• Published 3rd Jan 2013
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A Marine and His Ponies - USMC517

A U.S. Marine is somehow sent to Equestria after a special operation involving a high value target goes wrong. He finds himself alone, wondering just how he will get home, if he can get home.

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First Time For Everything.

Twilight Sparkle the Unicorn and Fluttershy the Pegasus walked through the dense foliage of the Everfree forest, searching for an unknown creature called James Crossland. They had walked for what seemed like hours from stopping and listening to every sound that was made, in hopes of finding the mysterious being. As they walked deeper into the forest it grew denser and denser. The two walked close to each other for comfort.

They approached a small clearing and walked into the middle of it. After taking a small rest they continued on forward, but after just a few more minutes of walking they spotted what looked like a camp site. They approached it with caution. Snap Fluttershy dropped onto her stomach and started shaking from fright. "Relax Fluttershy, it's just me," Twilight tried to comfort her.

"Sorry, Twilight," she said a little embarrassed. The two walked a little closer trying to get a better look, then they spotted something big move quickly behind the trees.


James shot up out of his bed fast and turned in the direction of where he heard the sound come from. He grabbed his pistol and quietly racked the slide back, then slithered out of his "bed", watching for any movement. Then he spotted them, another horse-looking thing that was purple and had a horn coming out of its head. "Okay I know that's a unicorn; so this place has some really weird shit going on! First they talk and fly, and now... this," He thought to himself, keeping a very close eye on the purple unicorn. He then spotted its companion; the yellow one from the day before. He moved for a better view of the two but was seen by them in the process. He darted back to cover hoping that they hadn't seen him, but was proven wrong when he heard them come closer in his direction.

"I saw it over there!" He heard the purple one say.

"Be careful Twilight!" warned the yellow one. Knowing that he was compromised he rolled out to the side and aimed his weapon up at the two of them.

"AHHH!" Twilight shouted when she saw James roll in front of her.

"Don't move, drop the bags, and back away!" He shouted at Twilight.

"Okay, please don't hurt us!" She cried as she did what he said.

"You, yellow, get over here now and put your hands where I can see them!" He shouted to Fluttershy who was now cowering in a bush. She got up and moved over to where Twilight was sitting at. He approached the odd looking packs with caution, making sure not to set off any I.E.D.s that could be in them. When he opened the flaps all he found was paper, and ink jar, and feather.

Confused, he shouted, "what is this and what do you two want from me!?". They didn't answer out of fear they may be hurt.

"How did I get here!?". Still no answer.

"Where are my Marines!?" He yelled hoping they might just be there too.

"Answer me, damn it!" He shouted out of rage.

"Can you put that away, please?" Twilight asked trembling with fear.

"Not until you answer my questions!".

"We wanted to find you to make sure that you were safe," Fluttershy squeaked.

"Well I'm fine thank you," He said sarcastically, "now how did I get here!?"

Twilight answered the next question "We don't know...even I don't know, and I have the power to teleport!"

"What? Don't bullshit me, how did I get here!?" he yelled again, shocked that she had even suggested such a silly thing, not knowing her true capabilities.

"Yes, I can teleport; as well as lift objects, and well... a lot of other things," She said, slightly showing off.

"Don't play fucking games with me!" James exclaimed in defiance. She stood, and with a bright purple flash she teleported behind James. He slowly turned as he heard her paw at the ground. A shiver went up his spine, his mouth dropped wide open, and his eyes grew to the size of dinner plates. He looked back to where she had just been sitting next to the yellow one, then looked at her again.

"I- I don't believe it," He continued, still in disbelief.

"I told you," Twilight snapped him out of his trance. She knew that he had no idea of the way her world worked.

He looked for a place to sit down not knowing what to do, and stared at the ground trying to figure out what to do.

"How did you do that?" He asked still awestruck.

"There's no scientific term for it, it's just... magic,".

"I don't understand, magic is just smoke and mirrors,".

"Maybe where you're from, but here, magic is just the way we live our lives. Well some of us anyway," she said looking at Fluttershy who was still shaking with head in her hooves.

"If you can teleport, then what else can you do?" He asked as he gripped his weapon a little tighter. Twilight didn't notice it and moved a little closer, thinking she was making progress in getting him to open up. When she got one leg closer, James reacted, "get the fuck back! Do not come any closer!" He hissed.

