divided - Nightmare Darkness

The times are dark when the land is ripped apart at the disappearance of the sisters. Everypony seems to be out for themselves even the mane six have split to form thier own houses. Equestria is Divided and needs hope again, only who will it be?

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In clouds and on Earth

Rainbow Dash Summer 1, 14 ASD

The sun crested over the clouds as the first day of summer arrived, along with the throbbing pain that never truly left her alone. She rolled out of her bed and walked to her dresser that contained several pill bottles. She opened a few, taking one or two at a time. After her daily ritual, she looked at the mirror that reflected an odd sight. The right half of her face was scarred by burns that would never allow her cyan coat to regrow. Her chest had a similar scar, but it looked like it was drawn on deliberately. A knock on her door turned her ear toward the source of the sound.

“Yes?” Rainbow said, her voice grave. The door opened, and Scootaloo poked her head in.

“The captains are awaiting your presence in the war room. The scouts are back," she said, before coming into the room fully. Rainbow cursed under her breath. She had slept in.

“Ya, ya, I got it. I'll be out in a minute," she said, waving her hoof. She then caught Scootaloo quickly glance at her scars. Rainbow remembered the day Scootaloo saw her the first time. She was crying and never left her side in the hospital.

“Are you ok?" she asked, more as a friend than as a subordinate. Rainbow appreciated everything Scootaloo had done, but she couldn't afford to have anypony close to her. She knew ponies plotted against her, and anypony close to her was a target.

“No, that will be all, Scoutmaster Scootaloo," Rainbow said, and with a sullen look Scootaloo nodded.

“Yes, Supreme Commander," she said and left the room.

Rainbow dressed in her military uniform and made her way down the cloud corridors to the war room where she could hear a heated argument going on between her officer's.

“It's not in the budget!” Commander Spitfire exclaimed.

“If we want to keep our borders, figure something out. You’re chief of logistics," Commander Soarin said, annoyed.

“You’re chief of tactics! Figure out how to work with what you have," she shot back.

“Quite loud for the morning don't you think?” Rainbow said, walking in. The room came to attention and she waved her hoof.

“Carry on," Rainbow said.

“Supreme Commander," Commander Fleetfoot said with a nod. Scootaloo stood to Rainbow’s side as she placed a file with reports.

“We will leave logistics and movement of assets for after I hear what is going on," Rainbow said before either Spitfire and Soarin could voice their opinions. Scootaloo walked to a wall with a map of Equestria and several icons indicating their forces as well as information on opposing factions movements based on scout reports.

“Spies indicate that Rarity and Twilight are talking to one another. We don't know the contents, so we are still investigating. The borders of Everfree are becoming more active with the amount of Earthborn troops amassing at the westwood. Several earthborn ponycopters have been spotted making routine flybys along our borders," Scootaloo said, taking a breath.

“Do we know why they are amassing their army at the forest's edge?” Soarin asked. Scootaloo shook her head.

“No idea. The last assault against Everfree was fruitless, but the force now isn't as large as the force that was amassed last time," Scootaloo said, tapping her chin and trying to come up with a suitable idea.

“A distraction," Soarin said, almost without thought. They all looked at him.

“Explain," Rainbow said. Soarin looked at them and shrugged.

“Have a force drain the population of Everfree and send in a small, more discrete force to take out Fluttershy. That's what I believe," he explained. Rainbow frowned in thought as she mulled this over.

“We need to take advantage of this. Have scouts follow the Earthborn group in, and when they get into conflict our forces will end the Everfree Tribes once in for all," Rainbow said coldly.

Fluttershy Summer 3,14 ASD

Trotting through the forest, she stopped slowly,took in a deep breath of flowers, and smiled. Three birds flew down and chirped happily as she watched them swoop and dive playfully. She looked at her reflection in the clear glass like water. Her head had curved horns as well as a tuft of hair forming around her neck. Her once blue eyes now were a solid green and improved her night vision. The gifts of the Everfree Liege had been a boon to be sure, and, though they had scared her at first, she had gotten used to them. The birds landed in the water and began to clean and preen themselves until heavy steps scared the birds away and she looked over her shoulder at the massive minotaur.

“Lady Fluttershy. The Earthborn force is standing its ground and have been for the last few days. I suggest we attack. Fortune favors the bold," Iron Will advised. Fluttershy turned to face him then walked past him.

