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This story is a sequel to Just Girls Talking Dirty

As an adorable little baby with powerful magic, Flurry Heart was a lovable, if chaotic, ray of sunshine.

As a teenage princess who seems to be vying for the title "Princess of Lust", she's a constant source of exasperation for her parents. Her latest stunt--accidentally turning herself into an "anthromorph", as Princess Twilight calls it, and getting stuck that way--is just another misadventure in a long string of teen hijinks.

Now, Flurry has somehow managed to accidentally teleport herself to another dimension. With a whole new world to explore and an "auntie" she rarely ever sees to aggravate, plus new friends to make (and aggravate), Flurry decides to stick around for a while and turn Canterlot High upside down.

A continuation of this chapter of Just Girls Talking Dirty, toned down (slightly) to a strong Teen rating for innuendo, insinuation, naughty behavior, and a princess who doesn't especially care where and when she's naked.

Warning: Extremely horny and mischievous teenage Flurry Heart incoming!

(Base image used for the cover created by Dashie116, used with permission.)

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Heck yes! Loving the expanded version. I'm a little surprised about how ... prudish (for lack of a better word) Cadence is regarding Flurry's behavior, not just because I expected better from the freaking Princess of Love, but also because I've always seen Equestria as a bit more sexually open than Earth (with the EqG world somewhere in between). That said, Flurry really does need some friends her own age.

And this is kinda a background thing, but it sounds like the Crystal Empire is in the middle of a serious ongoing demographic crisis, and Cadence and Shining Armor are probably incredibly frazzled trying to deal with it.

This is going to be wonderful. I have to say, I love how real you made the family drama feel...even if one of the funniest lines had to be about what I will call 'the Further Adventures of Spike the Brave and Glorious'. However, a couple other lines stood out for me.

Flurry blushed. "A-actually," she said, "I...I was trying to make my body look like Auntie Sunset's. I mean, from pictures Auntie Twiley showed me."

Missed this last time, but just what sort of pictures of Sunset were they that Flurry apparently created a porn star body from them, and why did Twilight have them?

The Buffalo chief nodded. "The Buffalo respect family. Go and tend to yours, Princess. We will continue on with your herd."

And Starlight Glimmer's there with her...something we should know about?

You know that feeling that when you realized wou didn't know you wanted something until you read it for the first time? That's what I got for this story. The sexual antics of Flurry were VERY entertaining to watch, along with next-gen EqG cast's and Sunset Shimmer's reactions.

Spearton and I look forward to more of these antics in the future!

He's not using herd in the fanon sense, but in the literal sense of an actual herd--like the Buffalo herd that stampede through AAAAAAAAppleloosa! And good question on the pics. Guess we'll never know. :rainbowderp:

Sunset covered her head with both hands and let out a groan. "Seriously, what's gotten into you? AND DON'T SAY PENIS! OR ANYTHING THAT MEANS PENIS! "

A dildo. Several of them, in all the holes.

All right! Just what I was hoping for! Let's have more, please! :pinkiehappy: :twilightsmile: :rainbowlaugh:

Never before have I needed something so much and never known until I received it. :pinkiegasp:
Great story as ever Moth, looking forward to more!

Sunset, you may as well let her fuck Blitz and the other dude. It'll get it out of her system A LOT Quicker. Then she can move onto other students that you may or may not find out about so it won't be as much of a concern to you.

Uh, can you say "super-owwie"? Besides, how would one fit in that particular hole?

I don't mean that tight hole. I mean the other tight hole. The smaller one.

There does not exist an orifice on the human body that some idiot has not attempted to fuck themselves and/or another person in.

Flurry pouted. "Oh, spoil my fun," she said. "I swear, you're as bad as Mom. 'Young lady, stop trying to sleep your way through the Palace Guard, they are not a harem!' 'Young lady, asking Sunburst to show you the knob on the end of his staff is inappropriate!' 'That does it, I'm banning bananas in the Crystal Empire!'"

Awww! Bibi's banned from visiting the Crystal Empire.

