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Horrifically Fun


This story is a sequel to Breaking Out to Avoid Being Broken In

Chrysalis has had better days. In fact, she once had it all. A loyal horde, her enemies cocooned as sources of food for her hive, a home not cluttered with useless items like banners, doors, and toilets. Times have changed for the former Queen and she’s going to have to figure out how to adapt to her new life. Or, you know… do something sensible like try to get her old one back.

Thanks to ImDRUNKonTEA for use of this gorgeous cover-art.

Tired Old Man,
Nova Quill/Firimil,
Steel Resolve, and Nuclearcore for their edits and suggestions!

Mature version here. Warning: This version contain graphic descriptions of actual pony and changeling sex. Proceed at your own caution.

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She hates you,
She hates me,
She will fuck with fam-i-ly.
With a hiss, and a snarl.
And a bludgeon or two,
She will cry out:

This is what happens when I get Justice a bag of dicks.

He returns with a bug of dicks.

I’m really hoping Chrysalis negotiates for an actual tour bus. Mostly because as soon as I thought of this as a revenge tour I couldn’t get the image out of my head.

Could do without the watersports. I seriously almost stopped reading at those spots.

Also, I thought Chrysalis was living in Twilight's castle, not the Crystal Empire.

That being said, the image of Starlight Glimmer hammering at her throne with a rock and a frantic look on her face would always keep her warm at night.


That's an interesting start.

Go Chryssie go! And cheer up!

Considering what she has to deal with on a daily basis, she's not doing too bad.

'wipe away the years only' - tears

'and star being complete morons' - start

I am intensely curious as to how our big QC wound up back in the Crystal Empire after hiding under Starlight's bed... Yes, the details were glossed over quickly here, but I'm dying to know!


She got lost while exploring the castle and found herself back in the Empire? It's been established before lots of people have trouble navigating it.

Hmm. So the plan is either to force Chrysalis to see how much better life is for literally everyone now... or expose her to so much stulidity that her brain completely erases itself out of self-defense. Possibly both.

Tears began to stream down Chrysalis’s face and she collapsed onto the sink, her face buried in her arms. Letting out a constant stream of sad wails as her chest heaved, she leaned on the crystal fixture and let her emotions pour out of her.

She's been though a lot.

Chrysalis was instantly caught off guard as a high-pressure stream of water blasted her in the face as if the sink was desperately fighting back.

What did you expect?

“Cantaloupe,” Cadance uttered, her expression most definitely unamused.

Beg pardon?

Shining frowned, “Oh… Wait… are you sure she’s just not trying to start an impromptu scene of ‘Help! Help! I need a strong, strapping plumber to plug up this unexpected leak!’?”

... I think she hates you.

Chrysalis let out a heavy sigh. “And now I’ve forgotten what a toaster is,super.”

You don't need one.

Cadane trotted up to Shining. “Oh, thankgoodnessyou’re here!” she announced before flinging herselfbackwardsinto Shining’s forehoof and lifting a foreleg to her forehead dramatically. “My poor clumsy roommate hasbrokenthe sink and now water iseverywhereand on top of that we’re both sopping wet and just a mess of nervous, pent up energy that we don’t knowhowto release!”

You two are impossible.

Cadence smiled. “So something IS bugging—”

Poor choice of words.

“Believe me, I would if I could!”


“Uh… Cantaloupe?” Shining uttered in a moderately distressed tone.

So is that your safe word?

“Well… I mean… jellyfish stings…” Shining mumbled.

That sounds like an awful idea.

“WhyCadance, are you sure you’re not the Princess of Stating the Obvious?”

I love how Chrysalis is in here, she is just NOT in the mood to deal with ANYONE.

Oddly enough, Chrysalis found this elected a smirk from both ponies. Cadence even had the audacity to laugh to herself. “Honestly, I’d say we’re both dreading when Flurry Heart becomes a teenager, but this is, in all likelihood, wonderful practice.”

You're not wrong.

Cadance and Shining broke the hug and gave each other looks of deep concern. “You’veneverbeen happy here?!” they echoed in shock.


Chrysalis’s entire head spasmed for a moment and she sighed. “There goes my ability to play a pan flute.”

You knew how to play that?


She's probably heard every joke about her legs.

“No,” Shining said, “Okay, as in we’ll give you permission to seek vengeance against the ponies that wronged you.”

Excuse me?

“Well, no…” Shining admitted. “But if you succeed at least we’ll have finally made you happy again.”

(Normally I collect good parts of the story and add an small comment. But there were just so many so I decided to use only those two. No use in quoting the entire story down here.)

Shining nodded. “I get that, but maybe I have something that can fill that figurative hole!”
“By the boiling pits! You both have already filled all my literal holes with basically anything that would fit! This is not something you can just fix with your genitals!”
Shining smile. “No not that, this!”
Chrysalis let out some groan. “Some new device that somehow plugs all my holes at o—”
Shining leaned forward and wrapped his forelegs around Chrysalis. “Of course not! It’s a hug!”

