• Published 30th Sep 2015
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Equestria Divided - Nightmare Darkness

The times are dark when the land is ripped apart at the disappearance of the sisters. Everypony seems to be out for themselves even the mane six have split to form thier own houses. Equestria is Divided and needs hope again, only who will it be?

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Family and Favors

Twilight Sparkle Summer 7,14 ASD

The castle halls of Canterlot were quiet as Twilight walked alongside Trixie Lunamoon who turned to her.

“I advise against this Archmage Twilight.” She said sourly.

“Be against it as much as you want but I need to talk with Rarity.” Twilight said flatly as she opened the doors to the library with her magic.

“If you have found the sisters why tell her about it? She has so much power as it is why give her this as well.” Trixie said frowning not understanding her superiors motives.

“Rarity is a valuable resource.” Twilight said as she passed the curator of the library.

“I trust her as far as I can throw her without magic.” Trixie said with a note of distaste.

“You don't trust anypony.” Twilight said looking at the bookshelves intently.

“That's because everypony has something to hide.” She said as a poof of Magic appeared in front of her and she grabbed it with her magic and read it. She smiled as if at an amusing joke.

“What is it?” Twilight asked looking at a book seemingly uninterested in the scroll.

“Big Mac is being held for ransom by house Everfree. An attempt on her life by Applejack failed.” Trixie said as she read. The sound of a book falling and Trixie looked up at her. Twilight fumbled the book in her hooves and laughed it with her magic and looked at Trixie again.

“What?!” she exclaimed. The look of surprise apparent on her face.

“This is good right? One less apple?” Trixie said perplexed by Twilight's surprise. Twilight shook her head slightly to regain her composure.

“It's good news for us but still a surprise. How did we not know about this attempt of Fluttershy?” Twilight said frowning.

“I want to know everything. Get our spies on it. If I know Applejack now she's complying to Fluttershy's demands. Which were?” Twilight asked. Trixie overlooked her report.

“The removal of her troops from the borders and the upper part of Earthborn Territory it seems.” Trixie said with raised eyebrows. Twilight scoffed and shook her head.

“Well Fluttershy is bold to think Applejack would go that far.” Twilight remarked.

“This reports that they look to be complying.” Trixie said lowering the scroll.

“Looks can be deceiving. I don't know what Applejack will do but I doubt it will involve giving up the north of her territory.” Twilight said assured by her knowledge in the earth pony. A knock at the end of the bookshelf caused them to both look. Shining Armor stood there.

“Mind if I cut in?” He asked Trixie who nodded respectfully.

“I'll work on getting more information for you rest assured.” Trixie said and left them alone. Shining Armor looked awkward for a moment.

“What do you need?” She asked sounding more sharp than she intended. Shining Armor tilted his head.

“Do I need a reason to see if my baby sis is doing ok?” He said. Twilight sighed and shook her head.

“No of course not but I'm busy can't it wait.” She said as she was about to brush past him.

“Ever since mom and dad died you've been so cold to me.” He said outright causing her to stop.

“I love you Twily, I hate seeing you like this you're just hurting me and everypony when you push us away. Let me in.” He pressed. She turned and looked at Shining Armor.

“I have gotten over mom and dad's death. I think it's time you do to.” She said and left him alone in the dark library.

Rarity Summer 8,14 ASD

Not much could excite Rarity but the fact she received a letter yesterday from none other than Applejack of all ponies meant she was desperate. Rarity was sitting in her study with Sweetie Belle, content as to the reason Applejack asked for a meeting. Her spies had told her what Applejack had refused to say in her letter. The door opened and a small group consisting of Applejack, Applebloom, and 6 bodyguards entered lead by General Fancy Pants.

“Applejack leader of the Earthborn, oppressor of Unicorns as your requested Lady Rarity.” Fancy Pants said sharply and Rarity smirked.

“Now now. They are here to conduct business General. No need for hostility.” she said dismissively. He nodded respectfully in response and left the room along with Applejacks bodyguards. The room was quiet awkwardly quiet until Rarity looked at Sweetie Belle.

“I think it would be nice to show Applebloom the tearoom.” Sweetie Belle gave a barely controlled smile. Rarity saw a smile from Applebloom who looked at her Sister for approval but there was glared at and AppleBloom's head and ears drooped.

“Applejack no need to be so harsh dear. If I wanted to do something to you I would have. Let the ones who can still be friends remain so. We are here anyway for a reason you asked for so let me be a host and make your stay more comfortable dear.” She said as Applejack glared at her.

