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It's been two years since Chrysalis and her hive's reformation, but tensions are high as ponies are still getting used to the idea of working with changelings. Twilight Sparkle, determined to open up Chrysalis to the idea of friendship, convinces her to attend the annual royal meeting. To everypony else, it's simply a mundane meeting to catch up on current events. To Chrysalis, she would be in a room with all those who were once her mortal enemy.

No pressure.

Featured: 8/10/16 - You guys a freaking incredible! Thank you all for reading!

Rated for suggestive, sexy themes.

Special thanks to Setokaiva for proofreading. I do not own the pic, nor know who owns it, but if anyone can point me in the right direction to get permission I would appreciate that.

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This was amazing.

Ow ow ow my face hurts; I'm not supposed to grin stupidly this much! :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: That was great.

I think this is my favourite take on Blueblood now.

I think Chryssie's plan is perfect, really.

This was so freaking hilarius. :pinkiehappy:

That meeting was many things, but it definitely was not boring. Way to go!
I probably laughed more than I should have, but it was such a great read :rainbowlaugh:

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you make a sequel, you will be my hero.

Awesome Story.

The closest thing to the cover-source that I could find was derpibooru #277400.
The artist seems to be sunibee.

This is so stupid I love it!

Amazing. I have no words. Just... lawl.

Well that was freaking hilarius:rainbowlaugh:.

Oh my lord, that was hilarious. There's not a single part of this story that I didn't like. The characterization in particular was nothing short of incredible.

Mentally filing this under Twysalis.

Rap battle you say?
*eyebrow waggle*

Okay, that was fun from beginning to end, and I'd love to see a sequel with more shenanigans or even just a basic slice of life.

I really like your version of Chrysalis.

I don't know how Twilight's going to make a long enough lecture about the morality of not starting changeling brothels though. I mean, are there really even any reasons at all to not start changeling brothels? Chrysalis' test results certainly said otherwise. The ponies that participated in those tests said otherwise, especially after participating. Heck, even my body is saying otherwise!


I second that.

~Skeeter The Lurker

This was actually really well done, i love the way you made all the characters. especially the interactions between blueblood and shining. If you were to ever make a sequel of this i would totally read it. Keep up the great work.

That was great. Laughed all the way through. My only criticism is that it wasn't long enough. Excellent.

this was all over the place

Oh come on! What's immoral about a brothel!?

“Ugh, you ponies and your double standards,” Chrysalis rolled her eyes, “Cadance can make ponies fall in love on command, and nopony bats an eyelash. But I want to make a profit and feed my children and suddenly it’s a crime!”
“That’s because it IS a crime!”

That deflection of blame tho

While I liked the story overall, I'm irked by the depiction of the ponies as prudish and extremely, infuriatingly self-righteous.

Sooooo much subtext!

I love it!

It would be amazing to see him do King Sombra now .

Holy crud am I grinning like a maniac after reading this! :pinkiecrazy: Yeah just about that level.


“It was a very gruesome and bloody battle,” the Queen spoke with dramatic flair. “Magic for magic, wit for wit, we were equally matched with each other. The fight lasted for three days and three nights, every clash bringing us closer to death and—”

“I challenged her to a rap battle and won.”

I MAY have to steal that for one of my future fics, just to imagine how such a scene went down between them.

This almost devolved into another "Who is best princess" story and I am glad it didn't go too deep into it.

Simply hilarous:rainbowlaugh:
A shame it is a one shot. Loved how u managed Chrysalis and the royal. Also how yoy used Bluebood

I believe the site is broken; it's telling me that I can only up-vote this story once. I keep clicking, but the number only goes up once.

A great story, but I'll be honest, part of me figured that Luna would be at the top of the list. The whole "dark and mysterious" aspect, ya know?

This had me laughing hard!

I want this to be more than a one shot, more of this would be really funny.

The Twisalis is so thick they argue and bicker like an old married couple! I love it! :rainbowlaugh:

I so want a sequel. With then as an actual couple, because their personalities are pure gold. And bluey. Your bluey is best bluey. :raritywink:

Chrysalis fan fic? Suggestive, sexy themes? Sign me up!



Phrasing, just, phrasing all over. I like this Blueblood's attitude on things.

Her moment of frustration left as quickly as it came. Celestia put on a mask so calm and serene it made Chrysalis feel unbalanced and nervous.

“That’s a fascinating argument you have. Perhaps we can discuss this further at a later time? Preferably one-on-one?”

Hmn. Unsure if I should be shipping this, or just expecting angry sex later.

