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This story is a sequel to Winds of Change

Changelings have always been a secretive race, shrouded in mystery and keeping to themselves, staying unnoticed and in the shadows, feeding where they could and avoiding discovery at all costs. When Chrysalis made peace with Celestia, the veil of secrecy and subterfuge was shattered, and thanks to Twilight's efforts, the other changeling queens can no longer remain hidden.

Of course, Twilight is more than happy to leave the tricky diplomacy to Celestia. She's having a hard enough time dealing with her own amorous changeling queen and her new personal pegasus guard competing with her.


Cover work done by the talented Jazzy. You can find his works here and his stream here.

Editing work provided by Snoodude and MisterGunpowder.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 280 )

Thanks for this Mr. ClanCrusher! Finally continuation of the best TwiChrys story in my (admitably biased) opinion. Best surprise ever!

Yes finally this got a sequel. That cliff hanger really bugged me.

Discord imprisoned?

Haven't read Winds of Change in awhile but this looks to be after season 3?

I was under the impression that the Village of Equality was in existence for at least a few years before the episode that featured it, so it's reasonable to think that this fits in mid-S03 or earlier. Discord was released and reformed only a little before (episode-wise) the S03 finale.

Good thing Twi's working on mind magic! Aurum's playing for keeps.

Had the first chapter ready for nearly a year before releasing it?

It seems so obvious, except for that mystery tag.

Now I find myself wondering if I know what the twist is, or if you knew I would think I knew what the twist was, or if you knew that I knew that you knew that I think I know what the twist is. :pinkiecrazy:

In any case, good start. I've been hoping for a follow-up to this story for a while.

Yay!! More Triangles!

Also time to reread previous story.

Before I read this story, will celestia x chrysalis happen or not? I'm bucking serious, I am not going to read a fourty long story again just to reach the end where it's the wrong ship!!! I don't care for spoilers!!!

Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh OHMIGOSH :rainbowkiss: *explodes*

Judging from the first comment here, it's Twilight/Chrysalis

So glad to see the sequel at last.

I have been waiting for this for so, so long... This is such a good day

Yay, sequel to one of the best Twisalis stories I've read!

I knew it! I knew it that the original_character_do_not_steal_lings are evil!

There have to be better ways to assassinate someone.

Rainbow Dash is Robocop.


I'm so happy.

“Far be it from me to resist a summons from the sun tyrant herself.”

"Coming from a race that abducts innocents from other nations to feed from and then attempts a surprise invasion without any formal declaration of hostilities... you seem just a tad more hypocritical than ponies who claim to oppose tyranny by, say, beating members of the opposite side and burning buildings to the ground."

See, that's how you put down such pathetic cheap shots at yourself. :trollestia:

You know, if the cherngelerngs don't wise up, you can just install that yellow sticky-tape all over Equestria. Or bug zappers.

Ya know, there are almost no pictures of such obvious sight gags. For shame. You all fail at comedy. :trollestia:

Two years, for two years we have waited!!! :pinkiecrazy:

Now moar cuddles. I wanna see a lavander-black-cyan pile, stat! :yay:

So excited for this one.

It's been a good while, and it's very nice to read your writing again.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Ah, the only chrysalis reforms story I have ever liked
Really appreciated the angle played in winds of change, with chrysalis being wise enough to angle twilight as a student instead of just roll over and play dead for celestia.

8152717 There's actually quite a bit of this story written already; posted, reposted, edited, re-edited, and generally put through the wringer. While I am quite satisfied with how Winds of Change turned out, there a few mistakes I made that I don't want to repeat this time around. If all goes well, I should have semi-consistent updates with polished chapters. Hopefully, it will have been worth the wait.

8152224 Winds of Change, the previous story, diverged before the end of Season 3 and this is a continuation of that. In brief, Discord is still imprisoned, Twilight doesn't have wings, and the library is intact.

Yeah, that's basically what I figured. I was suggesting that The Village could easily have existed during Season 3. :) Granted, some authors will timeskip and handwave in some canon stuff when starting sequels. How long after Winds of Change is this?

Sequel! Yay.
But it was soooooo long ago, that i don't remeber anything about first story. But it's in my favourite! So, i assume it was good?
Maybe this fic need some short summary before first chapter?

