• Published 3rd Jan 2013
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A Marine and His Ponies - USMC517

A U.S. Marine is somehow sent to Equestria after a special operation involving a high value target goes wrong. He finds himself alone, wondering just how he will get home, if he can get home.

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The First Formal Meeting.

Morning came and James awoke to smell eggs being cooked. He got up, dressed himself, and checked his watch, it read 0900, "Hmm, slept in a little later than usual". This morning he was feeling exceptionally jovial; he didn't know why, maybe because he was meeting new friends today, hopefully they would accept him. Maybe it was because the torturous dreams he had been having the previous nights didn't plague him, or maybe it was because he had made a very good friend. He didn't know or cared, he was just happy to be happy, and with that he headed down the stairs to greet Fluttershy.

"Morning miss Fluttershy, how are you?" He asked surprising her. She jumped up and let out a squeak of fright, then turned to him while hovering in the air.

"O- oh, good morning James, you scared me." She said with her calmness coming back to her. She slowly came back down to the ground and resumed what she had been doing before.

"Sorry about that, after a few years of creeping around in the bush it just happens." He apologized with smile forming on his face.

"Oh that's quite alright James, that's not the first time you've scared me." She said back, a smile forming on hers as well.

"Right, sorry about that by the way, I do feel bad that I did that." He apologized once more.

"Oh, I wasn't talking about that, I forgive you though; what I meant was last night." Fluttershy assured him that she had truly forgiven him.

"What do you mean? What happened last night?" He asked as his smile disintegrated to confusion.

"Oh last night I could tell that you slept rather well; you were snoring and it woke up Angel and me. He even kicked your door with his foot a few times to try and make you stop, but I guess you didn't hear him." She said with a giggle.

"Wow, I guess I really did sleep good last night." He joined her with a chuckle. They laughed for a few moments longer; Angel had hopped his way into the dining room and looked up at James with an irritated look, much the same one he usually gave Fluttershy when she did something he didn't like. He looked down at the white rabbit and gave him a smile and wave. Angel didn't let him off the hook for waking him up and slapped James on the boot with his long foot. Both James and Fluttershy shared a laugh as he tried to punish James. Angel left after a few good raps and went outside.

After their laughter died down James asked, " So what's on the chow menu this morning?"

"Well I have some eggs cooking that should be done in a few seconds."

"They from out back?"

"Yes, my little chickens laid them this morning." She happily replied.

"Wow, fresh from the hatch, been a while since I've had some of those." James said rubbing his stomach.

"Did you live on a farm before?" She asked, her ears perking up to listen attentively.

"All my life until I joined the Corps."

"Wow, that must have been fun; especially with all of the critters you got to be with." She said, slightly day dreaming about all of the wonderful and different creatures she had the pleasure of taking care of.

"Eh, it was alright, but the animals that we had weren't like the ones you do. If they were half as nice as yours I might have just stayed on the farm and I wouldn't even be here right now." He said complementing her on how well behaved her animals were.

"Well, sometimes they aren't the most obedient, but I have my ways of getting them in line." She confessed as she looked out the window to her chickens who were running around in the pen.


"Oh, the eggs are ready." Fluttershy said with glee. She scraped them onto the plates and sat them at the table. James licked his lips as she brought them over.

"Thank you miss Fluttershy, you don't even know how long it's been since I've had real food, other than these past couple of days of course." He said as he began to cut into the eggs, the the golden yolk spilling out.

"What do you mean?" She asked confused because the only things that ponies ever ate was organic.

"Well the things that I get to eat most of the time are MREs, or meals ready to eat; it's food and it tastes okay I think, some would argue otherwise though. Really in a nutshell, they're just packs of square food that have an insane amount of calories in them to provide energy." He stated as he cut another piece of egg.

"Wouldn't it go bad after a while though?" She asked still slightly confused.

"Well you would think! Those things have a shelf life of almost as long as me, so I guess they would, but not for years on end."

"Oh my, that's a long time, how do they make food stay that long?"

"Well, like I said... it's not real food." He winked at her as he took a bite.

