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One day, while working at Sugar Cube Corner, Pinkie Pie comes to a startling realization.

She has no idea how Fluttershy earns money.

For Pinkie Pie, not knowing something so important about one of her closest friends is intolerable. But when she asks Fluttershy, the only answer she'll give is:

"I do odd jobs."

Now, Pinkie Pie is determined to find out exactly what Fluttershy does to make ends meet...

(Rated Teen for mild risque humor.)

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Okay, that was pretty hilarious...especially the ending.


Oh. My. God.

This was hilariously funny and intense at the same time! :rainbowlaugh:

Yep, I've wondered too.

I knew going into this thing that I would be saying "Goddammit Moth" over and over again.
You did not disappoint. In any sense of the word.

Though, out of everything that happened in this story, one thing stuck out to me the most.

Her shock turned to wide-eyed, jaw-dropping awe as Papillon Blue administered a flying drop kick, a suplex, a piledriver, and a submission hold to a bear five times her size.

I'm surprised she didn't kill the poor thing.:twilightoops:

"Sorry!" Pinkie gasped, plopping down on her rear. "I just really really need to ask you something really really important!"

There should be a comma in between really and really.

She thought she caught a flash of rainbow overhead for a moment, but soon it was gone.

Make rainbow look like Rainbow.

I would dispute both of these - using fewer commas than one would with anyone else is fine for the way Pinkie Pie speaks, and just because it's her name doesn't mean there's also a perfectly valid non-proper name use of the word.

6888838 Sorry, but you're wrong on both counts. Pinkie speaks in a rush, so not having a comma in there (commas denote PAUSES) accurately reflects the way she speaks. Also, why would I capitalize Rainbow when it only implies that Pinkiie may or may not have seen Rainbow Dash? All she saw was a rainbow streak. Which could've been anything. (It was, in fact, Rainbow Dash flying by, but that's neither here nor there.)

That was pretty hilarious! I like the part with the bears.

This was hilarious. Loved the odd jobs, Tareme Nekoshai translates rather oddly. Plus nice way to expand on that show reference. The bear wrestling was not expected but should have been.
What stood out to me though is Flutters going out and doing all this, yet she can barely stand to be around or talk to anyone. So is her shyness an act at this point?!


Hmmmm.... This seems familiar...

Oh! Now I remember!
orig08.deviantart.net/1517/f/2015/331/2/8/chs_con____sunset_helper__10___by_uotapo-d9i6hi7.jpg Yes, I am aware that the inspiration was probably from 'Shy's anime character dropdowns in the Halloween special, but I couldn't not think of this.

Strange, I thought she received a stipend from Town Hall to take care of the wild animals, and if she's a licensed veterinarian, then that's her job right there.

Haven't read the story yet, sorry, but I found a typo in the description:

Now, Pinkie PIe is determined to find out exactly what Fluttershy does to make ends meet...

Right there.

6889108 I'd actually forgotten all about that picture. I just tried to picture Fluttershy as a doujinshi illustrator at a convention and that was the mental image I came up with. :rainbowlaugh:

6889118 Gah! Thanks for catching that. I don't always notice when I accidentally do that due to having severely impaired vision. :twilightsheepish:

6889093 "Tareme Nekoshai" isn't really meant to be translated at all, so...

6889110 Except we've seen no indication that she IS a licensed vet. In fact, in "The Secret of My Excess", Twilight took Spike to the vet. The vet was NOT Fluttershy.

sweet ending, nice Baltimore love ^^

6889133 It's one of my favs from Uotapo. Mostly because of Twilight in the Evangelion cosplay.

Made me laugh all the way to the end!!!:rainbowlaugh:

This was a riot!! I really, really enjoyed this. Very wonderful work!

Appropriate music:

Spike's still getting an allowance from both Celestia and Twilight's parents.

This explains why he has 'nuff money for all those comics. Mangaka Fluttershy writing yaoi? That was really unexpected.

This was so funny:rainbowlaugh:

I'm gonna be honest, for some reason, I think the whole "She draws yaoi comics" was the least surprising there, anyone else get that feeling?

Papillon Blue Is a pretty badass name, mind if I use it?

I can see Fluttershy actually doing most of this despite her stage fright, which makes it even funnier. The one outlier is the rainbow drinking contest, as she didn't hide her identity and her audience wasn't senile.

Well that ending is what pinkie gets for being so freaking nosy and up in fluttershy's biz

6889638 Go for it. :pinkiesmile:

6889648 Yeah, but Cloudsdale. How often do Cloudsdale ponies bother schlepping down to the ground, anyway?

Alternative title: Everything you Never Wanted to Know About Fluttershy
Accurate title? Yes? No?

