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School of Friendship · 12:27pm April 27th

Okay, let's get it straight - I think that this whole School of Friendship actually a godawful and stupid idea and just another Hasbro (failed) attempt to replace M6. Why do I think this way? Lets me explain my reasoning.

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Princess of Friendship in fanfics. · 12:58pm February 15th

Time after time I see fics that revolve around one simple idea - Twilight only can be friends with Pinkie, Rarity, Dash, Fluttershy, and Applejack. They all have one common scenario - that after hundreds, or even thousands of years after their death Twilight still unable to go over their demise. And obviously unable to make any new friends. She still mourning, she tries to find a way to bring them back or try some way to commit suicide to reunite with them. People do understand that they pretty

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Celestia freed Nightmare Moon? · 11:21pm January 25th

So someone asked Lauren Faust question about who's freed NMM from the moon. Answer is... Well, see for yourself:

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IDW Friendship is Magic #1 [Spoilers] · 10:32am January 14th

So I have some free time and nothing to do so I decided to read some comics and write some random things about them. Because I can.
Today we have IDW Friendship is Magic #1 "Return of Queen Chrysalis". Part one.

Hard to pinpoint the exact timeframe of the story - obviously after Canterlot Wedding but before Magical Mystery Cure.

1) Ponies have their own anthropology - but in their case it "hippology". Nothing unusual but still. They also use Latin in their science. Or pony-Latin?

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Season 9. · 10:38am Oct 13th, 2019

So let's get it outta my system - I don't like season 9. No, at the level of individual episodes it not that bad. The problem starts at the overarching plot - this whole transfer of power.
First of all there literally no explanations why the heck Luna and Celestia chooses to step down. No one even bothered to give them believable reasons to do this. It's a change for the sake of change - the whole Celestia speech at Twilight coronation pretty much this.

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So in the end friendship ended up being unimportant? · 1:59pm Sep 19th, 2019

Yeah, what title said. I feel like some things that supposed to be important ended up being, like, unimportant. Friendship castle? Twilight move to Canterlot. Yeah, why care about this little unimportant thing when you can live in the grand palace? School of Friendship? It looks like she tosses this old, boring toy to Glim-Glam and completely forgot about this thing. Her unbreakable and powerful friendship with M6? Minor ending spoilers It boiled down to meet each other once per month.

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G4: It was killed? · 2:21pm Aug 29th, 2019

There is a couple of videos on Youtube about different (dead) videogame franchises that explain why it ended up dead. Its had names like "XXX hasn't died, it was killed". After I saw S9 ending I feel like the same happened with G4. That it still has lots of potentials but Hasbro unwillingness to make any significant changes and their attempt to get "more of the same" pretty much killed that potential.

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Some things from Rainbow Roadtrip. [spoilers] · 9:17pm Jul 5th, 2019

Just some... random things.
1) Twilight hot air balloon actually have a rather modern-looking burner inside. And judging by the flame color - it works on propane. Although it lacks propane tanks so maybe it works on magic.
2) It looks like Hope Hollow rainbow billboard made from gas-discharge tubes.

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Unicorns are mobile radios? [minor movie spoiler] · 2:04pm May 2nd, 2019

Some things that I missed in the movie:

So either unicorn horns can work as radio antennas or they use magic to transmit signal? And how did these things work on earth pony or pegasus?

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Canterlot wedding, imposters and Twilight. · 9:29pm Apr 16th, 2019

The funny thing about "A Canterlot Wedding". Time after time, both in stories and comment I often see the same thing - people accuse Celestia/M6/someoneelse that they completely ignored Twilight warnings about fake "Cadance". But the thing is that Twilight doesn't knew anything about imposters or fakes! Her accusation against "Cadance" back in episode boils down to "she’s demanding", "she's rude" and "she doesn't deserve Shining Armor". That all. She never said anything about "Cadance"

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