"Oh you poor thing, not eating real food is bad for you." She said with a look of sympathy and worry.

"You get used to it after a while, in fact I still have mine from when I got here. I always throw one in my pack just in case." James said as he looked up and to the right in a quizzical gesture.

"What do they taste like?"

"The crackers taste like butter and are almost like a brick; sometimes I think they put them in there in case you don't have a weapon. The rest of it doesn't taste too bad though; except for the beef stroganoff, had one bad experience with that... never again will I eat it." He said with a slight intentional shaking just to show how bad it was.

"What happened?"

"I'd rather not say... not appropriate table manners."

"Oh that's okay, I think I know what you mean." Fluttershy said as she lifted her plate to take back to the sink.

"Here, allow me, you've taken care of me since I got here; the very least you can do is let me wash these." He pleaded to her.

"O-oh, okay if you really want to."

"Thank you." James said as he grabbed the plates and took them to the sink. He had washed dishes before, especially when he had kitchen duty as an enlisted man, he wished he had attended the ten week officer training course before joining, so he didn't have to do the low level jobs of an enlisted man.

"Man, this brings back memories." He thought to himself as he opened the tap. As he worked, Fluttershy had begun to do her daily tasks with her critters; cleaning out the chicken coups, feeding Angel, giving the large bear named Harry a back massage. He nearly ran upstairs to get his pistol when he first saw the enormous animal come up to her; but when it stopped and turned its back to her and she started popping its appendages, his jaw dropped at the sight of this giant eight hundred pound killing machine being yanked in all different directions by such a shy, quiet, and much smaller being. He decided that it wouldn't be necessary to do so, so he returned back to work and put the dishes away. He didn't know what else to do after asking Fluttershy if he could help some more, she told him no so he went upstairs to his room.

Once up there he looked out the window for a while still wondering how he had come to such a beautiful place, why he was there, what his purpose was for being there. He stopped thinking about it and decided that when the time came for him to find out, he would fulfill his duties. So with absolutely nothing to do he took out his pack and equipment for inspection. He dumped everything out onto the bed; magazines, a few extra rounds, his radio, knife, armor plating from his vest, everything he had with him during his last operation. "Well, better do an ammo count, check the plates to make sure they're not cracked." He said as he made a mental check list. He looked over the rest of his stuff and came to his hat that he let Dash wear, why did she think it was so cool?

"Wait that's a dumb question." He thought to himself; "It's camouflage, duh, that's why it's cool." He continued as he put his hat on top of the dresser. He went back and dumped all of the ammunition he had. He counted twenty four cartridges for his pistol, the only shot he made was on the cockatrice. He then dumped his M4 rounds, one hundred eighty were present, minus the magazine that was in his rifle.

"Well that's weird, I have all of the ammo I started the op with, but I shot up almost four mags. How the hell did I get these ones, the ones in my mag dump pouch were all empty. Also what happened to my rifle?" He asked himself. He didn't know the answers to either, so he just let it be and put the ammunition back in the magazines. After it was all stowed on his vest he took out the weapon he did have and cleaned it, taking out every pin and mechanism to give it a very well looked over proper cleaning. He oiled the barrel and the trigger group and started to put it back together. Knock knock knock. When he heard the noise he almost dropped his pistol, scattering the parts every where.

"Oh... shit." Was all he said as he looked around to all of his gear spread about the room. There was no way he could pack all of his stuff up in time to bail; "Wait, I'm going to meet some people, er ponies, still not used to that, today anyways, what does it matter?" He calmly told himself. He went down to the living room to see who was at the door. When he opened it a familiar face showed its self to him, make that two as another came flying down from the sky, landing next to the other.

"Oh, hello miss Twilight, miss Dash how are you two." He politely asked as he ushered them in.

"I'm doing well James, is Fluttershy around?" Twilight asked somewhat uncomfortably, due to how James unintentionally portrayed himself the last time they had met.

"She's in the back giving a bear a massage." He said with a look of bewilderment on his face.

"Thank you." Was all she said as she walked away quickly.

"So you two know each other already?" Rainbow asked surprised.

