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Equestria is safe once again, and Twilight has found her destiny. Still, the beginning of this new chapter in her life comes at a high cost, and Twilight must come to terms with the bittersweet ending to her latest adventure.

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Rest in peace, Tree Library. You shall be missed.

I'm pleased to see a high quality story on this topic show up so quickly after the season finale.

4368419 Thanks. And I'm not even the first, someone else beat me by a solid hour. :twilightoops:

Goodbye Golden Oaks Library ye shall be missed.

R.I.P Golden Oaks Library


We hardly knew ya. :ajsleepy:

The Library shall remain in our hearts forever.

Thought this song would be appropriate, since Terra Strong was in this game and it's about preserving memories.

Here's the real question to ask ourselves:

Did Golden Oaks die in vain, or was its annihilation for a noble cause?

~The lizardman needs to know

:fluttercry: we salute you Golden Oaks Library

That was beautiful. One nitpick, though:

"This...this is just the beginning. And my friends are still beside me. And you, and Celestia and Cadance and...and everypony.

Way to forget about your BBBFF, Twilight. Then again, the show's writers seemed to be constantly forgetting about him throughout this entire season, given that he only appeared in two episodes out of 26, both of which were literally at the very end of the season. Hell, his appearance in part 2 of the finale seemed almost like an afterthought, as if Meghan suddenly remembered that he existed. That's besides the fact that he was pretty much only there to get his magic drained and to have Twilight save his ass AGAIN. Because despite the fact that he still seems to be the Captain of the Royal Guard, it's pretty much an informed attribute at this point.

He didn't even TRY to save Cadance (or the other two princesses) from getting thrown into Tartarus. Even with his magic drained, you'd think he would've done everything in his power to save her, even if he'd inevitably fail.

I know this show is supposed to have strong female characters... but why do the male characters have to become useless in order for that to happen?

...Sorry for the rant. This was still a good story.

4368877 Jarkes, considering not only did Tirek stole all his magic and was shown that other who lost there magic didn't move from there spots when there drain i think he lost almost the ability to move for awhile.

a scorched acorn, the last remnant of the Golden Oak Library, lay atop a red velvet pillow.

Don't leave it there, plant it, maybe you can grow something. Just a children's section to start with but eventually a whole new library.

I'm glad you brought up everything in the basement; I forgot about all the stuff down there :twilightoops:

4369171 Yes, all Twilight's torture devices survived the cataclysm. I just didn't show them in this story because of the rating. :raritywink:

I admit, these stories confuse me for a rather silly reason. I thought the Lockbox of Harmony planted itself in the ruins of the library. I guess it didn't, but I'm still somewhat befuddled.

In any case, a lovely story. Emotional as any moving day, just with more explosions. Thank you for this.


But at least this time it wasn't a hidden comedy. Blueshift...

4368983 Okay, fair enough. It still bothers me that Shining Armor barely showed up in this season, and the writers seemed to go out of their way to NOT have him in an episode or even mention him when it would be relevant (see: Three's a Crowd). It just... it really bugs me.

4369256 The library was still a smoking ruin when the Box of Harmony turned into the seed of the new Palace. The ground it buried itself in was unblemished and OUTSIDE of Ponyville.

Well, shows what I know. I have made an ass out of oak and me. Or something like that. :derpytongue2:

4369201 Those aren't torture devices they're obviously for glorious S&M :twilightblush:

Also, at least you're actually acknowledging that it's time to move on... Unlike SOME people, who sound like this:


On the plus side. Twilight's horde is now gone also.

Well... You will be missed, Golden Oaks...

Onward to the Crystal Conifer Castle containing council-room of cooperation!

Damn, already?

You motherbuckers are fast! :pinkiegasp:

#r.i.ptree #whatashame

I really do hope they acknowledge he destruction of the Libary in season 5. It at the very least needs a mention.

Congrats on your featured!:scootangel:

*shakes a plastic cup around*

This is only the beginning, isn't it? The site is gonna be flooded with tree stories for at least a month, like the whole peaches thing. I bet Knighty will approve every last one too, since he can't cope right now.

4369660 I couldn't help but laugh at that :pinkiehappy:
4370897 Wouldn't that be a good thing? We wont have to worry about much air pollution. :derpytongue2:

Good work. A perfect little piece to put in either after the episode or between the final battle and the ending of the episode. Good bit of bittersweet writing here.

4370897 ...knighty doesn't approve stories. The story approvers approve stories. :twilightsheepish:

4371376 Thanks! :twilightsmile:

Discord: *snaps fingers* There. Your stupid tree is back. Now stop whining!

That was awesome. Great job and great story, loved it :twilightsmile:

Dan #35 · May 11th, 2014 · · 1 ·

Nevermind the Holocaust, the Burning of Alexandria is the greatest crime ever committed by man.

Very nice! I am still processing that finale, so epic!


This was good, makes a change from all the whining.

My only regret is now, reading this, all other hashtagtree fics will probably be worse and leave me annoyed.

Not bad. Well executed, and you captured the feeling of loss that comes with an abrupt move very well.



It's like what those wise people always say to us: "You never know how much something means to you until it's gone."

Farewell, Golden Oaks. You were damn-near the very home of this show since it began. Rest easy now.

I feel nothing.

"Hmm. There's something cursed in there..." The contents of one cart shifted, and a yellowed minotaur skull with a black crystal in its jaw floated out. "GAH!" she cried, taking a step back. "Why would you even pack something like that?"

My immediate thought.V

Comment posted by kingfish deleted May 11th, 2014
Comment posted by kingfish deleted May 11th, 2014

>Contains spoilers for the season 4 finale.
*Looks at cover pic* You don't say?:ajbemused:

This should have been put into the episode, and I mean it. The theme of moving on from something that you once held dear should tie into Twilight's growth into princess, and thus the abandonment of her old life, and should have been touched upon. Instead, they instantly created a castle out of thin air, so Twilight wouldn't have to deal with losing her old home. It was still a good episode, but you wrote something that could have made the show stronger: yes the things you love can be destroyed, but as long as your standing, and you have your friends by your side, you can recover.

4369660 No no, my dear child. We just don't like bad, pointless change.

:applecry: that's all I have to say...

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