“I will consult the Everfree Liege. Wait for my orders. Stay defensive. Fortune may favor the bold, but victory favors the prepared," she said. Iron Will placed his hand to his chest and bowed to her.

“Wise words, milady," he agreed and fell into step beside her. They made their way to the castle, passing through the village that had sprung up around the castle she had renovated and claimed as her own. Many were missing as all but the mothers and fillies had relocated to the western forest to fend off the Earthborn.

“Lady Fluttershy!” a small voice said as a group of fillies and colts ran up to her. She smiled warmly at their smiling faces.

“Hello everypony. I hope you all are taking your schooling seriously," she said in a motherly tone. A few of them scuffed their hooves in the dirt avoiding eye contact.

“L-Lady….F-Fluttershy…” a small, meek voice spoke and she looked down at a small colt whose green coat made him almost blend in with the grass. His face was mostly covered by his dark blue mane. His shy demeanor made her think back to who she use to be, and she felt her heart swell as she took a step toward him. He lowered his head and she smiled.

“No need to worry little one. What is it?" she asked softly, making the young colt lifted his head with a small smile.

“I-I'm just wondering...are we safe from the Earthborn here?" he asked. Fluttershy placed a hoof on his head and softly rustled his mane so she could see his face.

“What's you name, young one?" she asked with a light laugh.

“Green Trees," he said, looking up at her.

“Well, Green Trees, if any bad ponies come here I will save you from them, just like Iron Will has saved so many before you," She gave him a wink. The voice of their teacher called out, and the kids all looked at each other. They each said their goodbyes as they went back to their teacher.

“Bye, Lady Fluttershy," Green Trees said as he ran off. She continued to the castle, and Iron Will chuckled, causing her to look at him with a sidelong glance.

“What?" she asked.

“I remember how much you have changed, and I am glad you lead us. Your kindness knows no bounds it seems," he said. Fluttershy was quiet a moment before saying.

“My kindness has its limits," She said cooly. They entered the throne room, and she entered a door that would lead down to the depths of the castle.

“Wait here," she ordered, and Iron Will obeyed. She descended into the darkness as the smell of moss, sounds of creaking wood and rustling vines surrounded her. A voice echoed in her mind as she stepped into a large dimly lit chamber.

“You come because of the mass of unwelcome life at my borders," the voice said.

“Yes. Do you wish to attack and end them?" she asked. The ground shuddered a moment.

“No… there are intruders… close. Keep to the borders. If they attack… rain wipes away all," it said.

“We shall be the rain,” she said as she turned and left, ascending the stairs. As she came to the door she heard a loud explosion and the sound of hoofcannons.

“Protect the village!" she heard Iron Will's voice bellow as she bust from the door, seeing Earthborn troops smeared in forest trimmings and mud used as a camouflage to sneak into Everfree.

Screams of fleeing ponies filled the air as well as war cries of the Earthborn. She charged out of the doors and past Iron Will, who reached out for her.

“No, Milady!” but he missed her. He growled and charged after her with a battle axe in hand.

“To the lady!” Iron shouted as several minotaurs joined him, forming a group. A colt’s screams caught Fluttershy's attention as she looked to see Green Trees running towards her with fearful tears in his hopeful eyes.

“Green Trees!" she shouted before a crack of a hoofcannon filled the air, and Green Trees fell into the mud, motionless. Fluttershy stood as the world slowed and a deep pain lanced her heart. She closed her eyes, lifted her head to the sky, and let out an unequine scream of sorrow, sadness and fury. Everypony stopped for a moment before the earth burst upward with tendrils of vines that impaled several Earthborn troops near her.

“Kill them!" she ordered, and Iron Will gave a battle cry as he and his minotaurs charged forth, cleaving the shaken Earthborn ponies. Fluttershy approached Green Trees and nuzzled him, but he did not move. She heard the steps of a large Earthborn Juggernaut, and she looked up at him. Her glare was dark and cruel. The Juggernaut lowered his horned helmet and charged. Fluttershy's eyes glowed green and vines sprang from the ground, trying to slow down the rampaging Juggernaut.

“Lady!” Iron Will said, slamming into the side of the large pony and knocking him off balance, causing him to trip and fall onto his side. Vines soon encased the Juggernaut. Iron will removed his helmet. Fluttershy approached him, and his red coat and orange mane were all too familiar.

“You will pay for this, Big Mac," she said darkly.