"Indeed we do, but I don't think she likes me all that much." James said with dissatisfaction.

"Oh well she's just an egg head, she'll come around eventually." She assured James with a smile.

"So, who else is coming today?" He asked.

"Well AJ should be here here when she is done with her chores at the farm; and Pinkie and Rarity should be here in like half an hour."

"Okay so we have a little while before they show up, not counting when Applejack will be here."

"Yeah... you know what we should do!?" She asked with a large toothy grin on her face.


"We should totally race!"

"Oh you want to race? I'm not sure if I can trust you, considering what happened last time." James said casting a look of disappointment at her then looking at his arm.

"What!?" She said with a heart crushing look.

"I'm just giving you a hard time, but I wouldn't mind just going for a nice little walk to stretch out the muscles a bit." He said cheering her back up.

"Okay... I guess I could do that." Dash said slightly rolling her eyes.

"Before we go though I need to tidy up my gear, I left it all strewn about when you and miss Twilight came knocking."

"Ugh, lame. I just throw all my stuff on the floor and pick it up later if I feel like it." She laughed as she flew into the air and made it look like she was laying down, not a worry in the world.

"Well that's you; but hey come with me I'd like to talk for a little bit."

"O- oh okay." She said coming down from her position. James lead her up the stairs and into his room, she took a look around at all of his stuff.

"Wow, that is a little messy."

"Yeah give me a sec to throw this all away." James told her as he threw it all in the small closet, then put his pistol back together in a flash, Rainbow just stared at him, amazed at how fast he had done it, but also because she liked to look at him. He was very toned, muscular, chiseled, had shortish black hair. She took in all of his features, but was snapped out of her trance when she noticed he was looking at her.

"See anything you like?" James said with a slight wink. She turned away again like before and blushed. He stowed his pistol in its holster and threw it in the closet with everything else. The two went back downstairs, Rainbow Dash in the lead. They were about to go out for a walk when they were stopped by Fluttershy and Twilight.

"Where are you two going?" Twilight asked with slight concern.

"We're just gonna' hang out until Pinkie and Rarity show up." Dash answered back to her.

"Where at, in the forest or something?" Twilight pressed, her tone changing from concern to baffled.

"Is there something wrong miss Twilight?" James asked not knowing what the problem was.

"Well no, it just seems weird to me is all, going out into the Everfree forest is just something nopony really does." She stated, making it look like that was the issue.

"Okay cut the crap, what's the deal?" He asked her, shocking everyone at how he had just turned from the nice guy that he seemed, to something different.

"Excuse me?" Twilight said back, feeling offended.

"Miss Twilight I can tell that you don't like me, I'm not stupid even though I'm called a 'Jar Head' by some. What's the deal?"

"Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, do you two mind giving us a little privacy for a second?" She asked the two of them getting ready to let out the reason why she disliked him. They complied and headed up the guest bedroom so they could listen but not make it seem as if though they were.

"Okay what's up; I've done enough unit rotations to know that if something is bothering one of my men it's not good to keep it in, so we all gather and let out what needs to be said. Don't hold back, tell me straight up." James told her being as honest as he could.

"James I don't like you because you are a killer: there is nothing good about it, and there is nothing good about you." She said to him waiting for the angry words to come flying at her. They didn't though, he just answered her with how he felt about it.

"I thought that was why. Well I'll tell you something Twilight, I don't enjoy having to take others' lives, it shouldn't have to happen, but it does."

"You're not really helping your case in trying to convince me to like you."

"I'm not trying to because you are right about me, I am a killer and it is what I do; but really you barely know half of the whole thing, so I'll just give you a shortened form of what I told miss Dash last night."

"Okay I'm listening." She said giving him a chance to redeem himself in her eyes. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash were at the top of the stairs listening closely.

"Twilight, the reason I do it is because it's my job to. Fluttershy told me about your brother Shining Armor who is a Captain as well. Much like him I defend people from bad happenings, not kill random people because I feel like it. Although your brother protects your princess, his commander in chief, instead. What I do is protect the people of my country and the people of other countries. The only time I have to kill someone is if they decide to hurt innocent people or my fellow Americans. Do you understand what I'm saying Twilight?" James explained to her. The two at the top of the stairs were staring into space but listened to the conversation with absolute attentiveness.

