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The yacht's wrecked. Spring Break is ruined. The cruise patrons are stranded on a deserted jungle island. And the crew of the yacht just...left them...somehow.

Sure, there'll probably be a boat, or rescue planes, or something, but why wait for all that when there's a perfectly good portal in the middle of the dark, spooky jungle that leads to a shortcut home?

Well, that and a long hike through another dark spooky forest. And a complete change of species.

The story of how the Canterlot High gang got home after the yacht sank.

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Flash Sentry calls an Uber.

Just another entry in this ongoing tennis match.

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Flash Sentry is a drab, flat, uninteresting guy whose very skin is bland, drab, and boring. Every day, he's surrounded by healthy, vibrant, exciting, enticing girls who bring a rainbow of fresh, fun, beautiful color into the world around them.

Flash longs, even for just a few minutes, to be as brilliant and colorful as those girls.

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This story is a sequel to Cheer Princess

Princess Celestia followed Sunset Shimmer through the mirror portal and became stranded in another world. Without her, Princess Cadance was the only pony left capable of moving the sun and the moon.

With the help of Zecora, Cadance learned to move the heavens, but as she brought about night for the first time, she accidentally released Nightmare Moon from her prison.

Now, with the assistance of Princess Cadance, Nightmare Moon rules Equestria. As the search for Princess Celestia continues, Cadance strives to reach the heart of Princess Luna, to restore her to the gentle and kind mare she once was, while Nightmare Moon learns what it truly means to rule a kingdom.

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The Rainbooms decide to take a day trip to the local zoo.

(My entry into Aragon's Comedy Is Serious Business Contest.)

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Planet Uma. Universe 6. Age 949.

The Umans are a peaceful race with a passion for the fighting arts, driven by the Saiyan heritage more than two thirds of the population share. At Umajin City's Harmony High School, run by one of Uma's strongest warriors, teenagers learn together, play together, grow together, and fight together.

A new arrival at Harmony High School has a bitter past and selfish ambitions. Sunset Shimmer seeks to topple the social order of her new surroundings and pervert the fierce warriors of Harmony High to her own twisted ends. But she isn't the only one with dark designs...

AU crossover with the Dragonball franchise, set in Universe 6, where the Saiyans are a peaceful race and were never destroyed, in an alternate timeline where the Tournament of Power never took place and Universe 6 was never erased.

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A teacher at CHS has assigned an extra credit project. It's a bit out there: Come up with an idea for an original invention and write an oral presentation and pitch for it to give in front of a panel of judges and an audience of peers.

There's no possible way that can end badly, right?

(Rated Teen for language and suggestive content.)

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Thirty years ago, the most advanced artifical intelligence the world has ever known was deactivated, disassembled, and left to gather dust in a warehouse.

What remains finds its way into Twilight Sparkle's garage, where she feverishly works to rebuild it.

Sunset Shimmer is about to enter a dangerous world...

The world of the Knight Rider.

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This story is a sequel to Just Girls Talking Dirty

As an adorable little baby with powerful magic, Flurry Heart was a lovable, if chaotic, ray of sunshine.

As a teenage princess who seems to be vying for the title "Princess of Lust", she's a constant source of exasperation for her parents. Her latest stunt--accidentally turning herself into an "anthromorph", as Princess Twilight calls it, and getting stuck that way--is just another misadventure in a long string of teen hijinks.

Now, Flurry has somehow managed to accidentally teleport herself to another dimension. With a whole new world to explore and an "auntie" she rarely ever sees to aggravate, plus new friends to make (and aggravate), Flurry decides to stick around for a while and turn Canterlot High upside down.

A continuation of this chapter of Just Girls Talking Dirty, toned down (slightly) to a strong Teen rating for innuendo, insinuation, naughty behavior, and a princess who doesn't especially care where and when she's naked.

Warning: Extremely horny and mischievous teenage Flurry Heart incoming!

(Base image used for the cover created by Dashie116, used with permission.)

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