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A scientist who occasionally writes fiction. Does anyone ever read these things?


This story is a sequel to [Misplaced]

Long ago, the goddess Harmony created seven artifacts, made to combat the darkness that threatened her world. These Elements represented the most powerful positive feelings she and her ponies could muster. But lately, the Elements of Harmony were separated from their chosen Bearers, and darkness once more threatens the balance of Equestria.

But like any good goddess, Harmony has a backup plan.

(This story takes place in the same continuity and at the same time frame as New Family, and is intended as a companion story to that one. Either can be read without the other, but reading both will give you a few hints of a bigger picture.)

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This story is a sequel to New Family

Ruling Earth isn't exactly easy. Luckily for her, Nightmare Moon's only taken over America as of yet. Now, if she could just get the hang of this whole 'President' thing...

A collection of stories told in the form of email. New Family is not required reading material, but it does help.

(Teen for the mention of common worldwide problems.)

Main characters:
Jeremy: King of all changelings. Married to Queen Chrysalis. Human Element of Love.
Sam: Human Element of Magic. Best friends with Jeremy.
Brayden: Human Element of Kindness. Traveling with Sam.
Cory: Human Element of Honesty. Traveling with Sam.
Avery: Human Element of Loyalty. Traveling with Sam.
Kylie: Human Element of Laughter. Traveling with Sam.
Nick: Human Element of Generosity. Traveling with Sam.

Minor characters:
Tenebris: Chief of the race of umbra, Sombra's species.
Synthesia: Changeling, magical engineer. Created the Magitech Corporation to blend human science and Equestrian magic, as well as a variety of miscellaneous services.
Diplura: One of many changeling babies living in the new Hive.

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Sam and Josh have been besties since middle school. But when the two of them wake up in a forest, they quickly realize that something's not right. Join these two massive dorks as they discover why they, of all people, have been chosen to come to this land.

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This story is a sequel to [Misplaced]

Jeremy has survived the nightmarish hell that was Tartarus, the prison of all deemed too evil to roam the surface world. He has broken the Harmony Barrier, freeing his four new friends from the prison, and they have escaped to live their lives on the surface. Happily ever after, right?

...Not really.

The game isn't over yet.

(Ask the characters questions here! Password is 'crystal'.)

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A human falls into a strange, underground land full of monsters, mayhem, and intrigue. Along the way, they find themselves faced with a choice: Befriend their foes, or eliminate all.

Dying is not an option.

[A parody of Undertale by Toby Fox, set in the MLP universe.]

Featured 11/9/2017!

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Twilight Sparkle has come across the impossible. A book she's never read before, with an odd plus-like shape emblazoned on the cover. What is this book, and what does it mean for Equestria?

Meanwhile, Isaac has been stuck in the basement for a long time - centuries? Millenia? But when he finally finds a way out, will he be able to adapt to the planet that's moved on without him?

Crossover with 'the Binding of Isaac : Rebirth', a game by Edmund McMillen.

Rated Teen, because somebody can't keep it polite.

Featured on 5/31/18!

Check out another great tBoI crossover, Binding of Isaac: Beyond by IAmNotSmartest!

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