"You are not like my brother, he wouldn't kill anypony for any reason at all." She said defending her brother's honor.

"Well then why is he a Royal Guard?"

"To protect the princess."

"Which means Twilight , that if someone were to try and hurt Celestia, he would have to kill them... right?" James shot right back at her. She looked at him stuttering for words to say, knowing that she had been defeated.

"Well?" He asked her waiting for a response.

"James... I'm so sorry for misunderstanding you, that was so very wrong of me. I should have learned not to judge a book by its cover back when I met Zecora." She apologized feeling embarrassed for her hostile actions.

"It's okay Twilight, I forgive you... plus you're not nearly as bad as some. Back in America there is a place called Westboro, and the fools there go to the funerals of dead soldiers and protest about them, and just say nasty things about us. They do all sorts of other stupid stuff but a big one from them is that. I even had to fight one of the crazy people from there when he jumped me out of nowhere. I kicked his ass back to his car and her sped off." James stated to her,letting her know that he forgave her and had no hard feelings.

"Wow James I- I had no idea that humans could do such things."

"Believe me Twilight, it's okay." He forgave her once more.

"No hard feeling between us?" Twilight asked hoping to redeem herself.

"Not a one." He said with a smile. Rainbow and Fluttershy came back downstairs when the whole thing was over, an awkward silence had fallen about the room.

"How much longer until they show up?" Dash asked breaking the silence finally. James looked at her and hadn't noticed that she had been wearing his hat again. James just smiled at her and looked at his watch.

"I'd say about five minutes, give or take a couple." James replied back to her. They all tidied up the house a little bit for the soon to arrive guests. James went to the bathroom to give himself a quick wash up as he hadn't taken a shower yet. James had his own towel that was distinctly different from all of the others, as it had been sewn to another because they were too small for him. He turned on the faucet and stepped into the shower. The three mares in the house started chatting, passing the time. They talked about the new things happening with them, how their pets were doing, the latest gossip around town. They heard the water shut off and a few minutes later James came out.

Pinkie Pie and Rarity had met at Sugar Cube corner to decide the plans for the welcome party for this new stallion Rainbow Dash had talked about when she had come over that morning. They didn't have time to set one up because he was already where they were going to meet at. Pinkie just decided to bring the party cannon instead for instant 'partyization' according to Pinkie.

"This will be perfect for sure!" Pinkie exclaimed as she bounced up and down.

"Darling are you sure about this, I mean what if this new stallion doesn't like loud noises?" Rarity said thinking about the possible scenario.

"Who doesn't like a party in their name?" Pinkie asked the white unicorn.

"Well I'm sure anypony would like it... but what if this one doesn't?" She still challenged.

"Hmm, good point, but what if he does like parties like a lot and he would be sad if we didn't throw him a party and then we don't become friends and then he's mad at us forever because we didn't thr- mmmm, mmmm, mmmm!" Pinkie tried to get out in a run on sentence but was soon shut up by rarity's hoof.

"Darling it might not be a good idea is all I'm saying." She said, the pink pony still rambling in stifled muffles. Rarity removed her hoof when she had stopped talking.

"Okay... I'm still going to bring it just in case though." Pinkie pouted as she turned the bright blue cannon to go out the door.

"Alright deary, but don't do anything until we say you can." Rarity tried one last time to make her friend think before she acted on it.

"Okie dokie lokie!" She said back in a joyous confirmation. The two packed up their things and headed to Fluttershy's cottage, both were anticipating meeting the new 'pony'. Pinkie hadn't shut up the whole way over and rarity was getting annoyed by it, as would anypony who spends more than a minute with her. They arrived about ten minutes later and knocked on the door, Pinkie had her cannon ready just in case she was aloud to use it. Rainbow Dash answered the door.

"Oh hey everypony! Come on in, he's in the shower right now so we'll just have to wait a minute." Dash said as she brought them in and sat them down.

