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A U.S. Marine is somehow sent to Equestria after a special operation involving a high value target goes wrong. He finds himself alone, wondering just how he will get home, if he can get home. Can he figure out how he got there, and if so, will he like the answer to his question?

Just a little shout out to our men and women in uniform who defend our nation from tyrants, and those who wish to corrupt and interrupt our very way of life, thank you and stay safe. (You too Bronies who are currently serving).

A/N: This isn't some Call of Duty/ video game crap. The places mentioned are real and do have significance, along with some people. Also to note is if you're here to read this because you think it's video game related, I pity you, please leave. Other than that, enjoy.

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good sir i respect you :twilightsmile:

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE continue this. It's awesome. I see that it's being disliked and seeing your comment on it, I'm worried you would stop. You have taken everything the usual fics do and made it 100x MORE realistic. I'm really excited to see what else could happen, and I am really surprised that I actually found a story with this kind of realism towards situations in it. So, please continue. It's just so epic... I actually don't see why anyone else would dislike it. Maybe it's the format, but that doesn't bother me. So, I hope you continue, this story is GREAT! Maybe he should tell Twilight he's in a military, so she doesn't assume him to be in a gang of killers. Good luck!:heart:


oh yeah also is it going to be only them tags or are there more coming (yep sometimes im inpatient)

Have a thumbs-down. I bear little to no respect for the US armed forces. They are NOT the good guys some people believe them to be. Tired of seeing fics like this one.

i like a good military fic.



I have yet to see a good Military/Equestria thing that hasnt just stoped (or I forgot the name but rememberd what happened its a really bad thing that happens to readers sometimes :derpyderp2:) I want you to make more and have James tell Twilight that he is in a Military so she doesnt think he is a mindless killer.

Really sometimes Twilight can seem like the most eritating... never mind. :facehoof:

WOW! Thanks guys! Um, well I'll tell ya i'm not gonna stop until it IS done (Haven't hit that block yet and probably wont for a while or even at all)1896405. To answer a few questions I will probably throw other tags on it I had comedy on there but threw it out because it wasn't that funny just yet so there is that. Um as for the dislikes, if it's because of the format, well I can see why some parts are just straight walls of text but that's all I could really do, but if it's for other reasons, well everybody is entitled to their own opinions.

1896405 Well you're entitled to your own opinion, now I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to my death your right to say it sir.

I like this fics. Keep at it.

i dont always read fanfiction but when i do they better be badass
like this fic

From your friend and fellow brony


Haha, what an entertaining story! I always imagine myself waking up in Equestria and living a new life there, so I can relate to this. Keep it up!

I enjoy listening to US Armed Forces stories, especially with ponies involved. To all of our bronies serving out there, I support and salute you 120%.

But anyway, I did notice a few errors with spelling and sentence structure every now and then. Maybe a few unnecessary repetitions. But overall, it was a story easy to follow and flowed through nicely. Still waiting for the next chapter!

1904320 Yeah I kind of did get a sloppy with that. I was planning on editing it all before I put it up, but my laziness got the better of me...again. The next chapter is on its way and it will be edited to the best of my abilities.

I like this story. Please write more :pinkiehappy:

this is starting to turn out like a great fic! keep up the good work my friend! :rainbowkiss:

keep it up my friend

1914646 Don'y worry, it's coming. It will probably be like a day or so. Need to gather my thoughts on how the next part will go, but I will assure you that by Wednesday at the latest I will have it up. :pinkiehappy:

1916162 That or I might take off a couple of weeks and really get it all together :trollestia:

1916315 Insert troll face....(here)

1916361 Indeed. But really though it'll be a couple of days, I started ch.5 yesterday at about 10 in the morning, didn't finish till 4 this morning.

hey keep it up i like it so far and i cant wait to see what you do with the story line itl be interesting

hold on, he went through that long winded explanation of why he joined? why didn't he just say he was a soldier, which I'm sure Rainbow Dash would've gotten perfectly fine?

still, great story so far.

1918633 Well then it wouldn't have been as emotionally bonding as it was for the two of them. Just saying like "I'm in the military and I shoot at stuff because I have to" even though that's a lame way of putting it, doesn't seem all that interesting, or at least to myself anyway, and that's just how the mood was flowing for me at the time so that's what came out. However I have looked at it a few times and thought that maybe it was just a tad much, but oh well I'm just sort of rambling now.

@USMC517 Are you in the USMC yourself? If so, I'd love to hear about it. Considering of the possibility of joining myself, in all seriousness.

Anyways, keep this kind of stuff up man! You improve by writing more and more. :rainbowkiss:

1923348 Unfortunately I have not yet had the pleasure of joining, my dad wants me to wait to join and become an officer, but really I'd like to just get out there now. Always good to meet another aspiring Marine.

1923375 Is there anyway we could keep in touch? I-if t-that's alright with you, I m-mean? ^-^

Super sad face, them devil dogs died.:raritydespair:

1923815 Sure man, umm what ever way works best for you, email, FB (rarely ever on there though), yeah what ever works best for you (I'll do my phone as well if that works)

1923994 As much as I really didn't want to... it had to be done:fluttercry:

This story is awesome. NEED MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One question though: why an M-16A4? I'd think a spec for operator would go for something shorter for a CQC situation like clearing a house.

And once again, I've already faved and tracked this because it is really good man. Keep it up!!!!!!:yay:

1936646 Oh no doubt, that was just the first thing that popped into my mind is all. An M4 would have been much for the job with, like you said a shorter 16 inch barrel. Thanks for the input! :pinkiehappy:

1936651 GO CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yay::moustache:

1936656 Always welcome my friend, always.:twilightsmile:

Also, here's the next chapter!

Dun dun DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN:pinkiegasp:

"James it's alright, I understand why you did it, if I was in your position I might have done the same thing."


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