"It's okay, we understand that you are scared and you have every right to be." Twilight said trying to calm him down.

"No, it is not! Do not approach me again! I am a very lethal machine, I am scared, I am not at home, I am not on Earth, I am not in Afghanistan, I am the ONLY goddamn human being on this planet as far as I know, and I will keep it that way until I can't possibly anymore! Do you understand!?" He exclaimed, keeping his weapon trained on both Twilight and Fluttershy.

She quickly stepped several paces back to give him plenty of space, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean that. Please, we are not here to hurt you, we just want to get a better understanding of what and who you are," she said, trying to comfort him again. All the while, Fluttershy kept backing up into the brush to further hide herself.

"Understood, but don't come any closer, you're fine right there. I will not put my weapon down though, as far as I know you're still a possible threat," He warned.

"Alright, fair enough. Is it okay if I ask your name?" She said, trying to get him to do something other than threaten her.

"You first,".

"My name is Twilight Sparkle, and I believe you and Fluttershy have already met,". Fluttershy let out another barely audible peep.

"I'm James Crossland, Captain of United States Marine Special Operations Team 8325,".

"Well James Crossland, it's an interesting chance to get to meet you. You're the first and only one of your kind to end up here as far as I know,".

"Alright, now that we've been properly acquainted, now what?"

"Well, my main purpose was to find you and study you since Fluttershy told me about this new sentient creature that came into her house," She said plainly.

"I guess I'm okay with that, but no funny business. Just because we know each other's names doesn't mean we're gonna swap spit in the shower,".

Twilight was unsure how to handle his response, so she gave a head bow, let it be, got out her quill and paper from her saddle bags, and got on with her questions. "So... what are you exactly, James?" Twilight said hoping to get information from him for her report that she had promised not to send Celestia.

"Well...," He started, caught off guard by a such a question, "I'm a human from the planet called Earth, water is the primary thing that keeps myself and other humans alive."

"Very interesting...," She said writing with her quill using her magic, "Continue please,".

"Well... I'm not sure what else to say, I don't usually bullshit with people I don't know or just met,".

"What you like to do, what other humans are like; just tell me about a day in the life of yourself," Twilight told him. As he told her about a day in his boots, she began to question herself about asking him about his world. After he had told her about a small firefight he had with some Taliban fighters she told him to stop.

"What's wrong?"

"Y-you... killed somepony?"

"Well yes, Twilight, we didn't initiate the attack, we were helping the people of this village and we were ambushed. We're not gonna' sit there and just get shot to pieces, that's stupid," He said as if it was actually a question. She didn't know how to take it.

"Wow... I-I just can't believe that I'm staring into the face of somepony, er, someone who has ended the life of another," She said in a mono-toned voice.

"Well, that's what happens in combat, simple fact. You either kill or be killed; you at least know what combat is like, right? Or at least what happens?" He said to her.

"Yes, I can say that my friends and myself have engaged in 'combat' with our enemies, but we never killed them!"


"In our world where magic is a daily use, we don't need to kill them, we can just put them somewhere that they won't hurt anything,".

"Okay, fair enough. In my world, we don't have any 'magic', so the only thing to stop our enemies is ending them,".

"I think that's enough information for today James," She abruptly ended the conversation. She was not used to talking about death, and never liked it in the first place.

"Wait, what? What's the problem?"

"Listen, I'm sorry to have to cut this short, but we must be getting back soon, it's getting late," She lied, the day was only in the early afternoon. James nodded and she began to head back towards Ponyville.

"Twilight we can't just walk away and leave him here, it's not safe!" Fluttershy said urgently.

"Well what do you suggest we do with him then, because we can't take him to town, nobody even knows about the existence of humans, even I didn't until just a while ago! Think of how everypony else will react to him, plus you even said that I couldn't send my report to the princess; word of him will get out quickly," She shot back in a loud whisper.

"Well he can stay at my house. Nopony really ever comes by my house anyway, and if he needs to hide he can go into the forest and hide there until it's safe to come out,".

"Well that might work, but he would have to do that for the rest of his life,".

"Oh... you're right. I'm sorry Twilight, but we just can't leave him here," Fluttershy still defended.

