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Author's Note: This story contains Vamponies and therefore there will be some blood. Just a little warning for the squeamish.

Love is a difficult thing, something that Wondering Wind knows all to well. He is in love with a beautiful mare named Crystal Clover, who is one of his fellow college students. So what is the problem you might ask? Well for one thing Wind is a pegasus from Manehattan and Clover is a crystal unicorn from the Crystal Empire, who is currently only living in Manehattan to pursue her career.

After suffering from a terrible heartbreak, Wondering Wind finds himself in the Manehattan subway system to discover an injured mare on the floor in a pool of her own blood. Wondering Wind attempts to help the mare and as a result his life is changed forever.

A long time ago Twilight Sparkle become an Alicorn princess, but the realization of her immortality was bittersweet. Not wanting to lose her friends, Twilight attempts to find a way to save them. However, actions of this kind always have dire consequences.

As our characters attempt to live, how do they deal with the aspects of immortality and undeath?

---Author's Request---

I have one request of my readers. If you favorite, up-vote or down-vote my story please leave a comment informing my why.

This especially applies to people who favorite my story as I want to know what you enjoy about the story so far. :pinkiehappy:

As for the people who hit the down-vote button, rather then just hitting that button and running away like a coward, how about you give me your reasoning. It is difficult for an author to improve without feedback. :ajbemused:

Author: Robipony (me duh :rainbowlaugh:)
Cover Image Artist: SharpNote the FABULOUS
Editor: Colt Bolt
Supporting Editor(s): Hans Krebs, TheQuiet_1 and Aussie Hard-Dick
Proof Reader: LoneUnicornWriter
Chapter Separator Bar created by: Robipony

Chapters (9)
Comments ( 118 )

This looks interesting. Screw it I'll give it a shot.

7689153 Thank you. I will be looking forward to your feedback. :twilightsmile:

I have all sort of wonderful plans for this story. :pinkiehappy:

Hmm, this is pretty good. The only problems I have are minor nitpicks, no real grammar mistakes and damn it, I'm interested. I would like to see more chapters to explore.

7689211 I'm planning on releasing the chapters on a monthly basis (if I can) as that should give me plenty of time to continue writing and have my editors/proofreaders look at it.

Ehh...I'll bite

Can wait to see how this works

7689851 I am glad that you are willing to give it a shot. Out of curiosity what do you think of the story so far.

Ah, okay. If all the chapters are this long or longer, that sounds pretty reasonable.

I'm interested, I like the idea

7689854 This seems like a good base to a very good story due to how many directions you can go with this

I like vampony stories and in excited to see where you take yours. One recommendation: show don't tell as much.

made it to my read later list, might start reading it when it reaches 25k words or more, or is marked as complete.

7691219 Well, when it reaches that point I will hope that you enjoy it. Since my goal is to make it that each chapter is at least 5000 words each, I guess I'll be seeing you when the 5th chapter comes out. :twilightsmile:

I am really interested but I just hope this doesn't have fluttercord in it. . .

7692974 They are just friends that help each other. No Fluttercord here.

7693853 Yay. I don't want to offend anyone but I feel like fluttercord just would never really work out. With the age difference, immortal vs mortal, and most notably the fact he is a god of chaos who probably doesn't care for anything romantic.

7694625 I mean this story does kind of address the whole immortal/mortal issue since Fluttershy is a Vampony in this series.

However, I personally am not a big fan of the ship mainly because I used to be friends with someone who wrote some fanfiction about said ship, only to be blocked by her later when she and I didn't agree on political viewpoints. Because of that my feelings for Fluttercord are very sour. I like them as close friends who have each others back but that is really it.

7702361 In Pennywise Voice from Stephen King's IT, "Oh yes... There will be more." :pinkiecrazy:

7705646 btw are they ponies or anthros?

7706433 Their ponies. No Anthro tag here.

Can't wait for more. And I still ship Fluttercord after seeing this:
I ship this all the way!!! :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:
Anyway great start to the story.:pinkiehappy:

7715815 Thank you. However it should be noted that this story does not feature the Fluttercord ship. They are close friends and that is it. Sorry if that bursts your bubble.

7720483 It's fine. I still can't wait to enjoy reading more chapters. :pinkiehappy:

The first chapter had some changes and has been revised a little bit, so feel free to look over it again if you would like.

I somehow feel like either Twi or Rainbow will be the hunter

7760564 Yeah. This is why I have people proofread my work for me.

7760566 Perhaps. :raritywink:

7760691 I didn't realize it was a part of a reply (fimfiction isnt very android phone friendly) so I was confused.:twilightsheepish:

7760689 I will assume it's Twi simply because she is in the tags.

7760697 I'm browsing this on android half of the time and it w├Ârks just fine

7760701 What browser do you use? I use chrome (which is slightly better than the default browser) and it is very difficult to edit stories, post comments and I can't even search for stories on my phone.

7760710 I use the default browser, considering to switch to Firefox

From RD'S appearance I'd say a certain other Pegasus wasn't the only one turned 40 years ago. But RD must have stayed loyal to Equestria.

7775969 Something along those lines. More will be revealed as time goes on. :derpytongue2:

I'm very interested in this story. So RD is a vimpony, I like that idea.

7775969 You would guess correct. However, as for her motivations you may be correct, however I can't confirm this as it would be a spoiler. :derpytongue2:

I can't wait for the next chapter. I really like this story.

7878037 That is very encouraging to hear. Being an author can sometimes be a very demoralizing job.

Great chapter, can't wait to see more.

AW YEAH YOUR VAMPONY STORY IS AWESOME! Th second you described the VAMPONY hunter man I KNEW it was Rainbow! Oh man sh** is going down!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!:pinkiehappy:

Dayum Flutters hurt Scootaloo. :twilightangry2: She's gonna have Hell to pay for that!:rainbowlaugh:

7879268 All actions have consequences whither they be by accident, justice or revenge. :raritywink:

7879252 I am honored that you think so. :pinkiesmile:

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