Hugs. The pony-way of solving any problems (right after singing a song).
But the other idea Chrysi had mentioned sounds promising, too.

“Hey! Wait a minute!” Cadance shouted. “What’s wrong with my cock?!”

A question I'm sure every mare is concerned with. At least in this story.

Good work!
I already liked the sucessor-story, and this one seems to be a blast, too!

The jellyfish thing is a partial urban legend. The best way to treat such is to put the effected area back in the ocean/sea as it’s the salt that lessens the sting. In the meantime someone else should fetch topical creams and/or an ambulance depending on the jellyfish. Urine works better than regular water but would only top seawater if it contained more salt...which would probably put the individual close to a lethal dose.

Chrysalis grit her teeth. “Shining, I just want you to know that I just discovered what it feels like when an entire section of one’s brain just ups and fries itself in their skull rather than accept what’s going on as reality. It was QUITE painful and it’s a sad day for you two if you ever wanted to ask me about my true origin because that info is now gone forever.”

:rainbowlaugh: This and the other similar lines almost made me spew ice cream all over my keyboard. Possibly the best thing I've read all day. Definitely tracking. Let the shenanigans commence!

Also, Chrysalis heard tell that the coffee at the local guard’s station had improved substantially and the royal guards were now amongst the best baristas in all of Equestria, so what was their problem?!

"Welcome to Guard Bucks, how may we help you?"

"Spear Latte! We have a code Black, CODE BLACK!"


She figured she’d make the rounds through the palace and ask the staff and guardsponies on shift helpful questions like, “Why are you so disappointing at what you’re doing right now?” and offer helpful follow-up advice like, “Perhaps you could STOP being such a waste of space and do better?”

Today, in “Questions Chryssy is Actually Asking to Herself”

There's something delightfully satisfying about Chrysalis's fits of impotent rage and bombastic threats of violence.

I'm beginning to think I have issues...

I'm loving Chryssy's descriptions of everyone and everything around her.

Love the Sunset Shimmer is Mad at Everything reference.

Okay, this was hilarious and adorable, and the idea that this takes place in the "Sunset Shimmer MAD" universe is hilarious to contemplate.

Snrk, never change, Chryssie.

On the plus side, I imagine the entire castle is working like clockwork now out of sheer terror of possibly giving her justification for tearing into them with any imperfection.

They did get a lot of work done over the three days where they were incapable of sleeping, though.

:ajbemused:: "What kind of Work..."

It was also beyond her insurmountable intellect what anypony would do with a wooden bucket that had a hole in it, but it was an artifact of the room regardless.

:twilightoops:: "There are things ot even science can (or should) answer..."

“Uh… We’ll meet in my study at lunch to talk about your little vengeance run, okay?” Shining called out.

I'l already looking forwards for that.

Good chapter!
I enjoyed reading it!

Yup. She hates everypony.
And everypony loves her for that.

It was also beyond her insurmountable intellect what anypony would do with a wooden bucket that had a hole in it, but it was an artifact of the room regardless.

To hide themselves from angry adoptive children, of course.

In any case, the impotent frustration is just boiling out of Chryssy right now. I'm not sure what will happen when she bursts, but it'll definitely be a sight to behold.

She found herself in a rather spacious bathroom with more pony comforts the species simply couldn’t seem to live without; like a sink, a bath large enough for several ponies to sit in at once, a ugh… toilet… The items for cleanliness were somewhat reasonable for creatures who had the misfortune to be born covered in tiny hairs that held onto every little bit of filth the ponies encountered, not to mention skin that secreted various fluids and smells that those hairs held onto to heighten their sickening stench. Though the toilet was a reminder that ponies had to subsist completely on organic substances disgustingly pushed through their organs instead of absorbing magical energy directly from emotions like an evolved species that only ate and imbibed for recreational purposes. Such as eating one’s enemies alive, for instance.


“No! I’m NOT feeling a ‘little down’!” Chrysalis exclaimed. “And stop using the ‘special voice’ with me! I HATE the special voice.”

I swear, this is getting funnier by the minute.

“Uh… Miss Persnickety!” The guard quickly stood at attention with his spear held upright. “I heard the doors slam open and thought—”

Is that a real word?
I see no red underscore saying it is not spelled right.
Google, help me out here.
*One Google search later*
That matches pretty well.

Chrysalis raise a forehoof to her mouth. Remember! Three sugars and a HEART in the foam for the FIRST coffee. Then an extra shot of espresso, FIVE sugars, and a six-pointed star on a shield, and three FIVE-point stars surrounding that for the second!” She wasn’t sure what perverse joy Cadance and Shining took in having such peculiar tastes in how they liked their drinks, but that hardly bothered her compared to the fact that it was quite common for a guard to not do what Chrysalis asked the VERY MOMENT she asked it.


Chrysalis sniffed the air… Well this certainly doesn’t smell like cinnamon buns. She quickly placed the infant back in its crib as it looked up at her with big, glassy eyes and Flurry Heart’s lower lip began to quiver.

I have nothing to say.
Besides the obvious.

