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First story ever so please go easy and give helpful criticism where it is needed.
This story is similar to Mort Takes a Holiday in that Gregory will have to collect souls. However any other relation to that story is completely on accident and I apologize deeply. This is just a story that's been sitting in my head for a while waiting to be let out.

Father Gregory, a Priest of Nalarath who is not too favorable of colors in general, is killed. It only gets worse for him from there. Death makes him a deal by taking him on as an apprentice. Now Gregory has to go to Equestria to collect souls for Death. In return, Death will give Gregory the soul of the person who killed him, so that he can personally judge their fate.

Father Gregory is a made up character and any relation to any persons whether real, living, or dead is pure coincidence

I own no rights to the Mort Takes a Holiday story and greatly encourage you to give it a read :)
I also own no rights to MLP or any franchise associated with such.
I have no rights....meh

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Love it. But could be darker.

3602614 There are going to be more chapters like this. I plan on making them much more gory. I was even thinking of making a chapter from the killers POV.

3603022 no be creative. Combine the minds of jigsaw, Hannibal, law abiding citizen, and the joker.

3603201Hey Its a good thing I didn't go too in depth then! Now I have all sorts of villains and psychopaths to fuse into one. In my mind he already did have that joker kind of feel. Thank you for the idea :twilightsmile:

I really hope this huge background chapter doesn't become a habit(and the previous one).
Apart from that, I rather like this so far.

3637147 Ya sorry about the long background chapter. I felt it would be best to get that out of the way in one fell swoop though instead of dragging it through chapters. Or prolonging it for an inevitable one in the future. If its the gore your worried about don't worry, there will be more. Just have to mix in some comedy and other good stuff in between. These next few chapters are gonna be more focused on comedy though so ya... But I thank you for you're honest opinion! Please keep reading! The next chapter will be out soon!:pinkiehappy:

I PROMISE! :twilightoops:

3639737 What I meant was, I could do without a whole background story chapter for each soul and those involved.

3639756 Oh that was just a one time thing because it was the first soul he had to judge. I hadn't planned on their being more like that.

3639863At least not with that much background development and detail

They don't feel pain, their dead.

They're dead*

3686150 Fixed. Thank you for telling me :twilightsmile:

I want MOARR! You have a 1 week deadline before explode the world. :pinkiecrazy::flutterrage::twilightangry2:

3705923 I'M SORRY! Been meaning to put a new chapter up but I've been having some things come up. (Mostly parties.:pinkiehappy:) But I promise a new chapter will be out soon! Please don't blow up stuff!!!:scootangel: ...UNLESS IT'S ON A COSMIC SCAAAALE!:flutterrage:

Welp, that house is going to get burned.

Father Gregory, isnt that the Seer priest with a shotgun and schizophrenia from Half Life 2? or Garry's mod? :coolphoto:
i know, coincidence...

3732118 I have a confession to make that you may find hard to believe... I have never played a half life game. :pinkiegasp: That does not mean I think it is bad, simply I have never found the time to play one. Although lately I have been thinking of investing in it, it does look really good. And yes, that is highly coincidental. I had no intention of copying off anyone's name. If this bothers you, I apologize sincerely. Please don't hate me.:fluttershysad:

Lol I would love to see the punishment death gives not like they can do anything to him

3760736 I actually don't like bacon.... Or Cola.
Now take all those emotions you just felt and convert them into the next chapter.


...No but seriously I am going to be working on that very shortly.

3761887 Fav*
Btw, I would've faved earlier, but the story seemed to think it had unread chapters, so I pushed it off till now. (Bug gone)

I have a feeling anyone would evolve into deaths personality if that was your job for all eternity or at least a huge portion of it. Great humor and pacing keep it up.

Father Gregory is a made up character and any relation to any persons whether real, living, or dead is pure coincidence

That's... really too bad. I would have really liked to see that crazy priest from Half-Life 2 in Equestria.

Come to me, brother!

3789001 Well I might consider doing that if the idea isn't already taken. Of course I would have to do some research on the guy. Since I've never played...a half life...game... ahem :twilightsheepish:

3789001 Also you're not the first person to mention him.
May I introduce you to 3732118




4505220 Afraid not my friend. Man I really need to play that half-life game everyone keeps raving about...

4505622 Very well good sir or madam, you have convinced me. I shall make post haste to my local vendor of digitalized entertainment, and purchase myself a copy. Then I shall insert it into my device of controllable digital entertainment, and entertain myself...digitally. I bid thee a good day.

I'm off to buy me a life. Well...half of one. < - Bet no one has made that joke before (sarcasm).

4505672 I'm not gonna spoil it but you'll know Gregory when you find him

'I would make my diet strictly vegetarian' this piss me off

4506049 Afraid those are the terms and conditions for Gregory. But I agree, going vegetarian would suck.:pinkiesick: I cant go one day without eating at least one thing that has/is/was near meat. :pinkiecrazy:

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