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Go to Dragon-con they said, it'd be fun they said, Go in a costume they said, Fine, but what they didn't tell me, is that i'd be sucked into another world by a piece of merchandise. Now i'm stuck in a world not my own, but on the positive I seem to now wield the mutant ability of the villain i'd dressed as. Starting today, i'm not just anyone, I'm Taskmaster. That means, if you have a job, a wad of cash, and a means to find me, then i'm at your service. For there is no job to big for the bad-ass that is Taskmaster. What can i say, Money is my love, and i'll do just about anything, no matter how cruel or vile, if it means i get rich.

A story for the LoHaVverse

Let the quest for fortune begin.

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Got halfway through, then! Suddenly, a wild Retarded Celestia appears!
i'm moving as far away from this story as I possibly can.

3998428 I do not see Celestia, under any circumstances, 1. Leave a prisoner, who specifically told her that he's an assassin, without constant surveillance from her strongest unicorns, since he's most likely been in that exact situation before.
2. I do not see Celestia simply going "Nope.exe" as soon as she heard that he's a mercenary, absolutely after he told her that he's an "Everything for Hire" Be it blade or cook.
3. He states arriving out of nowhere, in a wasteland, and is then harnessed by her guards, and instead of doing the logical thing and watching this from a neutral standpoint, she instead puts the belief into her soldiers, whom undoubtedly would want to appear as if in the right, rather then neither of, willing to view it from both perspectives.
4. She's quite OOC in this scene, when I think "Ancient ruler" I kind of imagine wise, cunning and cold, rather than harsh, blunt and slow.
That's quite a lot of errors on a single character, i'll be on my merry way now!
"Flies away"

This cosplay bandwagon is going to die a dreadful death.

Oh no. See, this is what happens when something becomes popular. Some people try to emulate it, but bring it down with bad writing. Sorry dude, but you need to brush up a bit.

You just said "princess", not princess celestia. Might want to confirm that, or somebody might get confused and think princess Luna instead.:trollestia:

An excellent addition! Quite original, and witty to boot!

Keep going, you're doing great.

I want to like this story, I really do. But you need to work on a lot of things first. For starters, grammar. I saw a couple of unnecessary commas, awkward phrasing, and various other mistakes.

Next, as is apparent by the other comments on the page, celestia was very OOC. As understandable as it is that she wouldn't want a mercenary or other dangerous criminal out on the loose, it seems a bit harsh to lock him up in what is basically solitary confinement for several months.:rainbowhuh:

Also you might want to stretch out the detail on his surroundings. Saying "He's in the gardens" doesn't tell me where he is very well. Give a few landmarks to help people recognize the location, like talk about various statues that are nearby, or that he went into and through the hedge maze to find the chariot.

And on a personal opinion, I have a hard time seeing anthro pegasi pulling a chariot.

Anyways, I really like Taskmaster, so I'll follow this story. Just try to clean it up a bit.:ajsmug:

3999227 Yup. I got worried when the fight broke out (seemed too "instant-psychopath"), but sparing their lives worked around that.

Instead of cosplaying as that, why couldn't you cosplay as someone with a better story to write.

Ok well I'll come right out and say it without sugar coating anything . Definitely a few spelling and grammar errors, then again we all have them. A little more description wouldn't kill you either but all in all, i like it. You have a good thing going here and I'll be back for more, have a favorite so i can find you again. And a like so you know im not bluffing.

isnt that task master?:rainbowhuh:

edit sorry i didnt look at the description

Just wondering, but if 'Taskmaster' is able to copy any ability, and he has at least some kind of protection magic on him, doesn't that mean, theoretically, he can utilize magic? Also, will he be using the fighting styles that the original Taskmaster 'acquired' (Spiderman, Captain America, Thor), or possibly even use martial arts from cartoons/anime (e.g.: Avatar: The Last Airbender, which uses at least four kinds of martial arts, Fullmetal Alchemist, etc.?)

Nice when is the next chapter.

You've caught my interest. Let's see if you keep it. Faving for now.

666 VIEWS! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! *randomly explodes*

This gonna be cool!

alls missin is deadpool

More comrade please I love Taskmaster and their are little to no fanfics of him so new chapter please

Great story man, give us more!

well this is awesome and i hope that there is some death in their future

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