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'Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see.' ~ Mark Twain


Hello there, and welcome to my channel! I'm Setokaiva, proud proofreader, editor and aspiring author, as well. I love to work with words, and have always been a sucker for a good story. I greatly enjoy working with people, especially with brainstorming ideas and hammering out any kinks in writing.

I'm usually available in the mornings, evenings, and at night (10-12 a.m, 7-12 p.m, at -06:00 GMT timezone (Central USA)). I tend to respond promptly to any messages, and my PM box is linked to my E-Mail, so send me a PM if you need help working on a story! My door is always open.


Awwwww! :twilightsmile:

These two... oh, wow. It's hard for me to even imagine a cuter pairing. Look at them! I can perfectly picture this scene in my head:  Derpy (or Ditzy, as I like to call her) is feeling down about life; perhaps some ponies made fun of her eyes that don't quite point in the same direction, and after so long of dealing with it, it finally got under her skin, even if she may try to keep it hidden on the outside. But Fluttershy, dear, empathetic Fluttershy, doesn't care about that. She just cares about Derpy. Her Derpy.

The wall-eyed pegasus, for her part, never dreamed she'd find love with someone as warm and open-hearted as her; never imagined that her cares and worries could be so easily banished, like a speck before a flood, by a hug, a kind smile, and those two simple, sincere words:  "It's okay."


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Thank you for the bookshelf additions!  :heart:  I really appreciate it!

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