I'm actually much more interested now than I was when I read the original chapter. Color me intrigued, even if I don't care for anthro.

I loved that crack about Uncle Spike continuously saving the Crystal Empire. That sounds like an amazing running gag I'd like to see more of. :rainbowlaugh:

I think Andy Hamilton summed it up best with "Mankind is going to roger itself to extinction!":ajsleepy:

So... the crystal ponies aren't reproducing? And apparently never were, unless Sombra destroyed every school that wasn't dedicated to teaching foals to glorify their perfect leader?

I know, I know, don't think about it too much, but it's the conclusion I have to come to if Flurry has no peers. (You know, putting aside the whole royalty thing.) Honestly, I'd expect a baby boom in the wake of her crystalling.

That aside, I do look forward to seeing where you go with this. Nice touch with Twilight's new outfit. And I can only imagine what Dusk is going to say to his mother tonight...

"Mom, did you know you have a parallel universe counterpart who could arguably be defined as a goddess?"
"I did a lot of crazy things in high school, dear."
"This only raises further questions."

OK, I'm confused, which orifice are we talking about? I figured anus.

...wait, how is this rated 'T'? I figured it hit M somewhere between the naked anthro and the ban on bananas.

Yeah, I don't know where I'm going with that "stagnant Crystal Empire" thing either, but it's ultimately unimportant... :ajsleepy:

You can get away with a LOT with a Teen rating. Basically, highly suggestive content and innuendo are fine for a Teen rating. Naked girl running around, even comedic/suggestive groping is something you can get away with under a Teen rating. It's when uglies are bumped and beans are flicked and juices and stuff get involved that it goes to Mature. I'm holding off on bumping the rating to Mature unless it becomes absolutely necessary.

It's kind of a fine line to walk, but basically, if you go look at Justice3442's The Dazzlings Are Insane (and basically any of his other Dazzlings fics), that's right about where the line is drawn. ^_^

urethra. It's small, super-tight, super-sensitive in the owwie way, and more that doesn't need mentioned in the comment section of a Teen fic. Let's just say that if you did manage to get something up it, you are NOT getting it back out yourself.

How very interesting. You certainly did well in illustrating why Flurry could end up "The Princess of Lovin'" as a result of her mom being the Princess of Love.

The story itself sounds a lot like what may naturally go on in a High School along with 'maturing' teens. So nothing came off forced or too out of the ordinary. If anything I found it neat to see how time had passed and all the main characters from "Equestria Girls" had their own kids who now attended CHS.

Nicely done and a fun read. :)

Shining declared war on Discord....Please follow with this every now and then in this story.
Sure Discord not going to let go of it, and will taunt and tease Shining over this.
Say Shining and Candance visit ponyville and run into Fluttershy who chatting with Discord and Discord sees shining and...
"CODE RED CODE RED CODE RED https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJtiS14l62M

Oh, this is going to be an absolute riot. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh my god i was thinking about that scene! :rainbowlaugh:

Yeah, I just noticed this part myself:

"Well, yeah," Shining Armor agreed with a hard frown. "But there aren't really any ponies her age in the Empire. I mean...we don't even have any schools."

I mean, none at all? Are the crystal ponies just not having foals? Because that honestly sounds like something they should have been freaking out over long before Flurry Heart started misbehaving.

I definitely need to review the content rules. It weirds me out that the Teen rating is this permissive, while you can be required to use the Sex tag just for innuendo and jokes.

As for the story: my initial reaction is that I'm a lot more interested in reading about the next-gen EG cast in general than I am in Flurry's antics in particular. We'll see how this goes though.

Lube and practice, funny enough, is still a valid answer here.

Yeah, but you'll probably be wizzing red you're first few sessions as you're body adjusts.

And I’ll throw “Do Humans Get Wingboners” into the ring, too, seeing as some have not-incorrectly described it as “Sunset rubs Rainbow’s wings to the point of orgasm without directly stating that’s what happened.” And mods have said it’s good as T.

Well, this is gonna be a load of crazy fun.

