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Twilight Sparkle's wildest dreams have just been met, and exceeded. Due to an unexpected magical outburst during her entrance exam to Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, the Solar Princess herself took an interest and took Twilight on as her personal student.

This was a pleasant shock for Twilight and her family. However, a few months later, a less pleasant shock would reach Twilight in the form of Celestia returning to Canterlot with a new daughter, a freshly adopted pegasus filly named Rainbow Dash. As the two get to know each other, Twilight can clearly see something eating at the self absorbed and competitive filly's mind.

To make matters even more confusing, Princess Celestia is now hiding something. Twilight dares not question it, but it is quite clear that Celestia isn't being wholly open with anypony about her decision to adopt some random orphan.

Could the answers have something to do with the cryptic dream Twilight had the night before she met Rainbow Dash?

**Apparently, this was featured on August 12th, but I slept through that brief window. All the same, I am flabbergasted and humbled!**

Cover Art by the wonderfully skilled Novaintellus

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This looks very interesting. :twilightsmile:

The concept is very interesting in my head. The only problem is that stories where history changes are really hard to write well. SO many things to take into consideration.

I have to say, this DOES look like it has a lot of potential. I'm going to guess that the mysterious alicorn Twilight met in her dream was actually Twilight's adult self . And I also have a feeling that in this universe, Rainbow's parents died either before or shortly after Rainbow did her first Sonic Rainboom, thus the reason Celestia adopted her (that, and she sees an opportunity to help Twilight learn about friendship) .

Anyway, the possibility of Twilight and Rainbow actually growing up together, as I aforementioned, has definite potential (Rainbow getting into the Daring Do series years sooner than in canon is just part of it. There's also the possibility that Rainbow could have just enough of an influence on Twilight that Twilight learns to value loyalty enough to treat Spike better AND actually attend Moondancer's party (with Spike around, Twilight can get Celestia's message just as easily at Moondancer's party, plus at least, if Moondancer KNOWS Twilight specifically gets ordered to go to Ponyville, she's more likely to be forgiving to Twilight for having to leave the party early).

Sorry about that. I got caught up in my thoughts.

Anyway, I will definitely be looking forward to more of this, but will also understand if real world concerns and lack of inspiration gets in the way.

It would be less about inspiration and more about me trying to make sure the changes to the timeline actually make sense, not just a carbon copy-paste of the show with minimal changes done here and there. That's the big issue I face.

Completely understandable.

Twilight awoke with a start, sitting bolt upright and looking around. The dream was perfectly fresh in her mind. In fact, it didn’t even feel like a dream; it felt real.

Probably because it was, darling. :raritywink:

“Let’s see… if I get there quick enough I should be able to pick up a couple books on dragon physiology and still have time to drop them off here and get to Princess Celestia’s study for what she has to show me today.” Twilight mumbled to herself before smiling confidently. She opened the door to her room and left at a brisk gallop, heading for the archives in Canterlot Castle.

I'm sure all the staff love having a book crazy filly with free reign within the castle.

Same problem I'm having. Though, mine is more about Twilight being different than canon. I won’t tell you how she different as I want to have the reveal done right, but I'll give you a hint. It's going to be a very fiery experience for twilight and the rest.

Hmmmm.... So this is a timeline where Dash saw the adult twilight. Does she know its time travel, or is it time for Detective Dash?

I'm liking the character interaction. Can't wait to see more of it later, seeing how differently they were raised, and how they might influence each other because of it

Much to her displeasure, she had little to no access to most of it without somepony supervising her search, usually Princess Celestia or another trusted individual.

And we all know why that is...


Rainbow looked Twilight up and down critically, her eyes periodically gluing themselves to the sides of her torso. 

The mark, colour scheme and purple dragon should be quite the tip off as to who this filly is or at least will be.

“Oh no, no no! We’re late!” She broke into a gallop for her room just across the hall. She Pulled the door open and darted inside, close to hyperventilating. “Where are those books? Where are my notes?! WHERE’S MY ESSAY?!”

WARNING: Mini Lesson Zero inbound!

There was no doubt about it in her mind, now.