"Rainbow Dash, what is that horridly drab thing on your head?" Rarity asked with a look of disgust on her face.

"Oh this? This is James' 'boonie' hat, as he called it." She said back as if she had worn it her whole life.

"It's... rather... umm... interesting." She tried to stifle herself from snatching it off her head and stomping on it, as it was an abomination to fashion. They heard the water shut off and decided to surprise James whom would also be surprising the two new comers. Pinkie decided to hide in the pantry, and when she heard the secret word to surprise him she would burst out with the party cannon and fire it.

"They here yet?" James asked hoping he hadn't missed them on accident.

"Not yet but soon I'm sure." Twilight answered him with a smile.

"Alright well I'm gonna' go get a drink real quick, so if anyone needs me you'll know where I'll be." He said to no one in particular. He turned and walked into the kitchen rummaging for a glass. It was kind of hard to maneuver around because everything was built for a pony, but he didn't mind. He found a glass and put it under the tap BOOM- SQUEEE.

"Mortars! Get down!" He shouted to everyone in the house as he dived for cover, dropping the glass in the sink.

"SURPRISE!" An unidentified pony with a high pitched voice shouted. James shot up and scrambled for any weapon he could use; he found the knife block and removed the the first one he could grab and got into his stance to do battle with this unknown threat. Four ponies ran into the kitchen to see what the problem was, knowing the very familiar sound of Pinkie Pie's party cannon. James saw the two new ponies and gripped the knife tighter waiting for one of them to make a move of hostility. The white and pink pony were both thrown aback by the gesture, and then they realized that he wasn't even a pony which sent them reeling even more. The white one fainted while the other one's curly hair had went straight and tears started welling in her eyes.

"Don't move! Hands up!" James shouted at them thinking that he was in the middle of a firefight again, the memories of his last operation coming back to him somewhat.

"James! It's okay they're not going to hurt you!" Dash shouted to him, his face had the look of fear and anger on it, ready to do battle with anything. He stared at the one who had fired the loud cannon not sure of what to do; after a few seconds of staring he dropped the knife on the floor and backed up to the wall. Dash ran to him while the other two helped Pinkie and Rarity. Rarity had woken back up and looked at James who was still staring at Pinkie, she wasn't sure what had happened but she knew that it wasn't good. Rarity still wasn't sure who the new creature was, but she composed her form and stood up to introduce herself.

"My name is Rarity! And you are?" Rarity asked the stranger with a flip of her hair, hoping to distract him from the whole ordeal. James snapped his head in her direction and stared at her for a moment as well, then snapped out of his trance.

"Uh- uh, m-my name... my name is James Crossland, Captain in the United States Marine corps ma'am." James said back, dropping the knife, confused as to what was happening. He got up off the floor and looked at each of the five ponies before him.

"Sorry about the scare darling, we just tried to throw a surprise party for you is all." Rarity explained to him. James kept looking around to them, then answered Rarity.

"W- well you did give me a surprise, that's for sure." He said back, still coming out of the mental battle. He picked up the knife and put it on the counter, then went over to apologize to Pinkie who was still standing up with her hair hanging straight.

"I assume that you're Pinkie Pie?" Offering her a hand of apology. Pinkie's hair went back to its normal curliness and she jumped at him, knocking him down, then stood over him.

"You betcha! Who are you!? What are you? Where did you come from? How did you get here?" She asked him all at once just mere inches from his face.

"Darling, do you mind giving him some room to breathe?" Rarity asked the pink hyperactive pony. She did as she was asked and let James back up.

"My guess is that you are Rarity then?" James asked the white unicorn.

"Indeed I am darling!" She said with another flip of her hair; "May I ask though, what are you?"

"I am a human from America, and like I've said numerous times, I haven't the slightest idea of why or how I am here in your beautiful land."

"What's America!?" Pinkie chimed in.

"Much like your Equestria it's is a country." He happily replied back.

"So there are more of you!?" She asked hopping up and down with joy.

"Oh yes, almost seven billion of my species." He said back putting emphasis on the number to show the enormous amount. Pinkie stopped in the middle of the air and hung there for a second before coming back down.