Chrysalis just tightened her eyes. “Its love was delicious!” she hissed out as evilly as she could. Rather than have the desired effect, the two pony parents simply replied with a perfectly synchronized warble of “AWWWWWawwwww!” Growling, Chrysalis arranged both her wings so only an extended middle-feather was showing as she flounced out of the room. She couldn’t remember when or what creature she had picked up that little display of anger from, but it was somehow satisfying to share with ponies even if it mostly just left them confused.

Humans, of course!


As much as I enjoy seeing Chrysi suffer (and I normally hate seeing people suffer), I just can't shake the image I have of the Changeling mass metamorphosis via love reversal bullshit with a voiceover from Fluttershy about the dangers of trying to change the fundamental natures of given creatures just because ponies don't like them. You know, the one from the Vampire Fruit Bat episode. Almost makes you wonder who is currently afflicted with Changeling Love Vampirism.

I wonder what her official job title is? royal secretary, head of equine resources, morale officer?

This was met with an unamused “Don’t do that,” from Shining Armor, a chipper “That’s the spirit! Never give up!” from Princess Cadance

Something about Chrysalis's words and Princess Cadance's response here strikes me as incredibly cute.

There fundamental nature DIDN'T change. They still feed off love. They just naturally have two different forms.

Same. It's a pity that at that rate Chrysalis will end up with retrograde amnesia :rainbowlaugh:.

Nice fic so far. Looking forward to more.

But they can shapeshift into any form. They don't really get to get away with "this is what Changeling's that are friendly turn into." Now when they can literally become anything (and stick with pastel throwup, beetle, WTW's.) ... that and it kind of changes the whole premise of "you don't need to change what you look like, to be a better X." / "accepting yourself." Into "Yeah, Changelings can feel friendship, but only if they are willing to completely change everything about themselves."

But their new form is better from an aesthetic perspective. (And teaches the moral that sharing love makes you beautiful.)

It's not. Aesthetically, it's atrocious, and still makes me want to gag. And you can't call that beautiful. It's horrendous, poor quality, and garbage.

And what message is that? You are only beautiful if you change everything about yourself physically? Who you are and what you look like can only be considered good if you change your body drastically? What's on the outside is more important that what's on the inside? Noone will ever love you as you are? That's one hell of a message.

It's a metaphor. The point is they share love instead of take it.

And I prefer their new forms.

I know it's a metaphor, but it's one that gives a horrible message and meaning behind it. Especially for anyone with poor self image, self conscious about their bodies, or other body image related problems related to themselves. So yeah, a metaphor, but one that is horrible on every level.

And while you may like them. Everything wrong with them that could be done was done. And as an art critic (and a person who can be hyper critical about art), it fills me with pure loathing. But again, those are our opinions. I see it as shallow, moving from a "pony version of Changeling, and a form of pony. To over emphasising the "insectoid" faucet of their design, using colors that really don't go well together, and pushing a message / metaphor that is shallow, self harming, and is contradictory to the message of friendship.

You see it and love it.

Actually, I think the first form is the juvenile form whereas the colorful form is the adult version. Think about it. The old ones share love, the young ones take it as nourishment. A bit like butterflies, with a different juvenile and adult form. Chryssy was sterile and attempting to keep the last batch of her children children forever.

Before you even say it, Ocellus is a teenager not a child.

No, we see that Chrysalis was not only an adult, but the head of the hive. That was what could be considered the royal / fully matured form.

Then we see the entire population of the hive with Starlight Glimmer; We see all of the Changeling "Army" during the attack on Canterlot. And last I checked, children (not children as in her progeny, but actual children) lack the physical prowess, coordination, and skills to fight an entire nation. If you were going to invade, you'd use your best fighters.

That form was their actual form. There is literally no justification of the change as it was made. As we see that all the "changed" changelings were of adult age with a few younger ones sprinkled in. So it was a form that was literally shoved in our faces, with no canonical reasoning.

And it also gives a greater degree of insult to Thorax. Thorax was friends with Spike, and several other ponies. Thorax shared in that friendship. By the sudden "share friendship = that garbled mess transformation" it undermines Thorax's friendships, but it also says point blank that even though he "made friends" he wasn't a friend at all. That his honest attempts at friendship were a lie.

Chrysalis's form represents a form after the young adult/colorbug form. Maybe they go back to black after some sort of mating cycle in which the bright colors are used to attract a mate. Or, as they get older they need to go back to feeding on love. Maybe both.
Thorax was Spike's friend, but that friendship sparked the process to transformation.
The Changeling Army got its butt handed to it by six random civilians.

(We could move this to the PM's before Justice throws us out.)

Yeah. I was just going to say that we have in irreconcilable difference of opinions, and if we could agree that disagree. But sure if you want to continue this, drop me a line.


Do follow that thought the rest of the way.

Most insects with that kind of morphology die shortly after metamorphosis, as their adult forms only exist to breed and in some cases aren't even capable of eating.

Thorax pushed all of the changelings into adulthood. Without a queen.

What if half of Chrysalis' frustration is knowing that an entire generation of her brood are going to die uselessly?

nice work on both chapters

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