I wonder how much Celestia knows (I know she knows time has changed through the tree, but I wonder if she's heard of this rather familiar alicorn).

Again, great job on this chapter. The characterizations and interactions are great, of course, especially with Twilight and Rainbow themselves.

The fact Rainbow seems to recognize Twilight indicates that she HAS at least seen Twi's adult self, so I'm guessing this is a timeline where she saw a time-travelling adult Twi, but still managed to do the Sonic Rainboom [since they still got their marks, Twi still became Celestia's personal student and Spike was still hatched]. This, of course, would mean that this is a timeline where adult-Twi succeeded in stopping Starlight, but there was still an alteration in the timeline that was NOT completely erased.

At any rate, I am highly intrigued and will very definitely be looking forward to more.

Hmmm, very interesting idea. I'll read it sometime.

Yup, already wanting the update.
This is going to be good

Welp, so much for R.D being super smart and realising time travel, rather then... you know, being Rainbow Dash.


“She’s been through a great deal,..."


Poor Twilight, I am beginning to suspect her life is going to be rather unpleasant for the time being whenever Dash is around.

A great deal of time travel?

Very little I can say other than great job on the chapter. Once again, the characterizations were quite well done. Of course, I have to say, I AM feeling sorry for both Twilight AND Rainbow (though SLIGHTLY more for Twilight right now).

I mean, yes, Rainbow's obviously been through A LOT in a short amount of time, so it's understandable she could be more than a little upset right now.

On the other hand, I can definitely understand why Twi could be frustrated and freaked out about getting grilled over stuff that she obviously and legitimately has no clue about yet (key word "yet").

I have a feeling that things will get worse before they get better, but I'm definitely holding on to hope that they WILL get better LONG before Nightmare Moon returns.

But at any rate, I am very definitely looking forward to more, but will also be quite willing to be patient.

After a particularly energetic discussion about why Princess Celestia would not punish Twilight for being five minutes late

A lesson she was still learning ten years later...

Twilight paled as these details sunk in. “Oh…” she then chuckled sheepishly and tried to hide behind her tail, wrapping it around herself like a blanket. “Oops.”

I'm actually shocked Twi missed a detail like that. Everyone/pony was young once, huh?

“A week?!” Twilight screeched in alarm, her ears flattening back against her head. “B-but, that’s seven days!”

Except for the fact that Rainbow Dash was trying to spy on her from the ceiling, hiding behind pillars and other whatnot.

Yay you did it! Now where's that cardboard box...?

“But you do! You have to! Same cutie mark, same colors, the baby dragon!? Aside from being small and hiding your wings you're the same pony!

So did RD tell Celestia this or will Twi mention it? Or neither?

“A week?! ” Twilight screeched in alarm, her ears flattening back against her head. “B-but, that’s seven days!”


I swear, filly Twilight is a hidden gem. Tension's really amping up between these two, and I'm loving every second of it :trollestia:

calling it Rainbow's parents died in the face off in this timeline.

Why isn't there a Starlight Glimmer tag?

'Cause I ram out of character tag spaces. I can only have 5 and, while relevant to the background, Starlight will not be making very many if any appearances in this story.

I like a good alternate timeline story though I've had a hard time finding many that don't wind up going grim dark. Will definitely follow this one.

Hello again. Thanks very much for getting this next chapter up. And, yeah, I am DEFINITELY feeling sorry for Rainbow right now, but at least she and Twilight patched things up before things got too bad - at least for the time being. Yeah, they're probably going to end up having a fair amount more squabbles over the years for varying reasons, but I have a feeling they are going to work through THOSE too (I don't think that is much of a spoiler considering you're almost saying as much anyway in the story description AND it makes sense giving their differing personalities). Though Rainbow's story sparked a curiosity in Twilight that will lead to a mystery that it will literally take years for her to solve (I don't think THAT's much of a spoiler, either).

At any rate, I'll definitely be looking forward to more of this, but will also be quite understanding about real life taking top priority if it comes to that.

okay didn't expect her parents to die that way.

“She… I’ve seen her before. About two months ago, I think?” Rainbow mumbled, laying her head down on her forelegs and closing her eyes.

