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I feel so sorry for Twilight right now. These girls just went off the deep end.


Twilight stared wide-eyed at Rainbow. "Rainbow Dash? Are you...are you g-gay...?"

Rainbow snickered. "Nah, not really. I mean, I think girls are sexier than boys, and I kinda get off to the same kinda porn guys do, but—"

"That'd make you gay, Dashie," Pinkie said.

"No, it just means I think girls are hotter than guys. It doesn't mean I wanna be like Lyra and Bon Bon or Tavi and Vi." Dash blushed. "I mean, I wanna, y'know, do it with a guy someday. When I'm ready. I like lookin' at the girls in porn and..." She trailed off.



So adorbs, I can't Handel it.

Idk, even actually clop is funny to me.

Have a like, good sir. You've earned it :scootangel:

This is raunchy, salacious, lascivious, lewd, lecherous and all other of those oh so juicy words... and deliciously so. :raritystarry:

Also, am I the only one that thinks that Rainbow Dash is in denial of what she'd do with her friends? Although it WOULD be interesting for her to be only interested as a voyeur... :pinkiehappy:

All in all, obviously following this now :raritywink:

.... well that happened

Yes that happened and it was awesome. Can't wait for the next chap.

7657604 I personally think RD is bi. though I only really ship her with Fluttershy, or Soarin

hahahahaha oh my god this was so entertaining to read

Obligatory musical reference go!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OH MY GOD THAT'S HILARIOUS! THAT gets an instant fav and tracking. Please keep up the good work. Woo.

Also congrats on your 100th story post on FIMfic.


In the canonical series? You think that Rainbow Dash is bisexual? I really find that hard to believe, especially with the fact she's shown absolutely no signs of feeling flustered around females before. The only slight exception being her little ‘wing spring’, — wingboner if you want to refer to it in a more sexual way, — at Pinkie's rather alluring appearance in the season one episode, Over a Barrel.

Well, that was random, and I mean Pinkie Pie level of random.:pinkiehappy:


Oh god, this was awesome!
I definitely want to see more of this story. Heck, maybe you could also throw in a 'just guys' chapter where some of the guys talk dirty about the girls. I'd love to see Shining Armor or Big Mac getting all protective when one of their guy friends starts talking about Twilight or Applejack, only to get embarrassed as some of the talk gets even raunchier.

...of course, I'd also find it hilarious if Big Mac's near silence hides an absolutely filthy mind.

surprisingly amusing...even more so since i can see it happening!

Like others have probably said, I love that thumbnail.

Love too get down and dirty with Sunset.

Yep, that's your life now Twilight. These are your friends.

I love it. I'm favoriting it. NAO!!!

This is getting real hot real fast.
And I like it!

Good start. I guess Twilight wasn't ready for all the embarrassing conversations that come with having friends. Personally I'm glad Twilight is done with Timber. I guess I can live with Sunset and Flash getting back together but I still prefer him with Twilight (no matter which version).

7657700 I meant in my headcanon

I find it hilariously ironic that RD has reservations about guys possibly jacking of to a picture of her and her friends when she is the one with the most wild fantasies of them

Wow, someone sure went on a downvote spree in the comments... :rainbowderp: Anyway, to everyone who enjoyed this so far, thanks!

In a certain hospital, a certain surgeon well known for giving high fives, referring himself in the third person and sexual deviance looks up from his lunch and says: Something awesome is happening.

This made my day. I'm looking forward to more.

Hmm I wonder what kind of fantasies RD will have if she ever learned that Fluttershy had dreams about being a pet.

That was pretty entertaining (in several ways, at that), but it does feel randomly gratuitous enough that it's a little jarring.

(And, having recently been party to the most unnecessarily raunchy conversation of my life (although it wasn't anywhere near this raunchy), I feel bad for Twilight.)

I love this. One of my fav ships for rainbow is her and indigo zap from crystal prep

I laughed so hard reading this. :rainbowlaugh:


I... have to agree with this. Big Mac being the dirtiest of them all would be great.

Though I doubt it'd pull as many readers even with the fun and enjoyable writing due to it being an all-male cast, I would definitely read this.

This is off to a pretty good start and I see that you don't pull any punches regarding the content. No doubt that Twilight is going to have to quickly get adjusted to this new world she's gotten herself into.

Rainbow is definitely going to get herself murdered if she keeps up this talk about Big Mac :rainbowlaugh:

(chanting)This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

Subtitle: Rainbow Competes for Title of Kinkiest Rainboom.

Got some good laughs. Great work!

"Rainbow, keep that other hand where we can all see it," Applejack muttered in a bored tone as Rainbow started to slip her hand down her shorts.

Rainbow glanced at her, smirked, and started to wiggle out of her shorts.

"That ain't what Ah meant, y'damn pervert!"

Twilight buried her face in her hands. "This is my life now..."

This made my night.

I liked it, I just have two comments:

when we all went to Canterlittle

I read this and immediately wonder if it's referring to the trip the girls are talking about taking at the end of Cracks. Probably not, but it's an amusing thought.

thin-eyed stare

I enter that into the search engine and all I get is that it's a (translated) Russian racial slur for East Asians. Perhaps you meant thin-lipped?

How come none of them suggested Dash was bisexual? Unless it doesn't mean what I think it means, it was the first thing I thought of.

7658328 No, I do not mean thin-lipped. I mean this:

Or this:

Or this:

7658395 Because maybe they don't have enough world experience to think that way yet? :rainbowwild: I mean, it's not something you really actively think about on average until you're in your late 20s, if that.

Good, thing Spike wasn't around ....Or that one of the guys didn't decide to come by to say hello and overhear all this. Actually would have been kind of funny if there was a guy around who heard all this and just doesn't know how to react.

If there isn't some AppleDash happening in all this, I'll be sorely disappointed and sad. You just know Dash will break AJ's walls down. ;)

"You'd look amazing it in, Fluttershy,"

it ↔️ in

Huh, never would have thought to ship Sunset and Pinkie... I like it.

NOTICE ME, SUNPIE!! :rainbowlaugh:

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