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This story is a sequel to Chrysalis's First Royal Meeting

Twilight's attempts to open Chrysalis up to the idea of friendship continues with an even greater challenge: Her own friends. The relationship between her friends and Chrysalis has always been an awkward one, neither side willing to take that step toward each other in the name of friendship. It has gone on for far too long for Twilight, and she finally has concocted a plan that will put an end to their awkwardness and bring all of her friends together in the name of friendship.

Clearly this was going to be the most successful sleepover ever.

Special props to Setokaiva for the proofreading and being a major help.

Sex tag added due to naughty humor and innuendos.

Cover art by Zantyarz. I do not own this picture, but was given permission by the artist.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 149 )

This is a promising and amusing start. Twilight is pretty fun when she goes crazy.

Chrysalis having a sleepover with her former mortal enemies? Sounds promising!

... XD

You haven't lost your touch, first chapter and in already laughing like a loon.

Yes, Twilight is cute when crazy. And terrifying.

And Chrysalis shenanigans are the best.

Can't wait to see where this goes.

Loved it, looking forwards to reading more :pinkiehappy:

Your chrysalis is best chrysalis. Also, man, thats pretty fucked up to literally lock your friends in with you.

:rainbowlaugh:I nearly lost it when Twilight got nom'd, and then proceeded to actually lose it as the scene continued. You are a literary genius, my good author. Update again soon!

Oh, Twilight, you poor thing. When you have a hammer, all your problems start to look like nails.

Who wants to bet on who's having more fun right now? Spike, Big Mac and Discord doing DnD out in the Apple Family barnyard, or six terrified mares trapped with a borderline psycho friend and a predatory love addict Queen who really, reallly needs her medicine? :pinkiecrazy:

once twilight snaps, everything is over.......lol.

all must obey her or else......

Okay fine, you got me. I'm hooked.

Twilight attempted to think of a rebuttal, only to remember what happened the last time Chrysalis visited the Apple family farm. “Okay, I knew she taught Applebloom a few, er, questionable things, but she really was trying to help her feel more confident.”

What the hell did she teach Applebloom?

I think there are some hidden feelings between Twilight and Chrysalis.

Hahahah, this was funny and well done, nice job man :yay:

Twilight done put her hoof down! :rainbowlaugh:

I'm really liking the sexual jokes, it goes well with Chrissy

Rainbow, Pinkie and Applejack were slackjawed, their muzzles burning red. Rarity had fainted on a conveniently placed divan, while Fluttershy hid her face behind her hooves, though Chrysalis questioned the point when she saw her peeking through an opening. Starlight stood out amongst the sea of speechless mares, crimson-faced and facehoofing out of embarrassment. With Twilight on her back and Chrysalis lying on top, only Starlight could tell the queen had merely been acting playful and needy with Twilight.

Suddenly, Prince Blueblood burst out of a nearby closet door, eyes brimming with bitter tears. Rolling to a stop, he pointed an accusatory hoof at Chrysalis. "I thought you said she was underage!"

Funny stuff.

“Discord!” Chrysalis cried out and pointed behind the gawking audience. “Please refrain from showing such lewd pictures of Celestia and Shining Armor!”

Silly Chrysalis, that's just asking for Discord to decide to crash the party.

I hurt, laughing to much

“And I know just the one!” Pinkie proclaimed. Everypony turned to the earth pony, who brandished a wide grin. “How about we play…”

Truth or Dare

The obvious lowbrow answer after that display is Twister.

But just for lulz, Monopoly.

My sides! :rainbowlaugh:

That was simply amazingly hilarious, but also clever. In short, awesome.

“Did you know there is a mare in this room that is gay?”

How's that for a non sequitur.

Game, game... Twister or truth or dare.

I'm trying to think of a good 8 player card game or two, maybe war played with 2 decks?

“Did you know there is a mare in this room that is gay?”

Even more shocking, there's a mare in this room that's straight.

I'd say charades but then I realized that's basically what this was only with talking and yelling and interaction and I wasn't making a fool of myself so I'm going to agree and say truth or dare.

Spin the bottle, twister, truth or dare, or Cards Against Equinity.

