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Needz moar cheescake!


My name is David and I think I'm going crazy. I am stuck in two different worlds and I can't tell which one is real. My therapist is no help.

I'm telling my story regardless of whether you believe me. So listen up and listen good because things get weird.

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6498413 Another chapter will be uploaded in a couple days. For now, patience is the strongest of virtues. :twilightsheepish:

Screw patience. New chapter now.

Also, You need a pre-reader/editor? I'd do it for free.

6499047 You're not just offering so you'll get to read it first, right?:trixieshiftright:

I'll consider it.

6499328 Well, getting to read the chapter first CAN be a nice perk but I was offering because I thought it may help. Also, I have NOTHING to do.

6499669 Well I'll message you when it's ready.

I imagined yogi with the voice from Up. I am not ashamed of this.


6500673 Honestly that's how I imagine he would speak in real life...

6518733 not quite. The cover photo is Yogi.

6519496 Hmm, shame. I prefer my Yogi:pinkiehappy:

6519537 Imagine him however you like, my Yogi has much more grey fur.

6500673 6500759 Next chapter:
"eyy boo-boo, let's go steal some picnic baskets!"
"Maybe later Yogi"

6625284 "The pic-a-nic baskets don't belong to you Yogi."

6753220 I think the ground would be very friendly about meeting someone face-to-face.

I'll show myself out...

Element of Common Sense, The, noun: The rarest element in the universe. There's not even enough of it to put it on the periodic table.

6857089 well now I'm just upset that I didn't think of that first.

Thanks. I was really channelling my inner Ambrose Bierce there.

Its the matrix, he will wake up back in the real
world thinking it was a dream when it actactually happened. Can't wait to see the next chapter.

6857474 Good thinking, but too obvious for my tastes.

6858329 *Gasp* I know!

6758560 :moustache: dude you're clumsy
:twilightsheepish: no I'm not, the ground just needed a hug!
:moustache: you were crying
:twilightblush: It was a very emotional moment!

6858908 *la groan* now we have to wait for another. I NEED MOAR:flutterrage:

7191194 He will live on in this story though. He's just too good at comic relief.

Damn you made me want to hug my own dogs... All 13 of them.

7193221 That author's note seems to be having that effect on people. It's a shame because I was aiming for a light-hearted ending to the chapter.

Hug your dogs though, they'll love it.

“I’m touched that you’re thinking of me,” I begin, “but I’ve already got my ticket. I was invited as Luna’s plus one.”

He's only been there for days and he has already bagged himself a princess. Nice.

7402276 It definitely helps that she injured him and tormented him with nightmares. As an apology be my plus one.

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