6889591 it really wasn't surprising

I'm half-convinced there needs to be a continuation/sequel, where Twilight (or someone else) is intrigued enough by Pinkie's response that they also try shadowing Fluttershy, discovering yet more odd jobs. (Intimidation training for the Royal Guard, a la Stare?)

I'm guessing EBW is Equestrian Bear Wrestling then?

You definitely nailed Pinkie Pie in this story. Perfect, down to the speech patterns and behavior. Fluttershy, on the other hand... well, I won't say because I love this story too much to say.

Pinkie, if you thought that was bad, try observing Sakata Gintoki and his posse for a few days.

It'll learn ye.

6890054 Close. Extreme Bear Wrestling.

6890087 The whole point of this story was for Fluttershy to behave in ways contrary to her usual demeanor. :yay:

6890258 it can't be that extreme though if you forgot the most extreme bear of all: the Ursa Major. Now THAT would make a great show :pinkiehappy:

I take it Pai-Mei Ling is a giant panda who is red for some reason? 'Cause red pandas aren't bears, they're adorable little raccoon-things.

Absolutely hilarious based on things occuring in the show.

Pinkie didnt even get to the Extreme Knitting over Niehagra Falls competition. :pinkiegasp:

6890301 Because they have the white black markings or something?

I felt this fic had the sole purpose to throw me out of wack.

Some moments were REALLY REALLY OOC for some of the characters.

Hahahaha! This was funny!

6890341 Red Panda

We used to think red pandas and giant pandas were related and giant pandas just looked like bears, but about ten years ago, genetics showed that giant pandas are bears. It's just coincidence that two unrelated carnivores adapted to eating Chinese bamboo.

"Fluttershy's odd job number three uncovered: she draws really weird comics about teenage stallions, umm...kissing and stuff. Continuing investigation...after I eat enough cake to go into a food coma and forget the last hour of my life."

You had to, didn't you. XD

"Pinkie Pie's Observational Journal, day five, entry four. Subject Fluttershy returned to Ponyville yesterday. I was forced to stay in Baltimare an extra day working a temp job at a diner to earn train fare back to Ponyville after I blew all my money on stuff I don't even understand at that convention.

I think we've all been there, Pinks.

"Pinkie Pie's Observational Journal, day seven, entry five. Subject Fluttershy took an afternoon train to Fillydelphia. I followed her. It's night now, and Fluttershy is walking into what looks like some kind of arena in the seedier part of town."

"Hey lady, you gonna stand there all day talkin' to yourself, or you gonna buy a ticket?" A grumpy stallion seated behind a counter with a sign on the front that read 'TICKETS - 12 BITS' glowered at Pinkie. "You're holdin' up the line!"

That was the day Pinkie learned that talking is, in fact, not a free action.

"I've...seen things..." Pinkie flumped to the floor.

"Did you ever find out what Fluttershy's odd jobs are?" Twilight asked.

Pinkie glared at her. "Don't even," she said listlessly. She promptly fell asleep.


6890301 Yeah, Pai Mei Ling is a giant panda who is red. I did it for rule of funny. :derpytongue2:

Damn, Fluttershy. Not even Pinkie can keep up with your job list.

Looks like Pinkie has three journal entries to write.

One: Ignorance is bliss. Because what you may see you cannot unsee.

Two: Make sure you request vacation time from your bosses before investigating on your friend for your Stalker Cave.

Three: I think this clip speaks for itself.

cus that pic is adorable, also cool story


She is the matchmaker in which even cupids turn to when they are stumped.

When she plays the piano, she puts well trained orchestras to shame.

Her doujinshi drawings are so well renowned, that even Hoity Toity has them hanging in gilded frames in his privet collection.

She can consume gallons of hot liquid rainbows and a tray of roasted ghost chilies without breaking a sweat.

Her wrestling skills among bears is so legendary, that many consider her as a goddess.

She is, the most interesting mare in the world.

"I don't always read fan fiction, b-but when I do, I uh... I prefer MythrilMoth. Stay funny my friends."

Wonderful. That ending though.

So... Fluttershy writes and draws gay hentai? I'm not such a big fan of her anymore...

asking Fluttershy to talk about something other than animals is like asking Derpy
not to screw up when she delivers the mail. well f--k you too, Dash. bitch much?
amusing story nonetheless and nice homage to Twilight's "studying" Pinkie in
"Pinkie Sense".

The harsh reality that you cannot just take a week off of work to stalk your friends.

Turnabout's fair play, Pinkie Pie. The randomness isn't quite so fun when it's somepony else doing it, is it?

This was a hilarious read, and it made me laugh a lot. Perfectly paced, too. And it's interesting to see a story from Pinkie's point of view, where she's trying to be the (somewhat) rational observer rather than the off-the-wall goofball. An even mix of Pinkie-style oddity and seriousness, which worked really well.

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