Teenage Flurry adventures in the human world. The concept alone is good, but adding in she's anthro while everyone else is normal and she's a little lustful and it is sure to be great.

...ah. I figured we were excluding that, the same way we explicitly exclude nostrils and the ear canals when we say "every hole".

But I think the bigger question here is...

Are traps gay?

Flurry the Furry, Literal Equestria Girl!

And just like that, that's an auto thumbs up for me because this is going to be GREAT!

Then, after a beat, a lot of wolf-whistles and catcalls followed suit.

*sigh* Teenagers.

Or the fact that her face, while quite attractive, couldn't be called a human face by even the most generous definition, given that she had a short, rounded muzzle.

An anthropomorphic Flurry Heart.

"I dunno, but I wanna fuck it," said a boy with dark blue skin, wild, choppy rainbow-colored hair, and dark red eyes.

Must you be so crass?

"I'm kinda with Blaze on that one," another boy said. Handsome, with sharp cheekbones and stormy grey eyes, he had dusty purple skin and short, tousled dark pink hair. He wore black jeans, a black leather jacket over a grey T-shirt, black loafers with white socks, and horn-rimmed glasses. He leaned back in his chair, arms spread across the back. "And I don't often say that."

If your outfit is anything to go by, I'm inclined to agree.

"Ugh," the redhead groaned. "You're both perverts..."

Perhaps. But they're HONEST perverts.

"Maaaybe instead of fighting over Blazie and Dusky being perverts and whether or not the naked alien girl has a better body than Dawn-Dawn, we should worry more about why there's a naked alien girl in the cafeteriaand, umm...maybe try to take her someplace where it's a little less not-right to be naked?"

See? She makes sense.

Magenta heels clicked sharply across the tiles of the cafeteria as the noise level dropped to nothing. A tall, gorgeous woman with amber skin and snapping teal eyes, dressed in a magenta skirt, blazer, and heels with a seafoam green blouse, walked briskly between the tables, her wavy copper-and-gold hair bouncing and swaying as she walked. She cast withering eyes at any student whose phone was out; phones were quickly put away, their owners shifting guiltily.

Sunset Shimmer? This is an unexpected, but not unwelcome surprise?

Flurry Heart blinked. She looked around again. Saw that everyone in the cafeteria was wearing clothes except her. "Huh. My bad." Her horn glowed with a bright golden aura, and a fuzzy pink bathrobe with rose and violet trim appeared out of thin air, wrapping itself around her body and cinching itself loosely with a cream-colored sash. Matching fuzzy slippers appeared on the floor, and she stepped into them. "Better?"


Sunset groaned. "Fine," she snapped. "You kids can come along if you want. Blaze, I know what you're thinking, and don't even."

At least she's cutting off any potential problems from him at the root.

"Oh," Flurry said. She looked Blaze up and down. "Well, I'll think about it," she said with a coy smile.


"Prism Blaze," Blaze said with a lazy grin. "Son of the world's most famous super-hot rock star!"

Rainbow's kid. He's like distilled Rainbow Dash. I like him.

The freckled red girl with the curly orange hair waved as she took off her cowboy hat and laid it in her lap. "Howdy," she said. "Ah'm Cinnamon Apple."

No doubt Applejack's kid.

"Dusk Horizon," the purple boy with the glasses said.


"Eris," the goth girl said in a bored tone.

Fluttershy's, and I think I know the father.

"My name is Alto Sax," the well-dressed boy said.

Sweetie Belle's kid.

"And I'm Bibi Pie!" Bibi said cheerfully. "Hi again!"

Pinkie Pie's.

"BIBI!" Principal Shimmer snapped. Bibi froze in mid-air, completely ignoring the laws of gravity as she hung a full foot over the top of the table.

Oh great. She's a Looney Toon too.

Bibi groaned and whispered something in Flurry's ear. Flurry's eyes widened. "Okay, yeah, that's bad," she agreed. "Yeesh."

Huh, so it seems that that's either not a thing in Equestria or she's just never heard it referred to as such before.