“Your as slippery as a snake covered in oil. My eye ta see past lies don't work on you for some reason and it makes me uncomfortable regardless...dear.” She said back spitefully. Rarity raised her hoof unfazed.

“Go play Sweetie. Take Applebloom to your Arts district instead this will be a long conversation.” She said and Sweetie Belle approached Applebloom giving Applejack a wide berth. The two mares left the room and they were alone for once in over 14 years.

“Care for something? Tea perhaps?” Rarity asked.

“Cut the hay. You know why I'm here.” Applejack said angrily.

“Oh all your letter said was you wanted to speak about a job. Sure I found it a bit vague but I was interested.” She said feigning ignorance. Applejack grinded her teeth and slammed her hoof on the ground.

“Stop delayin! You know why I am here. You and your connections most likely know about my problem.” She said stubbornly. Rarity eyes became half lidded as she looked at her once former friend.

“You know the fact it's so hard for you to ask me for something is so like you. Always stubborn when you should be forthcoming. I have heard through the grapevine that a foiled attempt on Fluttershy’s life ended up with a certain member of the Apple family in custody.” She said as she leaned forward putting her head on her hoof to support her.

“So you know you lied to me.” Applejack accused.

“No I said I didn't see anything in you letter for the reason of our meeting. You didn't ask what I knew, you simply stated I knew. So I didn't lie. So about this...what do you want me to do about it?” She finally asked. Applejack sighed and looked slightly defeated.

“I was plannin on askin you for some Diamon dogs for a rescue mission to save Big Mac.” She said. Rarity perked up and looked at her.

“Oh dear Applejack.” She began which made Applejack glare hatefully at her in the face she was talking to her as if she were a child.

“I can give you what you need but I have a good relationship with Fluttershy so what am I to do?” She said looking puzzled. Applejack had a backup plan but it was crap compared to a her first.

“Why don't you go to the mercenaries? Surely some could help you why come straight to me?” She asked.

“Everypony knows that you have a hold on everything that goes on in this city. If I did most likely you would hav just got a way for you to have me meet ya. So i skipped the middle pony and came to you.” She said. Applejack wasn't wrong, she probably would have done just that.

“Ok... I help you get your brother back.” She said as Applejacks face seemed to light up for a moment.

“But there's the matter of compensation. This is a business transaction.” She finished and Applejacks mood became dark again.

“Ah knew this was commin but I still don't like it.” Applejack stated.

“What do you want?” She asked Rarity. Rarity thought for a moment.

“Applebloom.” Rarity said and Applejacks heart stopped a moment and she growled.

“Go Buck yourself with that crystalline horn of yours! I'm not losing my sister to maybe regain my brother!” She bellowed angrily before she realized Rarity was laughing at her expense.

“You….hahahahahaha..” She held her sides before breathing and fanning her face to make sure her eyeliner didn't run.

“That's not funny Rarity.” Applejack grumbled folding her forehooves in anger.

“I-I know but I couldn't resist. Ok for real this time. You owe me a favor and… 2 of those ponycopters and say...a shipment of hoofcannons.” She stated. Applejack was quiet as she thought.

“One ponycopter, a small shipment of hoofcannons. The favor stands as well.” Applejack said.

“If you want it that way I'll get two favors from you.” Rarity said back. Applejack didn't want to have to keep her word to Rarity once but twice was dangerous. You never knew what she would call in but it was the best of what she could get and Rarity knew this.

“Deal.” Applejack agreed.

“Splendid!” She opened the door with her magic.

“Yes milady?” General Fancy Pants asked.

“Send for Warchief Rover. I have work for him.” She said as he nodded and left.

“Rover?” Applejack asked perplexed.

“Oh he's a treat. Smarter than your average Diamond Dog, also got a reputation as known as Rover the Rabid. He gets the job done.” She explained. Before the doors opened admitting a large Diamond Dog. His fur was black with long claws that could tear through a pony as easily as they tore through rock. His midsection had a simple leather vest upon closer inspection was made of faded colorful fur of once was ponies.

“You summoned?” He asked.

“I have a job for you...Applejack here will give you the details but be sure you are doing this for me...fail and you know what will happen.” She said cooly and Applejack thought she saw fear in the large dog's eyes as he looked down away from Rarity.

“As you wish, coins good though right?” He asked looking back up at her.

“Of course.” she said with a rehearsed smile. Applejack gulped despite herself, just what has she gotten herself into making a deal with a pony who could scare a Warchief Diamond Dog?