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Not Dead! · 5:49pm Aug 16th, 2021

Just making this to let you guys know that this isn't a red flag! I am alive, rating to write, and am in no way suffering from anything that would hinder my ability to do so...

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I'm from the USA, I write fanfiction and create pixel art. I do creative works for fun, have been doing so for years, and have no intention of stopping any time soon!

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Good that the site says the last time it saw you, it's good to know you're at least alive. Whatever's going on in your life I hope you're alright, you're an amazing writer and it would be awesome to see you continue 💜

Ty for the fave!

I hope you doing all right I love your story

I hope you’re doing well, whether you choose to ever write again or not. I’d love to see some of your comments on stories you’re reading, such as ‘Skeletor, Master of the Empire’. Cheers mate!

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