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Set in the universe of Chess Game of the Gods.

Edit: Hooray! Finally have a decent -if not noobish- coverart. What can I say; I'm all hooves with digital arts programs.

The land of Equestria is a strange, wondrous, and dangerous place to outsiders; monsters roam freely, dragons control the skies, and then there's the Celestial Princesses who control the sun and moon. Considering these giants among ponies where do I fit in; a small black cat with bad luck and a few little surprises. It's not surprising I have bad luck here; before I came here I was just going to the doctors for a check-up but find out I have a terminal disease that I've never heard of! Then some raven-haired doctor wearing a suit comes in after hours and offers me a cure... in the form of a new body so hey, silver lining.

Rated Teen for swearing and possibly other stuff that I might add if the moment hits me.
***Edit: The tags Gore and Dark have been added, not everything will be gore and dark; they're simply for moments like... Ripping a ghoul's clean off in a spray of black blood or a little girl ghost leading people to be eaten.***

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Hmm, a Bakeneko hn? And one with two tails allready. Neat, this should be entertaining.

Just one question, why all the italics?

Italics are thoughts of the moment, I'm still road testing which style I want to use. All my other stories use 'blah blah blah' as the main way of showing that they're thinking so I thought to change it up a bit.

And one with two tails allready, Neat, this should be entertaining.

Well I hope so, who'd want to read several chapters of him licking up lamp oil. Bleh.


6501841 I like the premise, but the second half all being in Italics really threw me for a loop. Also, Celestia is kind of a bitch here.

Ah, kay.^^ Though the part with the lampoil is new to me, I thought 1000 years would be needed for a normal cat to become a Bakeneko but I think I get what you mean.:twilightblush:

Nah, I did my research for once; Bakeneko (or Nekomata; a more malevolent and powerful branch of Bakeneko) can become such by either licking lampoil, growing an exceptionally long tail (it's the main reason japanese use to bobtail their cats in order to stop this from happening), or live for a long time (past ten years. They also predetermined how many years they would raise the cat because of another superstition of when they reach seven years they would kill their owner.)

Well poo, I must have missed a '[ /i ]' then... dang, that's a lot of words...
Edit: Ah found it, I used a b instead of an i.


6502025 Ya. . . Well, thanks for posting this, now I got motivation to get back to working on two! Nemean Lion guy vs. Diamond Dogs to save the girl! Not gonna tell you his name, got ta wait for the chapter to come out.

I love your demon cat guy, Felix is a wonderful name! Reference to a certain cartoon feline mayhaps?:unsuresweetie: And he gets stuck with BonBon . . . Sweetie Drops . . . Candy Horse . . . whatever. That should be fun!

The weird italics should be fixed now everyone!
Yup, can't wait for your next chapter, it's going to be great! And sorta on the reference, it's really from a pathfinder character that was a reference to the cartoon (it was a catfolk that rode around on a giant wasp, it was great.)
Glad you like him, was afraid you'd have thought it would have been copycat-y... :derpytongue2: (I'd promise to stop the cat puns but I cat-n't tell lies.)


6502065 tse1.mm.bing.net/th?id=Acaa5adf0f588200856674679aa6fe24a&w=118&h=149&c=7&rs=1&qlt=90&pid=3.1&rm=2 Felix, old school.

Nah, I don't see it as copycat-y, if I did that would be a catastrophe. I can't wait to see where Felix winds up!

Ah, now that´s interessting to know. Also *facepalms* the 1000 years thing was for a fox to turn into a kitsune, I always mix that up.

Two new stories on the chess game group in the same week?!
Am I dreaming? Is this real life?
I've seen you're going non-canon so I guess you won't need any help with lore and what is canon and all that stuff. Still, if you need any help just ask me. Or if you want a crossover, because why not, we can do whatever we want.


Am I dreaming? Is this real life?

I certainly hope this is real life.
I went noncanon because I wasn't positive if it would have been accepted but I have most of the wiki html saved to a zip drive but I'm not 100% positive that it's accurate. I'd still gladly accept your help with lore and canon stuff.
I'd be happy to move the story to the folder group that Aku put Roar in; we may attempt a collab chapter at a later time.


