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Sunset Shimmer has finally rebuilt her life at Canterlot High. She has friends, she's in a band, people like her, everything's going great...

And then out of nowhere, she turns back into a small talking unicorn.

Now, with the help of her friends, she has to figure out why she's suddenly a pony in a human world, and whether or not she can become human again...or will have to leave her new life and go back to Equestria.

(Cover art vector sources: Elsia-pony, TheShadowStone)

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Brittany Spears song title parody?


Sunset as a pony in cover art?


This is gonna be interesting.

Hmm, if the magic leaking into the EG universe is balancing out, it makes one wonder if the ponies of Equestria will soon be walking on two legs, and whether at some point instead of a human and a pony universe you'd end up with two Furry universes... :rainbowderp:

6247282 It's balancing, not mixing. It just means Equestrian magic is able to exist openly in the human world now and the failsafes the portal enacted are dead. It won't have any actual effect on Equestria, but it could have some unexpected consequences for the human world...

This is a great start to a story I have always wanted to see done. I hope the sirens will be making an appearance in the story, it would be hilarious since they don't have back legs and would literally have to drag themselves across the floor to get anywhere, or even better lay on little trolleys to get around.

Interesting, Hasbro should make this a thing.:pinkiehappy:

I can never look at cows the same way ever again. Hooray for honest apple human.:pinkiehappy:

My love of this concept is tempered only by the fact that I want to write this story. Well, not quite this story. I wasn't planning on making Sunset into a unicorn right away, but it is/was going to revolve around thaumic propagation in the human universe. Of course, I have no idea how to end mine...

But that's neither here nor there. The point is, I obviously have interest in the concept. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

6247377 Thanks! And you'll figure it out someday.

Also, love the new avatar. :pinkiehappy:

You mentioned there was.more stories like this. Where can I find them?

6247585 I honestly have no idea, I just know I've seen stories where this idea has been used (regrettably, after I'd had the idea myself but never got around to doing anything with it.)

Rainbow Dash asking the important questions.

"Found her!" Pinkie said, throwing aside the shower curtain. "Silly Shimmy, hiding in the shower, that's always the FIRST place the psycho...killer...looks?"

Obligatory movie reference!


If it makes you feel better I don't think even a single one of those ever really reached the point of completion. Good luck.

Well, this is an interesting concept, and so well explained...

Huh, never thought I'd see another story like this. And now I feel threatened (don't ask how my instincts work) and I feel like I need to continue my story. Eh, I needed to update it anyway. Thanks for the push and looking forward to reading more.

"Yer twat's a-showin'," Applejack said.

Oh Applejack... never change. :ajsmug:

"Whuh-oh," Applejack said.

AJ, something just tells me that, given what;s about to blow up in your and the girls' lives, "Whuh-oh" is a bit of a major understatement here.

Anyway, can't wait til Chapter 3 pops up, as this is already getting more than a little interesting.

And I noticed something at the end.
As we all know, whenever the girls "pony up", as I think one of the EG books puts it, they all get the ears, but only Rainbow and Fluttershy (and Twilight) got the wings of their Equestrian counterparts. Rarity never got the horn of Pony Rarity.
So I wonder why the change.
(Yeah, I know. That'll be explained soon enough. Right, Mythril?:raritywink:)

As the old saying goes, though, "This gun be goooood!"

this is great i am so glad i found this story! it is amazing so far, cant wait for the next chapter.i am so glad you decided to write it,kudos to you!

unexpected consequences for the human world...

Why do we always suffering all sorts of side effects from magic.
Or our world,at least.

6247721 *sigh* That's just our lot in life, I'm afraid.........:ajsleepy:

Hey, at least she got magic.

Also she only has been like, six years as a human? Whats so bad about Equestria anyway?

6247718 Yep! Rarity growing a horn is a plot point that'll be explained soon enough.

I know I read one story that had a similar concept to this, but I'm not sure it ever got past the first chapter...

6247739 She's just starting to build a real life for herself, with friends and a place she belongs. Back in Equestria, all she'd have are constant reminders of her failure as Celestia's student...

That's how I see it, anyway. Poor Sunset. :pinkiesad2:

6247744 Hmm, never looked at it that way. Still closing off the portal forever? I sure hope that isn't going to happen. I've been playing with the idea (and it has been done already as a crossover story) sort of like the magic of friendship spreading like a "good disease", like the principals getting power over the sun and moon, the students starting to show traits of the three pony tribes and other equestrian creatures and slowly the effect goes from CHS into the whole town and from there it goes almost like plague inc. If friendship could be spread via water supply or something. Oh wait, they did a special game with the neurax worm...


Mine was Princess Twilight getting stuck in the wrong side of the portal with the Element of magic and then Discord transforming human dash into pegasus Dash to say that he wanted to talk with Twilight.

"Hi, lovely fans! Oh, and hi to those who hate me, how are you doing? Actually, scratch that, I don't really care!" Discord waved his lion paw in front of the camera. He was floating over a desert-like area with odd chaotic structures.

"For those here who haven't got the pleasure to meet me yet, my name is Discord. I am what you could call a Trickster figure. Now, I am sorry to disappoint a lot of you, but if you think that I am responsible for Princess Twilight Sparkle being stuck in the human world, think again." Discord then snapped his right claw and the human Rainbow Dash, clothed with just underwear and a nightgown, appeared floating in front of him.

"Uh? Who are you? Where am I?" Rainbow Dash said confused... was she dreaming? Who was this strange Chimera in front of her?