Principal Shimmer stared at her, nonplussed. "Porno mags? Twilight gave your mom and dad porno mags?"

This is easily one of the single greatest things I've ever seen.

"Hey, she got the important parts right at least," Blaze said. 

Dude. TACT. You could be the rightest person in the world, but TRY to have some decorum.

Dawn slapped him upside the head.


Flurry blushed. "A-actually," she said, "I...I was trying to make my body look like Auntie Sunset's. I mean, from pictures Auntie Twiley showed me."

... What kind of pictures did you have as reference and how did Twilight get her hands on them?

A silence fell across the table. Seven pairs of eyes slowly turned to stare at Principal Shimmer.

I believe the reaction you seek is:

Dad may or may not have declared war on Discord before I explained the whole thing...

Sounds like a losing battle.

"Okay so you know how I said I still have all my magic?" Flurry began in a rush. "Well...sometimes it fritzes up a little bit. I...kinda accidentally teleported myself here? I don't know how, I was just popping down to the kitchen for a snack. Next thing I know, I'm here." She shrugged.

You know what? Sure. Why not.

"Oh horseapples..."


"How long is this going to go on?" Starlight Glimmer muttered out of the corner of her mouth.

As long as it's funny.

"Does it have anything to do with Flurry being missing?" Starlight asked.

Twilight paused, slowly turning to her. "Hooooow did you know that?"

Starlight held up the journal in her magic. "Slipped it out of your saddlebag to check the message. Flurry's at CHS."

Huh. Sweet.

The Buffalo chief nodded. "The Buffalo respect family. Go and tend to yours, Princess. We will continue on with your herd."

I like you.

"You stay here," she said. "Take my place in the ceremony." She disappeared in a flash.

Damn. That's cruel.

Principal Shimmer gave her a forbidding look. "You're not cutting classes just because we have a stray princess on campus," she said.

Word to the wise, don't piss off the Principal.

"Especially those two cute boys. I bet they're a lot of fun to play with."

Best Princess.

Sunset pinched the bridge of her nose. "Okay seriously, what the hell, Flurry?" she asked.

Flurry batted her eyes innocently. "What do you mean, Auntie?"

You know full well.

Sunset shook her head. "You used to be this sweet, innocent little angel, and now look at you!" She gestured vaguely up and down Flurry's loosely-robed body. "You turned yourself into some kind of furry wet dream for what, to play some bedroom game with some colt?"

Flurry dug in one ear with a pinky finger. "Mistakes were made," she said petulantly.

And times change.

"GAH!" Sunset yelped, pulling a nauseated face. "I really don't wanna hear this from somepony whose diapers I changed!"

Man, this is going to suck for you when your kid stats dating.

Flurry smirked. "Wow. It's gonna suck for you when Dawn starts dating," she quipped.


Flurry pouted. "Oh, spoil my fun," she said. "I swear, you're as bad as Mom. 'Young lady, stop trying to sleep your way through the Palace Guard, they are not a harem!' 'Young lady, asking Sunburst to show you the knob on the end of his staff is inappropriate!' 'That does it, I'm banning bananas in the Crystal Empire!'"

Wait, what?

Sunset's face settled into an expression of sympathy. "You're bored," she said. "And lonely."

So it seems.

"Yeah," Flurry said quietly. After a beat, she added, "That and I'm super horny." At Sunset's flat stare, she giggled. "What? I like sex. Is there anything wrong with that?"

Nothing in theory.

Flurry shrugged. "My Mom's the Princess of Love. I'm the Princess of Lovin'."

"Yeah, that's...not a thing," Sunset said dryly.

"Not yet," Flurry said teasingly.

Oh this is going to be a blast.

Shining Armor paced restlessly in the royal chambers. "What if it's Chrysalis," he muttered to himself. "Or what if Sombra, or...or if..."

She's probably gone and Sombra's dead, or, reformed in the comics, but not a threat.

Cadance bit her lip. "It's..." She looked up at Shining Armor, her ears down and her wings drooping. "Am I a bad mother?"