"Well you're going to have to figure out something, but really he seems like he could live out here and everything would be scared of him," She said growing more irritated.

"You don't want him to because of what he said, don't you, Twilight?" She said knowing exactly why.

"Well yes, he could be dangerous to others; in fact he is dangerous. We can't put everypony's lives in jeopardy because we are afraid he might be harmed out here," She defended herself.

"Well I won't let him stay out here; he will stay at my cottage until we figure out something to do with him," Fluttershy stated, slamming her hoof on the ground.

"Okay, but watch out; somepony might see him and if so, it will all be for nothing," Twilight said back. As the two had been arguing James had slipped away and started grabbing his gear. Just as he was about to sling on his ruck sack he heard a soft voice come from behind him. Knowing full well who it was he turned around and looked at the buttery yellow Pegasus.


"W-would you like to come with me to my cottage, James?" She asked timidly.

"U-um, sure of you want me to; but I was thinking I would just go set up camp a little further back from here," He told her not trying to be rude and reject her offer, after all, she and her Twilight are the only friends that he had in this world that she had called Equestria.

"Oh no, I couldn't let you do that, it's much too dangerous out here,".

"I think I could handle myself, ma'am,".

"No, I won't allow it,".

"Alright, but I don't want something bad to happen to you because I'm at your house," He tried one last time to change her mind.

"No James, please come with me, you don't know what things are out here," She said as she looked around nervously.

"I don't really have a choice do I?" He asked her knowing what the answer would be anyway.


"Alright then, let me make sure I have everything then we can go," He told her, finally giving in. He concluded that he had everything and walked with her over to a waiting and irritated Twilight Sparkle.

"It's about time!" She exclaimed, the tone in her voice making it clear that she wanted to go very badly. The three of them walked in silence for a while. When they reached Fluttershy's cottage James checked his watch, it read 13:00 hours.

"Wow, that took quite a while," He thought to himself as they entered the back of her home. Fluttershy told him to put his things upstairs in the guest bedroom. He did as he was told and set up his room; really he just took off his pack and set it down on the bed and looked out the window, trying to formulate several plans of escape in case he had to bail out quickly. After he made his plans, he returned to the main floor. Twilight had left them. It was awkward at first because neither of them really knew what to say, but after a while though, they lightened up and started to converse. They talked about each other's species, what Equestria was like, the other types of ponies there were, which were only two, not counting the alicorns like the princesses. She didn't tell him about the Elements of Harmony though, afraid that he could in the slightest chance that may want to do harm to her and everypony else. When they ran out of things to talk about, James looked at his watch it read 20:00 hours.

"Well, today was rather eventful," James said to her, "It kind of reminds me of my first day of basic training, not as physically exhausting, but very eventful,".

"Yes it was, James," She agreed.

"Thank you very much for letting me stay here as well,".

"It is more than my pleasure,".

"One more thing... sorry about breaking in and putting my gun up to your head, I really do feel awful about it now that I've gotten to actually know you and what this world is like,". .

"James it's alright; I can understand," She told him finally putting the matter to rest.

"Thank you Fluttershy... thank you for everything," He said one last time. The two decided it was time to go to bed, and with that, Fluttershy turned off the lights and went to bed. James however stayed up for quite some time afterward, still trying to think as to how he got there. After finding out about how the pony world worked, he thought that somebody with a high power of 'magic' might be able to pull off such a thing. Fluttershy had assured him that not even that Celestia had the ability to do that though, especially if she had not known about the human race. He concluded finally that he didn't know and probably never would, and just let it be. He drifted off to sleep and dreamed of his family, how they were doing, what they were doing. He dreamed of his team again as well, this time wasn't as bad as the previous night, but it was still rough. Morning came and it started off rather similar to the previous one, there was a loud banging at the door.

"Fluttersh- oww... can you open up please, I need your help... I messed up on a new trick and hurt myself!" An unknown pony shouted to Fluttershy.

Author's Note:

In case none of you guys are not getting the time thing, in relevance just take whatever the time is in 24 hours like 1300 hours, just chop the zeros off and subtract 12 from it, so like this: 1300-1200=100, chop the zeros and you get one so it would be one o' clock.

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