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Sam and Josh have been besties since middle school. But when the two of them wake up in a forest, they quickly realize that something's not right. Join these two massive dorks as they discover why they, of all people, have been chosen to come to this land.

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Lol I love the story so far. They are cute dorks

Holds promise will be watching and reading eagerly.

This has potential. I look forward to more.

Im still up in the air on if i like this or not, good characterization but it seems realy rushed so far, plus your makeing it a little to obvious were this is going. 6\10 so far with a bit better paceing and a less obvious "plot" could be 8\10.

That last conversation. :rainbowlaugh:

Ooooooh, I hope whatever tailed them in the forest was a changeling.

Hnnnnnng... *clutches chest* Baby changeling, too cute, heart falling... *thud*

Nice chapter, nice to see Twilight being reasonable. I just hope that when Chryssie appears, it's not to just die or be imprisoned forever.

Hmm, not bad, though that bit about the princes...

Gonna keep reading, I still need to see the best bug horse make an appearance.

Not sure if I liked them yet, but I'm rushing a bit trough the story right now, to figure out how the main plot is going to be and stuff like that.

I can't say I wouldn't like it so far, but I think I found this story in an adoption group, so I wait a bit longer to see if something like that happens, or if I can properly make my opinion about it.

I still somehow think, that maybe both of them are actually the childs of Celestia and Luna for some weird reason, that is what I started to believe till now, or which I would like to happen to a certain degree.

Huh, I wonder what was the purpose for stopping the train.

Looks like a changeling was looking after him. And seeing as drones have blue eyes and Chryssie has green ones...

Okay sorry don't really like this. I doesn't exactly has something bad, but somehow they remind me of some show I don't exactly liked and the only hope I had was, that they were their sons or something like that. I don't really like those two, probably the personality.

I think they'll need to literally spell it out on a blackboard for the two.


Still need a little more proof that they are who the Princesses say they are. Also how did they get to earth and I doubt Equestria would accept a human for a leader. Though I figure with the use of the mirror they will be ponified on their return trip.

It'll be interesting to find out just how in the hell they ended up on earth.

“You mean kill, right? Murder implies decisive action,” Ben corrected.

:rainbowlaugh: I like this guy. He's my kind of nitpicky.

It’s apparently about Luna’s and Celestia’s lost sons, Prince Miracle Matter and Prince Clockwork Chronology.

And suddenly, I know everything about where this story will be going.

Still… it shouldn’t be a problem for us, so who cares?

Famous last words. You just had to say it, didn't you.

I’d try the nearest edge of the mountain


Interesting. I still bet the portal ponifies them on the way back.

Chryssie is most likely sobbing away the pain of being betrayed without a moment's hesitation by her children who she put so much effort into birthing and raising.

Still interesting, I wonder what will happen next.

And hopefully Luna and Josh won't blow the castle up.

Oh yes Please or the magic correct this error from this own thus would by very nice.


.....I mean.....blue blood

I'm thoroughly looking forward to finding out that Josh's "toxic relationship" exists entirely in his own head, because he's just that much of an asshole. He seems like that type of twit.

That was nice and heartfelt. And funny. That's what you get for being impatient, Josh.

"Josh, we have to go back... To the future!"

I wonder what that choice might be... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

New take on an old concept, hopefully this story keeps on its track of not taking itself so seriously and it should do well. Good work so far!

Oh I bet they are being hunted by changelings.

Hmm, I wonder if that was a changeling.

Smooth, Celestia.

7650954 Seems more like protected than hunted...

~Crystalline Electrostatic~

It's an interesting story so far, I little dull as the begging, but pick up some speed to it with the new intrigue that is just starting to happen. I hope you will continue to improve in your writing.

Some story tags would be nice. It would be good to have a vague idea of what Im getting into

7665692 ...
I can't believe I forgot the story tags.

his brother promptly grabbed him

Do people in this story not understand the meaning of "brother" or something?

Dreams of Alicornication~


I was thinking the same thing, the only explanation I can think of for them being brothers would be if Celestia and Luna got eachother pregnant and that's awkward as hell.

It's good to see an other chapter of this nice story I hope the intrigue will get better as it goes along. I still have trouble imagining them willingly change their names even if it was their supposedly original name, especially how much their names are a mouth full to say. I would had guess that they would have agreed to use it as their public name, and in private they still call each other by their familiar name.

That bit at the end with Chrysalis was hilarious.

i more wounding who the ones who got princess luna celestia pregnant.
and who the father's names?

Pillow fight! I am suddenly reminded of that master of pillows video with Fluffle Puff.

That ending. :rainbowlaugh:


Sorry.....had to:twilightsheepish:


Apparently eachother if the two are brothers

And the plot thickens! I mean, the story's plot, not Celestia's.

Hmm, Chryssie's hard at work, I see.

Oh dear.....that poor mare....:fluttercry:

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