I, want to say no.

Cadance looked down. "It's just that lately, Flurry's been so..." She shook her head. "And more and more I find myself yelling at her and telling her to behave herself, and..." She looked up again. "Are we doing enough for her? I mean, we have to be doing something wrong. This whole thing with her turning herself into that...that thing..."

Twilight's been one of those things like what, 3 times now?

Shining Armor sighed. "I don't think it's you," he said. "I mean, I've been thinking about Flurry and the way she acts lately a lot too." He started pacing. "I think the problem is the youngest ponies Flurry spends any time with are the guard recruits."

There's nopony really her age.

"Well, yeah," Shining Armor agreed with a hard frown. "But there aren't really any ponies her age in the Empire. I mean...we don't even have any schools."

Didn't expect that.

Cadance looked up, a sly smile gracing her muzzle. "Well, Flurry is at a high school right now," she said. "A school full of teenagers. Human teenagers." Her smile became slightly manic. "I don't know about you, but I think sending Flurry off to school would be a really healthy thing for our entire family, don't you?"

You've clearly never been to a human high school.

"And I just...I really need her to be somepony else's problem for a little while."

I'd say I sympathize, but I can't.

"And if she sluts it up there half as much as she's doing here, well...I'm sure Sunset Shimmer can handle it."

Here's to hoping your confidence in her isn't misplaced.

Blaze kept trying to get a better look under Flurry's robe; Flurry kept egging him on, Dawn kept hitting him over the head, and Sunset kept shooting exasperated glares at both of them.

Sounds about right.

The portal rippled, and a tall lavender-skinned woman in a flowing, elegant dress in all the colors of the dusk sky stepped gracefully out, her spangled golden high-heeled sandals clicking sharply on the marble plinth. A small, five-pointed tiara rested atop her head, the amethysts set in the points gleaming in the afternoon sun.

Well then, this is a new look for you.

"Hm?" Twilight looked down at herself. "Huh. That's weird." She giggled. "Guess it's been a while since I've actually been over here."

Indeed. Last time you could, kinda blend in.

Sunset chuckled. "He's just a little...surprised," she said. "That's the other Twilight's son."

"Oh," Twilight said softly, mouth forming a small 'o'. "I see." She giggled. "I guess that makes him my nephew?"

Eh, kinda? I'm not sure how this interdimensional counterpartness thing works.

Sunset blinked. "A favor? Cadance needs a favor from me? But wha—" Her eyes widened. "Oh no."

Twilight cleared her throat. "Flurry, sweetie? Your mother wanted to know if maybe you'd like to stay in this world for a little while. You know, explore a little, go to school, make some friends?"

Oh this is going to be amazing.

Flurry blinked, then looked around at the group of surprised teens watching her. A slow smile spread across her face. "Yeah, I can think of a couple of things about this world I'd enjoy learning all about," she said.

Oh I LIKE you.

Twilight grimaced. "Cadance needs a break from Flurry," she said. "Evidently they've been getting on each other's nerves lately." She gave Sunset a pleading look. "Please? Flurry really is a sweet girl, she's just...spirited."

That's, one way to put it.

"Well maybe without Cadance constantly riding her about..." Twilight made a vague gesture, her cheeks turning red. "...being ridden, she'll get it out of her system!"

Oh I love the way you write these characters, I really do.

"We definitely will," Blaze added. Dawn thumped him.

This is going to be a running gag.

"Aww," Flurry pouted. "Oh well." She giggled. "There'll be plenty of time for that later!"

Poor Dawn.

"Right," Flurry agreed, noting the bewildered expressions on the other two humans' faces. "Anyway, the crystal ponies are frozen in time. They're not getting older, they can't have any new children.

So the Crystalling doesn't exist in this version?
Because it was extra made for newborns of the empire to strengthen the hearts power.

Oh, dear I hoped things had worked out better for Fluttershy and Eris.

I couldn't see any universes version of Discord being a hugely attentive father but I at least hoped he'd pop up when he remembered about his lover and daughter and have a good time then.

