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Heihachi Mishima has experienced some quite eyebrow raising experiences in his life. Climbing back up from a ravine after two years with sheer willpower, nothing special but something to prove his 'invincibility'.

Fighting his son who became a devil incarnate and then dropping him into a volcano after beating him, a mercy but necessary killing in his eyes.

Ambushed by an army of robots and then nearly killed by them after they self destructed in his face, after being betrayed by his son who was revived twenty years later who fought alongside him in the battle against the robots after they both lost to Heihachi's Grandson, a slap in the face to him which will be remedied at a later date.

But being caught in a storm after flying helplessly across the sky for who knows how many kilometres at who knows many miles per hour, after being blown away from the robot explosion, to end up face first crashing into Canterlot Mountain and to fall into Canterlot Castle to be in a coma for a month to wake to a land of talking horses AND THEN to end up in the middle of a battle between the Ponies and the Changelings that takes place all across Canterlot - now that is something he didn't expect to happen.

"I will crush all who stand in my way! Just as I have done so before."

Tekken Crossover
Fight Scenes guaranteed

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why does this say have a Prologue, but then is labeled as complete?

5957260 Didn't notice that till just now. Bad habit of mine, missing the obvious sometimes. Thanks for telling me and fixed :)

Ok I really wanna see more of this faved and you go on my watch list

5957377 Thanks and thank you :)

5957556 Thanks for the tip, fixed it now :)

5958762 I hope the next chapter will be just as exciting for you :)

It has not even been twenty four hours and my story has gained such a following so quickly. You readers have made my day into a real positive one. Thank you so much :)

Heihachi in Equestria!? I am going to check this out.

5959775 I hope I don't disappoint.

So, what do you all think? Excited for the next stage? Please, feel free to share your thoughts

Heihachi felt way to calm. :coolphoto:

5961295 Care to elaborate?

5961536 compared to Jinpachi Mishima, he is usually on par

5961718 Hmmm, I see your point. But remember, Heihachi is a lot more ruthless than Jinpachi. Are we talking personality or fighting style?

5961741 Naw, you got his fighting and personality down since he was always more of a brute fighter like King and Paul.

5961845 Ah, why thank you. :)

I dont know why everyone I know dosn't talk about Tekken 3. IMHO that was the height of Tekken. Everything from the gameplay to the music is awesome.

That and the fact that I still cant play as any Jack that well since they changed him in 5.

I usually avoid stories without a romance tag but I simply had to read it when I saw the pic from my fav character from Tekken 3. I'm glad I did.
I really like that you made the effort to actually use his trademark moves.

Definitely excited for the next stage! :yay:

I like it, continue!

“If I was here as your enemy,” Heihachi began with a small hint of pride in his tone. “You wouldn't be talking right now.”

He IS right about that, considering who he is.

I love this story, Tekken is freakin' awesome!


This is amazing!

5964632 tekken 3 is best tekken even if ogre was tougher then true ogre

This was amusing but the lack of updates meets my deadfics criteria. Many sads.

Finally, an update.

Man I like Tekken. I really wish they would still produce PSP's. I remember playing the 5 and 6. But alas, PSP is discontinued. They only have stupid VITA now.

He needs stronger clothing.

7329523 Aye, life has been a real trial over the last year but I'm moving forward and, hopefully, will make sure this story does too.

Yeah. I loved playing Dark Ressurection on the PSP. Looking forward to 7?

It lives :yay: !!!!!

7330801 Yup. Long short of it is, like Heihachi once was, my life was in a deep ravine. And, like Heihachi, I'm going to climb myself out of it. I'm a long a way from reaching the top but it won't stop me from climbing.


Heh, sounds familiar. Live has a habit of reminding you that it can be a bitch sometimes. :twilightsheepish:

7335957 So, what did you think of Stage 2?


It was badass. The way you wrote it makes it easy to imagine what move he is currently using.

The clothing part at the end was priceless as well. :rainbowlaugh:

7338440 Thank you. I'm glad I made you laugh.

7338440 Also, I'm wondering. What did you think of the Hoity Toity segment and that Large Changeling battle?


A quite befitting entry for this character. I wonder what kind of plans he has, and more importantly if the protagonist is letting him. :derpytongue2:

It might be worth mentioning that I also started craving chocolate cake all of a sudden.

Good thing he made some allies. Even the protagonist can't do everything on his own. I suppose the airborne scene is a good example. Probably would've had trouble getting up there without wings or as in this case magic.
Was worried for a moment when that fireball hit him. Fortunately his body is a bit more resistant to fire than his cloth.

it felt a bit OOC when he woke up, but other than that, that was Mishima Heiachi San...

“I am Princess Celestia, an alicorn, soul controller of the sun and co-ruler of Equestria,”

You mean "sole"

Love it man, keep making new chapters.

What was the reason the Iron Fist Tournament in Tekken was thrown?

First one - Heihachi used to prove his superiority
Second one - Kazuya used as a means to claim world domination
Third one - Heihachi used it as bait to draw out Ogre
Fourth one - Heihachi used it as bait to draw out Jin and Kazuya
Fifth one - Jinpachi used it as a means to end the evil spirit corrupting him
Sixth one - There technically wasn’t one canonically because of Jin causing a world war
Seventh one - Heihachi used it as bait to put an end to the war, capture Jin and defeat Kazuya

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