"How did you do that?" James asked bewildered by Pinkie's ability to defy Newtonian physics.

"What? This? I've always been able to do this." She replied back, resuming her jumping.

"Is she always like this?"

"Always!" All of the ponies in the room said at once.

Knock knock knock knock. James looked at his watch, "That's probably Applejack?" James asked walking to the door, he opened it to reveal an orange pony with three apples on her flank. She looked up at, him her eyes growing wide and mouth dropping down.

"Well hello! You must be miss Applejack I presume." He said stretching his hand out for a formal shake. He didn't get one in return because she fainted. Twilight had come over to see what was going on; she took a look and scolded James.

"The last one of my friends that you meet, and you scare the apples out of her." Twilight said to him with a look of 'really?' on her face.

"Hey don't blame this one on me, I just offered a hand shake to her and she fell over." He pleaded his case to her. They looked at each other for a moment then giggled a little. James went back inside while Twilight and Fluttershy helped Applejack back to her hooves.

"Oh my, ah don't know what happened. Somepony answered the door and ah fainted, actually it didn't look a pony at all!" Applejack confessed looking around for the stranger.

"Oh you mean me?" James got up from the couch and knelt down to her.

"Uh yeah, and who might you be?" Applejack asked still unsure of what she was looking at.

"Well for the third time today; I am James Crossland, I come from America, I am a Captain in the Marines." He answered her with a slight hint of irritation.

"Well ya certainly gave me quite a scare there mister." She said still unsure what to make of him.

"Yeah I've been having that effect lately, receiving my fair share of it as well." He said looking back over to Pinkie who giggled a little.

"Ah bet so; so how did ya'll get here exactly, mister James?"

"Well like I've been saying, I have no clue. One moment I'm in one place, then the next... here." He said smoothly.

"Well mister, I s'pose that if you're a friend of their's then yer of friend a mine." Applejack said still unsure of how to handle the situation, so she decided to just let whatever happen, happen.

"As are you miss Applejack."

"Well, what should we do now?" Rainbow Dash asked getting bored. Applejack took notice of what she had on her head when she spoke up.

"Uhh, Rainbow... what's that on yer head?" She asked the blue pegasus.

"It's a hat AJ, haven't you seen one before?" She asked with a snooty tone in her voice.

"Well I do wear one, but yers just looks... different is all." Applejack said back not trying to be rude.

"That's cause it is, but mine is waaayy cooler than yours." Rainbow said back trying to one up her orange friend. James just looked at the two and chuckled quietly. Applejack let it go and let Rainbow have the win on this one.

"Well I guess since we're all here, let's just get to know each other." James said deciding for all of them on what to do.

"Sounds like a mighty fine idea." Applejack agreed.

"Well let's find a spot and tell a little bit about each other." James said as they all found their seats.

"Alright, since I suppose I'm the newest here I'll start us off. I'm James Crossland, I lived in America, I am a Marine and I arrived here seven days ago." James stated throwing out the basic information he had. The next to speak was Rainbow Dash.

"I'm the one and only Rainbow Dash! I'm the fastest flyer in Equestria, and I've lived in Cloudsdale all my life." She happily stated as she looked at James, holding his gaze. He smiled back at her.

"Mah name's Applejack, I work and live on Sweet Apple Acres, ah've lived here all mah life."

"I am Twilight Sparkle, I'm a student of princess Celestia, and I moved to Ponyville about two years ago."

"I- I'm Fluttershy, a- and I take care of the local creatures." Fluttershy stopped shorter than the others because all of their attention was focused on her.

"I am Rarity, and I make the most fashionable dresses in all of Equestria, I have also lived here my whole life." She stated in a regal tone. James took note that she was a tailor, and that she might be helpful if he needed to update or repair anything. The last one was Pinkie Pie, she opened with a large intake of air.

"I'm Pinkie Pie, and I like to throw the bestest, bestest parties for anypony who is new, or whenever they seem like they need one!" She practically shouted at the new comer.