I think you misunderstood something, perhaps either in the story or in canon.

Yes, the Crystalling obviously exists, and Flurry had her Crystalling. But Cadance and Shining Armor are not crystal ponies. They didn't vanish with the Crystal Empire a thousand years ago and return with it. They're from Canterlot.

It's the crystal ponies, the ones who were cursed by Sombra, who are frozen in time.

Applejack: Frankly, I'm not exactly clear on all the customs and traditions of the Crystal Empire, especially when it comes to a Crystalling.
Starlight Glimmer: What's a Crystalling?
Rarity: Well, that's just it, darling. Princess Cadance and Shining Armor's baby is due any day, and we're still not sure. The Crystal Empire was gone for a thousand years. A lot of their customs are a bit murky.
Applejack: We know it's got somethin' to do with the new baby.

Spike: Eh... plus, I've had to help Twilight do a lot of research on Crystallings. Whenever a baby is born in the Crystal Empire, the parents bring it before the Crystal Heart. They get the purest shard of crystal they can find, then pick a crystaller to present the baby to everypony who comes. Then they all share the light and joy they feel, feeding it into the crystal that joins with the Heart, and increases its power! And this is going to be a royal Crystalling, so pretty much the whole empire will show up. That hasn't happened in a millennia!

So let's work under the assumption that no foals were born in the Crystal Empire between the Empire returning and Flurry Heart being born, making Flurry's birth the first Crystalling. It's only been a couple of years since the Empire returned (roughly 2.5-3 years by my estimate), which is a bit of a long time for absolutely no new foals to be born, but not statistically impossible. So here's Flurry and they Crystal her. Now, by this point, not enough time has really passed yet between the Empire returning and Flurry's birth for anypony to notice something's wrong.

But then, as Flurry starts to grow up, that's when they start to notice that other children in the Empire aren't, and then they realize nopony's actually had a baby in a while except Cadance. And that's when they figured out they were still under a curse.

Or Flurry was the first birth since the Empires Return. And as time went on they finally started to notice that there was no Crystalling before or after hers.

Assuming he is even the father... although With her name,Eris, though it's a good likelihood that he could be. Either her farher Just up and left them or he is dead. Or maybe the equestrian discord is her father.

I severely dislike Prism Blaze and Rainbow Dash in this fic, their characters feel off and and they feel like horrible people. Blaze seems to be primarily thinking with the wrong head if he is ogling his own mother and it just rubs me the wrong way. Rainbow Dash is acting like a washed out rocker with her implied booze habit and implied emotional distance. I enjoy where you have taken this story and look forward to the next chapter!

So the reason here is Sombras curse.
Bause Flurrys explanation didn't really clear it up and it sounded more like the Crystal Heart was at fault.

Because there's at least one Crystal pony that grew up from before the Empire was cursed.


The father being the Equestrian Discord could be interesting depending on his relationship with the Equestrian Fluttershy.

"You know that time we broke up for a week or two, after you told me I couldn't turn Angel into Rabbit Stew? Well I popped over to the universe next door to cool off and well one thing lead to another and I ended up screwing your twin over then and it turn's out you're an aunt. So congratulations!"

I'd hope 'our' Discord would if not be an attentive father he'd at least try to support his daughter. Although his EqG equivalent might never have gotten friendshipped by Flutters and still be his original even jerkier self.

Who knows? Well beside the author. It is either going to remain a mistery or it will be apart of the story sometime in the future.

Well... shit. Gotta feel bad for Fluttershy. How is this flying, by the way? I can't imagine the others don't know about what she's doing to herself. Sunset, at the very least should know. I find it odd that they don't... I don't know. Chip in? Come over? Something. Especially if it's been going on for... How old are the new Gen? 15? 16 years?

And then there's Alto's home life. It's so... One wonders what happened to make him so... not cold, per se, but... what is the word? Lukewarm, I guess, towards his mother. What, did he find out he was adopted or something?

That all aside, interesting chapter. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

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