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"Sanity is for the weak." - People who know good writing advice


During a climatic battle, a panicked magical blast from Twilight results in Chrysalis receiving a crippling wound. Twilight dedicates herself to Chrysalis' recovery and, hopefully, redemption.

As Twilight will soon learn, Chrysalis' frozen heart is one that won't easily be melted.

Won 1st place in the"Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord" contest. Rated for suggestive content.

Special thanks to Midnight Quill and Peerimagination for help with editing/being my lifeline and Setokaiva for pre-reading assistance.

10/3 - Updated tag based on feedback.

Chapters (5)

A stay in Equestria to spend quality time with her dearest friend turns awry when Gilda learns of a secret Rainbow kept from all of her friends. Even worse, a moral dilemma forces Rainbow to face a difficult decision, her only confidant in this situation being Gilda. But Gilda is determined to do whatever it takes to help Rainbow see this through, and has the ability to do so as long as she adheres to one important rule:

Don't give in.

Entry for the "A two-faced charade" contest.

Proofreaders/life savers: Midnight Quill and Setokaiva

Rated and tagged for implied suggestive situations and themes of cheating (don't try this at home, kids!).

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Flash Sentry is invited to a party he didn’t plan to be a part of, abandoned by the squadmate who roped him into coming to the dance club in the first place. The night was turning out to be like the last few times he was invited into a ‘guy’s night’, him sulking at a table and drinking alone.

The night took an unexpected turn the moment his gaze met hers…

Proofreaders: Midnight Quill and Setokaiva

I do not own the cover art, and I will take it down if the artist requests it.

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This story is a sequel to Chrysalis's First Royal Meeting

Twilight's attempts to open Chrysalis up to the idea of friendship continues with an even greater challenge: Her own friends. The relationship between her friends and Chrysalis has always been an awkward one, neither side willing to take that step toward each other in the name of friendship. It has gone on for far too long for Twilight, and she finally has concocted a plan that will put an end to their awkwardness and bring all of her friends together in the name of friendship.

Clearly this was going to be the most successful sleepover ever.

Special props to Setokaiva for the proofreading and being a major help.

Sex tag added due to naughty humor and innuendos.

Cover art by Zantyarz. I do not own this picture, but was given permission by the artist.

Chapters (5)

During Twilight's visit of the Crystal Empire, she stumbles upon Flash Sentry, who is struggling to work on a piece of literature he wants to donate to the local library. As Twilight uses the opportunity to help Flash develop his story, another kind of development begins taking place.

Based on a true story.

Special thanks to Setokaiva for proofreading.

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It's been two years since Chrysalis and her hive's reformation, but tensions are high as ponies are still getting used to the idea of working with changelings. Twilight Sparkle, determined to open up Chrysalis to the idea of friendship, convinces her to attend the annual royal meeting. To everypony else, it's simply a mundane meeting to catch up on current events. To Chrysalis, she would be in a room with all those who were once her mortal enemy.

No pressure.

Featured: 8/10/16 - You guys a freaking incredible! Thank you all for reading!

Rated for suggestive, sexy themes.

Special thanks to Setokaiva for proofreading. I do not own the pic, nor know who owns it, but if anyone can point me in the right direction to get permission I would appreciate that.

Chapters (1)
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