"Well ladies, it is a pleasure to meet your acquaintances finally." James stated, knowing that he had been accepted by the six of them, even though he was a completely different creature all together. Once the introducing had finished, they all began to talk, James about earth and America, the six ponies about what they did for a living and all of the things it brought with it. Twilight then spoke up about the Elements of Harmony. Twilight gave him a full report on the history of them, how they had been used to defeat Nightmare Moon and transform her back into Luna.

"Oh so you have two princesses, what does this other one, Luna do?" He asked interested at how the whole governmental system worked with two officials in charge.

"She raises the night for us, and can even peek into your dreams." Twilight said in a mystical tone, trying to enhance the feeling of it.

"I hope she hasn't been in my dreams because she probably wouldn't like them, and that would mean that she knows I'm here." He stated with a look of worry.

"Well it's hard to say, but I suppose if we haven't heard anything yet then we might be alright." Twilight reassured him.

"Alright, but I'm still skeptical." James said to her, not totally convinced about it. Twilight then continued on about the elements and how the very ponies in front of him were the new bearers of them, and that they had defeated many foes with its magical powers. James wore a look of amazement and awe on his face.

"Wow, these ponies are defiantly something different." James thought to himself; "Twilight.. isn't what you do with the elements of harmony rather similar to what I do in the Corps?" James interrupted her lecture.

"Well actually, yes!"

"So why did you get mad at me then for when I told you about what I do?" He questioned further, even though he forgave her for her hostility.

"I thought we moved past this?" She asked confused as to why he brought it up in front of everypony.

"We did, but I just kind of want to know is all." He justified his questioning to her. All of the other ponies were listening to what they were saying with their ears perked up.

"Well I suppose that my emotions got the better of me when I found out is all." She said with a little blush of embarrassment washing her face.

"Oh I see, well no hard feelings still." James said with a smile, letting them all know that it was alright and nothign bad was going to happen.

"Good... say does anypony know the time?" She asked looking out the window and noticing the light had faded and was almost dark.

"It's 1900 hours, er sorry, seven P.M." He said correcting himself.

"Wow! That time went by quick!" Twilight exclaimed, packing her things into her saddle bags and starting for the door.

"Where ya headin' sugar cube?" Applejack asked the purple mare.

"I gotta get back home to spike to make dinner." She said back to everyone with a wave, then closed the door racing off toward home.

"Well I do suppose it's rather late everypony." Rarity said next as she got up and left.

"I agree." Applejack nodded to the white one just about to leave.

"Wow, lame!" Dash said to Applejack as she left. The only ones left were Pinkie, James, Dash, and Fluttershy. They stayed and talked for a while longer, then Pinkie decided to go home at about ten o'clock.

"Wow, I'm surprised she left." Dash stated to the other two, who really couldn't go anywhere because that's where they lived.

"Yeah me too, she's rather... talkative." James agreed.

"I think I'm going to go to bed as well you two, Rainbow if you want to stay here for the night you're more than welcome." Fluttershy told Dash who looked like she wanted to stay badly.

"O- okay, thanks Shy." She said to the butter yellow pegasus.

"Well... what's your move soldier?" James asked playfully.

"Oh, weeell... I should be getting back home to Tank, but if you want me to stay I might." She said right back in just as playful a tone.

"Your move, but I might hit the rack here in a few minutes myself." He said while stretching his arms out and yawning.

"I guess I'll stay, Tank can do without me for a night." She said getting up and stretching too.

"Well then, I'll sleep down here on the couch and you can have the guest room."

"Okay." Dash said with joy because she got to hang out with James for a little bit longer. She still couldn't help but feel something for him; she wasn't sure what it was, but she could feel something down deep for him. They went upstairs and talked a little until they decided that it was late. James gave Dash a hug and said good night to her, then went to set up his bed on the couch. He dozed off after looking at the ceiling for a while, recapping the day's events, and how pleasant it had been. When he closed his eyes though, everything went from being fine and dandy to absolute hell.

Author's Note:

Well, here you guys go, thanks for looking at my story. Sorry I'm a day later than I had hoped to get it out. The next chapter will be out very soon, but it'll be a little shorter so, yeah. Once again thanks for the views and the favorites, much appreciated.

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