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Upvote and fav instantly.:pinkiehappy:

Wait...showed them?

Do you mean she went at it right there?

Nicely done. I love how everyone can easily imagine Rarity as a Dom, and how Flutters decided she would be a little more straightforward than normal.

Up vote. You make me laugh, you get stuff

This give Blck-Dynomite ideas. But other than that, this shit was funny as hell!:rainbowlaugh:

I have no idea what Flutters did or showed--but whatever it was, it was probably so perverted that it couldn't be written right?:raritywink:

Also, it never gets old when a girl woudl want to do Big Mac:rainbowlaugh:

:ajbemused:- "Believe me. Ah'm used to it."

"Oh yeah?" Pinkie asked. She reached under Rarity's bed and pulled out a long, phallic object with a vivid purple grip and a translucent pink shaft, revealing a vibrator apparatus and numerous small, glistening beads inside.

"UNHAND TOM THIS INSTANT!" Rarity screeched, making a diving grab for the dildo.

No. Just no. :raritydespair:

Sunset Shimmer and Big Macintosh...

F**k you Moth! Now I want to see a BigShimmer story!!!

I guess two people hate SunsetMacintosh...

Tom. Just Tom! :rainbowlaugh:

5376032 Seconded!
5375932 It's always the quiet ones.

And Sunset actually went out with someone that day. Big Mac was a wee bit disappointed that it wasn't him.

he cheered up a bit when his sister told him how Shimmy and Fluttershy got together though.

"I've got one!" Rainbow said. "And it's an awesome one, because we can all pick on Sunset Shimmer a little bit!"

Is it just me, or is EQG Rainbow a bitch?:trollestia:

Fluttershy's cheeks turned pink. "Do? You mean as in...?" She made a circle with the thumb and index finger of her right hand, then passed the index finger of her left hand through it repeatedly.

That's hot.

Applejack scratched her nose. "Actually, uh...Ah'd jes' let mah brother rail ya while Ah record th' whole thing on video,"


"UNHAND TOM THIS INSTANT!" Rarity screeched, making a diving grab for the dildo.

....And we're up-voting...

Pinkie Pie and Rarity froze in their tracks, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash stared in shock, as Fluttershy showed them all exactly how she'd do Sunset Shimmer.

...Really? Right next to me?

...Futashy? or just kinkyshy?


God. Fucking. Damn it. Moth. Seriously.


Well... I suppose you have a lead in for another story right there. That Rarity moment was hilarious. And that Fluttershy at the end was very unexpected...

I have absolutely no idea what the hell I just read

Futashy, definitely futashy :rainbowlaugh:

5376024 I kinda wanna know what happened with Flutters...

I'm gonna guess Futashy

Yeah, I can see Rarity doing that:raritywink:

The whole, 'sleepover which gets dirty' scenario has been done quite a lot I think, but damn it if this didn't give me a giggle.

5375932 Wow.
Second time I randomly found an author I like in the comments section of a story they do not own.

Instant fav and thumbs-up :twilightsmile:

5377545 It's pretty much become a genre unto itself, one which I helped codify. And it never gets old. :pinkiehappy:

Me reading this: :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

5376032 Me too! It must be writ! :flutterrage:

we need an extra chapter for the last paragraph.

NEED MOAR!!!!!!!!!!

This gives new meaning to the meme "Here comes Tom."

Why do I have a feeling that Fluttershy's part involved sticking Angel up Sunset's butt? :rainbowlaugh:

Wait, Pinkie did foodplay with a boy she kinda likes?

...I'm afraid to imagine what she'd do with someone she really likes.

Big Macintosh gets all the mares.

All. Of. Them.

This is the greatest idea for a story ever!

What woudl fluttershy do? WHAT WOULD SHE DO!? I AHVE TO KNOW!!!!

Also, the title brings to mind one thing:

:coolphoto: We will duw her! dew her so ahrd she feels it in the morning! thowowowy! and we shall do her....on motorcycwes!

I would tell you how I'd do Sunset Shimmer, but I don't think your body could handle it.

And Flutters wins because she put the show in show&tell :yay:

:rainbowderp: well

:raritywink:I approve!!!! Great story, and leed in. It's cool seeing their perverted sides (blushes). I mean it tells a lot about their character, I actually felt like I bonded with them...through the wonders of immagination

:rainbowlaugh: First thing I did after reading this, lol!

What's Fluttershy do to Sunset?

That picture of Shimmer is amazing. If only there was a captain saying
"Excuse you?"

5378472 What I wish Fluttershy would do to me...

I would tell her that she's an awful character and pull her unattractive hair until she cried.

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