6502864 We're starting our own canon, with blackjack, and positive attitudes! In fact, forget the blackjack! BTW I but Roar in unsorted.

Unless your shared canon is big enough (think 5+ authors) your stories will be in non-canon, to avoid having too many folders with only 1-3 stories.


6502906 We are hoping to light the fire that ushers in a new age of Chess fics. Your folder rules are fair.

Well this is new, its great to see that the Chess games is getting on with new stories. The two newest stories are cats, how odd.

Ah yes, is there no purer love than of a psycho secret agent and her monster cat? i.imgur.com/SNLYpx7.png

I'm glad to hear you're sticking with this. Really good so far!

Comment posted by Campanula Monkshood deleted Oct 9th, 2015

6509344 I think his first life was his human one which he lost to that sickness.

they should meet Isis, I would think that she would like the demon cat

Cat's are like timelords, nine lives but eight deaths. He has seven deaths left.

Close but no cigar. Also don't smoke, it's bad for your health.

Mmmaybe, if someone in this noncanon-verse's goddess happened to be Isis the who knows. Hint, hint~

6510307 I know that someone who's story is in the unsorted section is working for the goddess bast. The guy is a Nemion Lion.

6510317 Yeppy, that would be Aku. :pinkiecrazy: The Master of Masters himself, he's in this comment section somewhere... He's actually the one who inspired me to pull this out of my unpublished shelf.

Question; are you the one that submitted the sandgator for the chessgames and wiki? I'm staring at your picture and it's bugging the tar out of me because it looks familiar.

Hmm, I know the concept of the man-eating town from somewhere... can´t put my finger on it though. Something japanese...

Also, yay, bonding time. Cat and Pony show ahoy!

On another note, the "master" of that town, any chance that he/she/it is the champ of another god? Seeing as the Minotaur said stuff about Felix broken goddess?


I know the concept of the man-eating town from somewhere...

Thank you! I knew I wasn't crazy! ...Well I did know that but that's besides the point. I could have sworn I heard it somewhere because that's just to dark to have come straight from my noggin'.


On another note, the "master" of that town, any chance that he/she/it is the champ of another god? Seeing as the Minotaur said stuff about Felix broken goddess?

I'm so sorry if it seemed like I was ignoring this statement, I don't remember seeing it when I replied the first time. As for the question; MAYYYYYBE you'll just have to wait until chaper 3... possibly 4.

No prob.

Then I will wait in the shadows, ready to pounce the answer to that mystery.

Also I found out where we might have heard about the people-eating town, it's from the urban legend arcs of Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan. This is probably where I learned about it, I've read the series a few times.

Hmm, that does not ring a bell though I investigated a bit for myself and I knew it from a manga about some legendary gun-witch (not Bayonetta XD), that is cursed to look like a child until she finds real love and gets kissed from that person. It´s pretty funny, she picks up that young boy who happens to fell in love with her, due to some bitchfight with the god of all creation (or something), the witch ends up destroying said god and the universe with it, only to absorb the gods power, restart the universe so she can find the boy again because she fell for him too, just this time with switched genders (the witch now is a handsome guy and the boy a cute girl).

The people-eating town is a boss somewhere in the late middle of the series.

Dang, what were the creators of that manga smoking. I need me some of that, that crap sounds entertaining as hell.

Iknowrite? I´m trying to find the stuff ever since I read the manga. I let you know when I find it.

Wohoo, at least ONE of the Celestial Sisters is not a total douche. Luna is best princess after all.^^ Very nice worldbuilding too.

Y´know, since I start reading your story I am sooo very tempted to try my own Chess-Verse story. Is there one with a Lamia allready?

Aww yiss, Lady of the Night ftw.
You totally should make one, Aku and I wouldn't say no to another writer for our canon-verse! ^.^ I don't think there's one of a Lamia, I know there's cave naga's which I suppose is similar...

Glad you think so!
Say, why's your comment all blue-y? Or is that only on my end?

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