*RD tells the story*

Celestia: "...well buck."

“Let her tell her story, Twilight,” Celestia silenced Twilight softly, shooting her a frown. “There will be time for questions later.”

You're letting this happen? I mean, well, River help me here...


Thanks River.

Celestia nodded softly and gently pat Rainbow on the back. “I did, Twilight. Rainbow Dash is, by all legal standards, now my daughter. I adopted her.”


“I do not know for sure, Twilight.

BS. You know exactly who that alicorn was.

Twilight decided her best course of action for now would be to allow Princess Celestia to search for this newcomer herself.

Well, then Magical Mystery Cure happens...

I spotted a few typos that slipped through the revision phase, namely:
"... she shot down the hallway so fast that Twilight blniked and missed it."
" She saw the undeniably eager faces of mews ponies.

Other than that the storyline and character imitations are spot-on!

Thanks for pointing those out. Unless I made a misclick (very possible; am sleepy) then those typos are now fixed. :P Glad you're liking it.

Again, thanks very much for getting the next chapter up. I have to say this WAS some darn good work. Again, the interactions between Twilight and Rainbow are quite well done and Rainbow's lack of comfort around the press was both amusing AND understandable. And, yeah, as much as I hate to admit it, Celestia DID have a point about how the press would take it if she waited even longer.

I DO have a few ideas for later chapters actually:

1. Rainbow and Twilight could, at certain points in the story, engage in harmlessly pranking each other (both having enough self-control to KEEP the pranks harmless [partially because they don't want to do anything that would upset Celestia too much and partially because, by that point, they also have developed a healthy respect for each other])

2. This ties into my immediately previous idea, a few of Rainbow's pranks could become a "bonding exercise" for Twilight and her study group (i.e. the ponies in her study group could keep helping her think of a few clever, but harmless, pranks that even Rainbow thinks are funny)

3. This sort of ties into the second idea; at an appropriate point, Minuette could introduce Twilight and Rainbow to Pinkie Pie (years earlier than they would be introduced to Pinkie anyway)

4. At some point, Celestia can take Twilight and Rainbow with her to introduce them to her old friend Granny Smith over at Sweet Apple Acres, which would lead to their first mutual meeting with Applejack in this universe (this would be somewhat over one year before Applejack's parents died [in fact, Applejack and Big Mac's mother is pregnant with Apple Bloom at the time of this visit])

5. At some point in a much later chapter, around the time Fluttershy moves to Ponyville (but AT LEAST two years before Nightmare Moon returns), Rainbow could take Twilight to introduce her new friend to her old friend (having found out about Fluttershy moving to Ponyville because she happened to be out flying from Canterlot to Ponyville in order to practice on her speeds and stunts, ending up getting reunited with Fluttershy by accident).

(so yeah, one of the mini-arcs could have Twilight and Rainbow meeting and bounding with the rest of the Mane Six years sooner than in canon. The only snag I can think of is that I can't think of a way for Twilight and Rainbow to be introduced to Rarity to complete said mini-arc)

6. (this kind of ties into the "Rainbow and Twilight meeting and bounding with the rest of the Mane 6 earlier than in canon" mini-arc idea) A full year before Nightmare Moon returns(this would be one of the much later mini-arcs), Twilight, Rainbow and the rest of the Mane Six end up finding and activating the Elements of Harmony by accident.

7. (this ties into the immediately previous idea) While practicing with the Elements of Harmony, the Mane Six end up accidentally reviving Discord (fortunately, Fluttershy and Pinkie manage to reform him over a period of months [Pinkie helping out by showing Discord that being good CAN be fun]).

and 8. (this ties into my immediately previous ideas) When Nightmare Moon FINALLY returns, the Mane Six; already having a year of practice in using the Elements of Harmony AND also having a reformed Discord on their side; are ludicrously well prepared for her.

Of course, I will completely understand if you do not like any of these ideas. I will admit I kind of got carried away and profusely apologize.

At any rate, I will very definitely be looking forward to more of this, but will also be more than willing to be patient.

