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This story is a sequel to [Misplaced]

Jeremy has survived the nightmarish hell that was Tartarus, the prison of all deemed too evil to roam the surface world. He has broken the Harmony Barrier, freeing his four new friends from the prison, and they have escaped to live their lives on the surface. Happily ever after, right?

...Not really.

The game isn't over yet.

(Ask the characters questions here! Password is 'crystal'.)

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D'aww that was adorable!!:heart: But also kinda sad... I hope the situation with Celestia works out....

Thus returns Captain Loveman; sew-er of good, farmer of happiness!

I hope he ends up with Chrysalis AND Nightmare. That'd be adorable

D'awwww~ Nice rewrite.

Aww, I was hoping Chryssie was immortal too.

Go away, Discord, you douchenozzle.

Hmmm, it could very well be just an echo between worlds, not really that the world is a show.

im just waiting for all the reloads against deathlestia

I'm not sure about if I look forward to Celestia coming and blowing stuff up at the hive. On the one hand, there's neato time shenanagens; but on the other, stuff gets blown up.

Oh god, the cute. Hnnnnnng, my heart! *clutches chest*

Seriously, no need for any weapons or a real army, just unleash little baby changelings on the world and watch everyone get heart attacks.

Ah, so it's after the whole thing. Huh, I wonder if Thorax's hive will actually appear in the story.

... Now That we've seen the hatchery and nursery, I don't even want to think about that scene from the original where Celestia burned them down in one of the loaded over timelines.

“Don’t worry, everyone, I have a plan,” Chrysalis announced, and Tirek looked at her suspiciously.
Do you actually have a plan? Jeremy asked mentally.
Not in the slightest, Chrysalis answered,


I"m watching you Tirek o-o


So this re-write has new info.

This place must mean an incredible amount of things to Nightmare Moon


This entire time reading this, i was wondering why were you...remaking? rewriting...yes, why you were rewriting this story.
It was not until last chapter and this chapter that i knew why, and it REALLY made me giggle for a moment.
The original shows creators universe altered this universes time and mythos.
There was probably a...i dunno a journal or a THING in a tumblr i don't look at that explained it how this works.
So i assume like in undertale, when the patch came in, there are now two separate stories that are basically THE SAME, but something just 'changed'. In undertale the chances of meeting 'some' new character and Gaster ARE possible.
Here new facts, or updates added more features to the changelings...
great chapter hope to see what NEW thing is gonna happen

8116539 There was a story update to Undertale?

not really kinda.
there is only a percentile chance you'll even see a piece of it.
for me. I saw 'Goner Kid' who is a grey and white NPC of Monster kid, but something happened to him. He is one of 4 grey and white characters who are 'there' but not really 'There'


I hope if Chryssie changes too, she'll look less gaudy. >.>

GOD DAMN CLIFFHANGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Another chapter please?:fluttershysad::heart:

That went well. And nice cruise control, Moonbutt.

I really hope you saved the old chapters....

does that mean ya deem yourself necessary?

and Jeremy chortled at his friend’s antics.


So... Sombra's problem was basically "I have no idea what I'm doing!"

I still really like the idea of the hive mind storing all the souls of the changelings. Maybe worth some further tweaking it could be used to hold them and their memories, to allow for full rebirth with memories and personalities intact.

... Methinks Hespera's title was a bit misleading.

> Hiatus
> Posted on 27th of june

Are you SUUUUURE this is on hiatus? absolutely positively sure?

Time travel's some wacky stuff, huh? : P

... >.> [Run]

Tirek raised an eyebrow. “And miss out on these guns?” he pointed out, striking a bodybuilder pose as Jeremy burst out laughing.

I think Tirek would have a good time if he ever encountered a Buzzwole.

Pfft, dammit, Tirek. :rainbowlaugh:

Sunbutt needs to get laid, big time.

Emergency make out session!

“So, what happens now?” he asked the group, returning to the conversation.

“Now?” Sam cut in, chuckling evilly. “Let’s go practice magic.”

Jeremy burst into laughter, instantly recognizing the reference.

Next chapter: "celestia is judged for snuggles" :trollestia:

Another great chapter.

Lots of d'awwww worthy moments.

If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a dodgeball.

Chryssie obviously can only stomach the finest real sirloin steak.

Dun dun duuuuuuuun!

You mean the Hope theory from Undertale?

I had kind of liked that theory, but then it wouldn't explain why HOPE would go up per LV, or why its so low at LV1 and cannot be raised.

ignoring that, nice chapter. I enjoyed reading that, curious to see what happens next.

D'awwww~ Just d'awwww.

Now I wonder why they didn't just use tiny kid changelings for conquest... Though I suppose it's difficult to get love from ponies who died of a cuteness-induced heart attack. >.>

The changelings in the caves could totally create an awesome haunted ride down there.

*watches NMM get petted* Ferocious dream demon, everyone.

Sooo adorable!~

D'awwww, just d'awwww~ And yay, Chryssie kept her colours and looks! That's the kind of transformation I wouldn't mind for canon changelings, not the garish thing they got.

Great chapter, though the levels of d'awwww were borderline hazardous. XD

Damn it Meta! Creepin' all up on people in swimsuits; for shame!

▲ ▲

Unicode shapes are fun.


Ah, the brave King Sombra. I think people seeing him screaming like a little girl would promptly quell their fears.

So it appears Jeremy can't take two steps without saving someone. I imagine grocery shopping is particularly annoying.

Poor underpaid levitating unicorns.

I wonder if griffons like sushi.

Long live the King! Long live the Queen! Long live us!

I thought they were going to toss me off the mountain for being 'weak,' 

Long live the King!

I get it.

And in our embrace you shall be
Safe with your new family!

Roll credits.

It's like I'm in a story... inside another story,”


But… octopi have tentacles. With hooks on them

I thought those were suction cups?

Huh, well, that explains why Sombra's 'villain story' seemed so mundane and weak before.

To be fair, the Umbrum and Changelings are natural enemies to an extent. I just hope Chryssie won't feel too guilty.


... I half expect that the Chief understood only about half of what Armor was saying.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!~ Amazing!

Beautiful! Very Beautiful! *wipes away tear* No I'm not crying, it's liquid pride. Just liquid pride.

Nice. It's a bit different than last time.

And the plot thickens... The story's plot, I mean, there's really no reason to mention Celestia's expansive posterior.

Poor ancient changelings.

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