Oh man. This was a hilarious fanfic! I burst out laughing at various parts of the story, especially the parts where:

-The conversation about opening a brothel in the Crystal Empire, and Twilight finding out what a brothel actually is.
-Blueblood. Sure, he is a prick, but he was quite hilarious in the story, especially his reaction to him ranking higher than Shining Armor.
-The Royal Efficiency Index. That scene was amazing. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
-Twilight's story about how she defeated Chrysalis...in a rap battle! :derpytongue2:
-The last scene. You mess with Twilight, it's FRIENDSHIP LESSON TIME! :twilightangry2: :pinkiecrazy:

Glad I decided to read this story. :rainbowkiss::pinkiehappy:

“Come again?” Blueblood asked, intrigued.

"As many times as you want, big boy," Chrysalis leered, waggling her... uhm... I guess we'll call them 'eyebrows' for now until a novel entomological term can be approved. :rainbowwild:

“Speaking of which,” Chrysalis continued, failing to hide her smirk, “Blueblood ranked surprisingly high and shot right past Shining.”

Kinda odd that somepony whose name could easily be parodied into 'Blue Balls' would be something commonly ejaculated during... uhm... what I just said, only different definition. :rainbowlaugh:

Maybe within your pony culture, Princesses are pretty good, but if you ask any other race to point out who really calls the shots, it would be the one who holds the title of King or Queen and shows the strength, intelligence, and charisma it takes to lead their subjects, rather than relying on stereotypes and wordplay to make their point.

Uh huh. The griffons had a king. He became king cuz he found what looked like a glorified golfing trophy. He lost power the instant the thing he found that they all worshipped... for some totally unknown reason... got stolen.

So much for that notion, eh?

Also... really stretching it on that 'intelligence' part there, Queenie... considering you were staring out the window while your back was turned while your enemies were literally running around right behind your back. You're lucky all you got was kicked out by the Deus Ex Love Wave. Frankly, I would have just grabbed a spear in my telekinesis and shoved it through your head. They were much nicer.

You can rhyme 'oranges' with 'more flanges'... but trying to united them thematically is rather difficult, unless you're utilizing the color you'd like the flanges to be.

"Oh I got more flanges in shades of oranges... fo mah toilet, yo!" :pinkiecrazy:

This also works in the singular form 'a flange in a shade of orange'

Also, the river 'Ganges' also rhymes closely enough with 'oranges' if you shift the pronunciation of the last syllable just slightly for each, which is a common enough poetic device. :twistnerd:


I can't get over that pic. Had me in tears. :rainbowlaugh:

ya know in retrospect chainglings would be the perfect beings to run a brothel
they can be anyone so the experience is always different
depending on your headcannon you could argue that they couldn't reproduce
and you could pay them in love...hankypanky... stuff like that


Actually, Orange technically doesn't rhyme with any one word. Except for 'sporange', but nobody cares about sporange, and nobody would know what you were talking about if you used it in a rap song, which would make your song bad. However, orange comes close to rhyming with many words or combincations of words. (Half-rhymes/pararhymes)

Let's see, there's:

Door hinge; Delorian; Porridge; Courage; A flange; Gut-wrench; Hellan's; Koala Range; Lagrange; Muh Gains; No Gains; Ooh, trains!; Sewage...

There are probably more. I'd need to go through a list of themes, vowel differences, and consonant beginnings to get much of them though, and that would take a while.


Uh huh. The griffons had a king. He became king cuz he found what looked like a glorified golfing trophy. He lost power the instant the thing he found that they all worshipped... for some totally unknown reason... got stolen.

Uh... you only have one data point there, and I'm not even sure it goes against what you quoted. Plus, there's likely to be a bias: since My Little Pony is a cartoon centered around ponies, with ponies as the main characters, ponies are more often going to be shown in a better light than the other races. I mean, even in Dexter, they somehow managed to show a serial killer in a better light. (And for the sake of having multiple data points and not being a hypocrite: In Breaking Bad, they show Walter White...'s assistant in a better light. In Deadpool, Deadpool is given... a kind of backstory, showing him in a better light.)

considering you were staring out the window while your back was turned while your enemies were literally running around right behind your back.

I could actually imagine a real life queen doing that, but more as a show of power. Queens aren't really hardened fighters, they're more like politicians.


You have my permissions to steal. All i ask is you let me know so i can read it.:twilightsmile:


Now that is an interesting thought.


If enough readers ask for it, i may do it. Certainly sounds fun.

This is one of the best short stories I have read like ever!! I give this 10:moustache: out of 5:moustache:
I was so :rainbowlaugh: all the way through this.


Ps-I would be very happy to see a sequel.

Featured: 8/10/16

Please don't do that.

but one look at Cadance’s barely concealed glare warned her such an idea may not fly by the princess of love.


This was a cute little fic.

i think Cadance still has that whip in her closet...

Oh my. :rainbowderp:

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