HA! Very funny and unexpected! You are mixing very well the lewd with the humour :)

Hmm... its either gonna be Truth or Dare, or Twister :rainbowkiss: either way, this'll be hilarious.
Nicely done!

Also your name, is exactly what Chryssy did in this chapter! :rainbowlaugh:

Well, I ship Twilight and Chrysalis now. No shame.

None at all.

Secret Hitler, or how about Axis and Allies? Something to bring out the evil dictator in everypony

7823040 Axis and Allies is a tabletop recreation of the Second World War, so it's hardly an ideal fit, but basically it recreates infantry charges, the use of artillery, tank use, etc.

In Secret Hitler, the players all play as members of cabinet, divided into Fascists and Liberals. To win, both are trying to get a certain amount of policies passed, but the Fascists also need to get a player who is secretly assigned the role of Hitler into the Chancellorship position.


7823103 oooohhhh....I love both those games, particularly axis and allies

7839843 Kewl. One thing to know about SH is that the Secret Hitler actually has to pretend to be liberal for most of the game, otherwise the liberals won't elect him, and the Fascists need to be able to elect him in order to win the game. So there's some deception involved.

I feel like a horrible person for enjoying this. What did Twilight ever do to you? :raritydespair:

It could really use a Sex tag, though.

i say playing risk board game will be even better........lol.

all fighting to win the game and it will make everyone accuse each other of being a traitor to the alliance they make.........etc.

“I couldn’t agree more, Fluttershy!” Chrysalis grinned cheekily. “I think we should do an analytical perspective on Twilight’s fetishes to get a better understanding of our dear friend...and the rather risque pictures of Celestia cleverly hidden in her room.”

“Huh. I thought I was the only one who knew where they were hidden.” Starlight wondered to herself aloud.

Flutterpriest, how much would it take for me to commission you to make Twilight Sparkle wants in Celestia's Pants?

Even though it won't necessarily be awkward, I really would like to see some of them get mad at Monopoly.

You mean this whole time you all judged me just because of the way I act

How horrible. Judging people based on their actions. How dare you use observations and logic to reach conclusions. You should judge people based on their true selves, which you determine through pixie dust and wishful thinking.

Is it weird that I feel like this story is trying to make the audience ship Twilight and Chrysalis? I'm not complaining but there's a lot of standard romance tropes worked into the (excellent) comedy.

Small mistake:

Small portions of Twilight’s mane and tail turned frazzled and came undone, giving her a manic disposition.

Her hair would only give her a manic disposition if it was altering her personality or mood. Since it's more likely the opposite either the hair is showing rather than giving or you want appearance instead of disposition.

That was an amazing game. I really enjoy watching Secret Hitler when the players know enough of the game to make it really interesting. Lying about the powers, killing loyalists and in the end a clutch win by using subterfuge.

I made the mistake of reading this chapter after midnight. :pinkiesick:

No, brain, we need to sleep. Stahp.

Jeez. My heart was pounding though that whole thing.

I have never heard of this game, nor could I really follow the logic of it, but I enjoyed everypony's reactions. Nice chapter.:twilightsmile:

Darn, I can't recommend 100% Orange Juice and that makes me sad

That was surprisingly intense. Holy shit dude! That had me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Should definitely do thriller and mystery stories more often.

I was seriously listening to the Objection/Cornered theme from one of the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney games while reading the intense parts later! This was soooo fun to edit for you, so big thanks! :twilightsmile: And yeah, I gotta say, I couldn't stop grinning once Chrysalis started getting really into the game and using her head to win -- and actually having to make friends, too. But yeah, definitely the kind of intrigue that is her shtick, so it was great to see her having fun!

Oh funny story. I knew this game as Conspiracy. And it was the opposite, the good guys were the separatist xD

“The power of friendship my flank,” Twilight huffed.

your princess everybody!

Great chapter, you made the game feel really intense.

... I just hope the pillow master isn't around.

'regarded the confused changelings' - Changeling, singular, unless you accidentally revealed that the others are Changelings. XD

Oooohoohooohoo... oooh man, that was interesting as hell! Secret Hitler? Now that... that sounds like a fun game, I may pick it up!
Cause honestly, I was thinking about how this would make a fun game while reading it, nice to see it's based off an actual game!

Nicely done, this was quite a chapter!

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