I’m a journalist and writer for the Canterlot News Network
Canterlot News Network

[Fake News Intensifies]

Jokes aside, though, great chapter :rainbowlaugh:

I certaintly appreciate the ideas, but I already have ideas in my head for Fluttershy, as well as the elements. Won't say what those ideas are, though. Spoilers.

Fair enough. I kind of half-expected that anyway.

normalcy for young Twilight.

These two things do not quite fit together. :trollestia:

“Wah!” Rainbow yelped

"Bwah!" Little Wing responded, even if it is the wrong time and universe. :pinkiecrazy:

Also. the dress is mostly for your initial public presentation. First impressions are important.”

I can't wait for her to meet Rarity. :raritywink:

“I will keep as much as I can out of your daily life, but I won’t be able to have everything avoid you and stay out of your mane, Rainbow Dash.”

Good luck with Blueblood.

“Bwah!” Spike nodded at Rainbow, a hint of curiosity coming into hi eyes.

Oh god dammit. :rainbowlaugh:

Princess Cadence might like to share a few things with Rainbow Dash. She was a Pegasus herself raised in an Earth Pony village after she was found in the woods as a foul. It could be a bonding experience for both of them. Cadence would be able to connect with her being they both were Commoner Pegasus turned Princess.

Hey there. Thanks very much for getting the next chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Great job on the scenes with Twilight with both Spike AND Moondancer as well as Rainbow's scenes with Cadance AND Blueblood. That is some VERY good compare/contrast. I particularly liked Cadance telling Blueblood off AND Twilight respecting Moondancer's insights on Celestia's adopting Rainbow.

At any rate, I'll very certainly be looking forward to more of this, but will also be quite willing to be patient.

Indeed so. Those are some pretty good insights.

Seriously, I come from a noble family too but I manage to not be like… well, that!

Maybe it being a minor nobility helped with that.

Oh no… social activity.

Out there, somewhere lost in time, Princess Twilight Sparkle felt the sudden need to hit herself.

it shows the sort of kindness and moral fortitude Equestria needs to remember.”

Unknown to them all there was a 'slight' ulterior motive involving a battered timeline.

It didn’t help that she was still very unaware of the usual customs and standards of Canterlot society.

I wasn't aware RD had a single fuck to give. :pinkiecrazy:

Cadence nodded slowly before spreading out her own wings and taking flight, heading for one of Canterlot’s numerous restaurant streets.

Might I recommend anywhere other than Restaurant Row.

Just a question but, are you proof-reading these yourself? Because, and no offense but, there's a few passages at the start that are a bit out of whack -- Mostly just " The little filly was currently sitting across a resteraunt able from from her with her face hidden in her forelegs..." and " A rather sizable plate of hay burgers, a side of prench fries and a tall cup of apple juice."

Other than that, you're really doing great on keeping up with the past -- Especially that part where Dash reacts hard to Cadence cheering her on when she's losing. The pacing is good, too, and the characters seem a lot like they are in the show.

And of course, "The Princess of Radicalness does not approve!" I think that says all it needs to.

Blueblood needs to be spanked with a two-by-four.

While 'resteraunt able' is probably a mistake, 'prench' is a horse word; a comination of French and prancing, i assume. Sorta like how the show uses everypony instead of everybody.

Comment posted by truboo42 deleted Aug 12th, 2017

Hey there. Thanks immensely for getting the next chapter up. I really appreciate you going to the effort. Cadance and Rainbow's chat was well done (particularly in the "common ground" territory AND the scene at the bowling alley). And, yeah, Twi might be a bit uneasy about Rainbow right now, but I have a hunch that she'll slowly, but surely, overcome it at least partially. All in all, excellent job on the characterizations as usual. I'll very certainly be looking forward to more of this, but will also understand that real-world concerns have to come first.

Specifically "Prench" comes from "Prance" which is the usual horse word for France because it rhymes.

Prench fries was intentional and I just fixed the resteraunt able one. I'm not the best at proof-reading myself.

Wow got a thank you in the Author's Notes. You are welcome! Cadences backstory is in the comics I don't know the full details but it should be on a Wiki somewhere.

My what a long GIF.

Things really aren't going well for Rainbow...

Awkward moment when... did you really fix the resteraunt typo?

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