"My name is Discord, and I've got a message for Princess Twilight Sparkle." Discord snapped his claws again and changed the human Rainbow Dash into her pony counterpart. The only difference was that since the former human Rainbow Dash had never done the Sonic Rainboom, she didn't have a cutie mark.

"Uh? What the hell?" Dash looked herself over, a bit self conscious of being naked, and tried to cover herself the best she could. And then she finally noticed that she was blue... and that she had hooves instead of hands. "What did you do to me?"

"Oh no, we aren't doing the 'I just got turned into a pony' routine, bye bye." Discord snapped his claws a third time and Rainbow Dash was gone.

"Now, where was I? Ah yes, I did not make the so-called Princess Of Friendship get stuck in the wrong side of the mirror. However, that doesn't mean I can't have some fun with that, can I?" Discord then sat down in a floating throne, got some popcorn out of nowhere and started eating it.

"And that's all for today folks, don't worry, you will get more of me soon, even if you don't want to!" Discord snapped the tip of his tail like it was a hand and everything faded to black.

From the story The Wrong Twilight.

6247740 :pinkiehappy:
I kinda had a hunch that would be the case, actually.
Can't wait til you reveal it!

6247753 Exploding nuclear bomb in Equestria is funny if I'll keep thinking in the same way as you.
So magic transforming/killing humans - isn't.
Also detonating NB on Equs is like letting their magic in our world,yeah.
I would like to se what it could do and what side effects can appear after this.
And do not say "You're maniac, human!". Many authors had done this to the Earth,but in their own way

Does mean the sirens should be turning back into flying sea serpents?

Well that certainly complaints things.:ajbemused: Thought, if you think about it the transformation was obvious.:ajsmug: Since now that Sunset is a unicorn her own aura is more potent enough to active the transformation in each of the other CHS girls. I wonder how the Dazzlings are holding up. Only if they're still near CHS, so any consideration of having them show up to either get some magic back or to return to Equestria. If the Dazzlings have changed back to their Equestrian forms it will be kinda of funny to see them move around in fins and flippers.:pinkiehappy:


Is just a silly story about taking ponies.

6247764 That sounds like a cross between The Conversion Bureau and The Strain. :rainbowderp:

6247816 Could be :trollestia:


You're sounding like one of those 'Humans are the best thing ever!' nutters. It's just a good story. Roll with it.

6247744 all she did in Equestira is steal a crown. On Earth she destoryed part of the school, mind controled the students. I think she would be more accepted back in Equestira.

6247820 This is mysanthropy propaganda which says "Humans cannot do anything against magic.We aree weak", but looks like only me and guys from the REN-TV can see that message.
That's whynI have concept of the " Harmonizer"

6247837 Oh man, why do all people think I'm planning a bureau story. I'm not even a fan of those.

6247838 I didn't say what story is bad.Story is good,twist is bad.
Am I sound like one of those?This is because I am one of those.
Transfotmation plague is a cliche which I don't like.
It shows humans unable to conquer a threat,they always need help of ponies.
More like TCB stories tell what humans are worser than ponies.My thought is what we are equal.
But they thing I hate more than idea is forced acception of the transformation.You forced to accept it because of the circumstances (TCB) or you don't have a chosse at all and turning into a pony because of someone's will or because of side effects appearing on humans.

I really like this. Don't forget Snips and Snails were also transformed by Equestrian magic.

Also, I wonder if some people will try to get close to try to get some of the cool magical abilities.

It's often been assumed that since someone who came from Equestria turned human, someone going the other way would turn into a pony. Is that still true? Was it ever true? Or can humans now exist in Equestria?

Liked and faved! This is a good story here.

6247282 (this is more to the downvoters than anyone else...)

On our end, we don't know exactly how humans/ponies work. For all we know, ponies are the final stage of a magically inclined human, and there are intermediate stages.
You're the writer, and your word is law, but based solely on info given in the story, quix's conclusion isn't that far out.

Assuming the EoH's transformation was special, because they skipped through all intermediate Stages.

6247744 Or it could also be an opportunity to start over. It isn't right to run away from your problems like that.

Also, why would Sunset be down about being a unicorn in the human world? That would be AWESOME. It makes her unique, and she can use magic all she wants now. She could help all kinds of people with her unicorn magic more than she ever could as a human. So even if she didn't feel like going back to Equestria, why would she want to be a human in the human world again?

Ooh, I'm intrigued. And since you're writing this Moth, I know its gotta be good. Insta fave.

6248315 She's seen enough scifi to know where that would go.:unsuresweetie:

Autopsy! :flutterrage::pinkiecrazy:

Wow...just two chapters for the story and its got a place in my favorite's shelf already.

6247739 Nothing, it's just that in every ony of MythrilMoth's stories where the issue comes up, Sunset rejects the opportunity to return to Eqiestria permanently on account of the fact that she considers the human world her new home (like how a child will eventually leave their parents to start a new life).


Beyond breaking and entering, theft of an ancient artifact, domestic terrorism (stealing an artifact used for defending the state, plus a princess' crown on top of that), assaulting royal guards (when she first entered the portal), intent to invade, (unlicenced?) use of (forbidden?) mind-altering magic, and very deliberately disobeying the sole ruler?

Paperwork. Twilight forgave Sunset, but pardons must be signed, and she's not touching that paperwork with a ten-foot pole while levitating it another ten feet from her body.

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