Took me a while to remember stuff about the previous story, but it's definitely good to see a sequel :pinkiehappy:

Yes, Twi, it is another giant mess. Adventure awaits!

Sequel? Yesyesyesyesyes :twilightblush:

A strong first chapter, but I'm going to need to re-read the first story. I've forgotten much it seems.

I know it mentioned a time in the chapter... I think it's set about a month after the epilogue or something like that. I know it wasn't a huge time jump or anything like that, but it was more than a week or two. I can't remember off the top of my head and I'm too lazy to go look it up...

Well shit, this is bad. This is REALLY bad if they are forced to burn enough magic to kill themselves.

It looks like Starlight's effects on her little town have made them ripe for easy programming from the changelings, to the point where they are able to give over 100% of themselves. This is setting up for one messed up story.

Oh hey! This series is back! Or, rather, its a series now that there's a second entry. But hey, great! I'm pretty sure this was the only TwixDashxLis ship I've seen as well.

Well, now this is a great start already. What happened to Starlight and Our Town? Is Aurum behind it? Does she have a different plan? Or is she actually trying to achieve peace? And furthermore, will our OT3 succeed!? So much to look forwards to!

The Chrysalis/Rainbow interaction is really good.

I foresee Rainbow paying twenty bits in the future. Flustered. In a white dress :raritystarry:

Y'know, I'm so used to the standard romance cliches that I'm not sure how to take this divergence. A working triangle with two parties knowing what's up and the third being the shy outlier? Now I'm damned curious.

I'm actually thinking (hoping) Aurum is on the up and up. There might be other elders, but I think (hope) she realizes the benefits to her and her own.

I love how you're building the ChryDash parts. I'm excited to see where this goes.

8155065 8157083

Returning to the library gave me another reminder of how things had changed in the last month.

So a month, roughly. Could be three weeks and still be "in the last month"... or she could be including changes that occurred during the end of the previous story.


A working triangle with two parties knowing what's up and the third being the shy outlier? Now I'm damned curious.

Diddy did it. But seriously, I've seen that quite a few times. In manga, anime, and fanfiction... hell I've seen it at least three or four time just on FimFiction before. Not counting this or the implication in WoC, after all with Xenophilia helping to popularize matriarchal herds and the plethora of HiE it is pretty inevitable.Not that I'm going to complain, of course.:moustache:

I'm actually thinking (hoping) Aurum is on the up and up.

Well her mane is golden, and the magic of the queen who enthralled GimGlam was amber... and every other queen has had a magic color that matched their mane. I mean it's only a three queen pattern so far so it might not be an actually rule, just a really big coincidence. I mean the other two known elders used titles that matched their magic, Azure and Crimson, and Aurum is Latin for gold...

Great chapter, so nice to see more interactions between Chryssie and the main six. Plus, her and Dash are hilarious together.

'morning with a curse mark a thirst for blood' - mark and a thirst

There's the aggressively-smoochy Chrysalis we all know and love... :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmn I wonder how changlings reproduce. is Chrysie going to impregnate twi as a stallion or lay eggs in Twilight which will be fertilised by Twi? Or would it be futa twilight impregnating Chrysie? I'm intrigued and must know for science. img08.deviantart.net/9df1/i/2011/336/8/f/twilight_sparkle__for_science_by_sandshrew-d4hxw3p.png

8175009 Somewhere in the depths of Twilight's library, there is the true, uncut, M-Rated, eroticism filled version of this story where all of those questions are answered. Sadly, she won't let me post that.

8175363 dammit Twilight, why you got to be so mean. Atleast make a mature side story with observations don't care if it's clinical, I read observations on alicorn reproduction >:)

Oooooh, betting Twilight now, are they? This is definitely going to blow up in their faces in the best way possible :rainbowlaugh:

Good to see that the prank on Fluttershy wasn't anything extreme, but actually something she can get behind as well.
But how Dash ditched Chryssie there, same with AJ... some element of loyalty :rainbowlaugh:

I think an equalized Trixie would be practically mute.


"The Average and Indifferent Trixie is satisfied with having made your acquaintance"? :derpytongue2:

I just want to say I absolutely love how you write Celestia. Perfect mix of honey and steel.

Interesting... The plot thickens. The story's plot, no need to mention Celestia's.

“Yes, really. There's a reason I can't transform into her.”


8183513 Yyyyyep, seems about right.

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