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Thirty years ago, the most advanced artifical intelligence the world has ever known was deactivated, disassembled, and left to gather dust in a warehouse.

What remains finds its way into Twilight Sparkle's garage, where she feverishly works to rebuild it.

Sunset Shimmer is about to enter a dangerous world...

The world of the Knight Rider.

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Knight Rider? You have my attention...

Oh wow, that was fast. I wasn't expecting this for a month or so.

Ohh, this is gonna be fun.

Okay, I never actually watched Knight Rider...
But I am already loving this! I love KITT's reaction to modern technology, and everyone's characterization is flawless here. I'm in this for the long haul.
Also, gotta say I loved how the police interview went. Also Sunset and Kitt bonding there at the end.
Honestly, the only thing I can think of that I'd possibly want to see as a nod to the old series is if KITT's original partner is around somewhere and they meet him at some point. Seeing that would be incredible.

I did watch Knight Rider, and KITT was just as snarky in the actual show.

Okay after reading this, this idea came to mind:

Add the Sirens and it'll be interesting.

I'm surprised you got this up so fast. A really good start and a good deed done. That ending caught my attention though. Who could that possibly be?


Honestly, the only thing I can think of that I'd possibly want to see as a nod to the old series is if KITT's original partner is around somewhere and they meet him at some point. Seeing that would be incredible.

That would be nice - now if the girls rebuild KITT... I wonder if someone would be crazy enough to rebuild KARR...

I wonder how the Principals would react to KITT! :rainbowlaugh:

Nice to see this being continued from that teaser. I was somewhat amused to see Fluttershy rounding on Twilight. I believe I noticed one punctuation error, though:

When the group arrived and parked in a corner of the lot. Twilight, Sunset, and Flash unlocked the back of the van and lowered the ramp.

I watched a few episodes of Knight Rider before and I'm loving this! Everything was great! I'm just wondering what Part 2 is going to have with that ending.

Okay. Becides the van driver sharing my OCs last name as her full name and his occupation as a racer....

Will we also see KITT (Mustang) and KARR as well?

I completely forgot this was actually in the made, but so nice to see the first chapter out.

Though man, Knight Rider sure was one of the iconic action series during the 80's and 90's I watch growing up, though I think we never had the end shown in Europe. I learn way after that there was a sequel introducing a new version of KITT in a new car, but it flop hard.

Oh, and I found a little mistake in the preface.

and left to gether dust in a warehouse.


Thanks for catching those. My eyesight's not so good sometimes and I do miss small errors. ^^;;

Also: Knight Rider didn't have a proper series finale as such. The closest it ever had to one was "The Scent of Roses", a fourth-season episode that wasn't the actual last episode but did wrap up the Michael/Stevie storyline once and for all. In fact, that episode was written as the series finale by Hasselhoff and his wife, but the producers stuck it in the middle of the season instead of using it as the finale.

Comment posted by BestinDworld deleted Oct 11th, 2017

"I feel I should warn you that my Passive Laser Restraint System does not appear to be a feature of the new model," KITT said. "Be sure to always wear your safety belt."

"dont be a dummy always wear your safety belt"

see what i did there?

maybe karr could be driven by the dazzlings?

YES!!!! Now if Sunny and Kitt actually need to go to Equestria...

"Sunset, why have you become a small equinoid being from human mythology?"

using the Police alphabet:
licence plate King, Nora, Ida, George, Henry, Tom

I don't think I've EVER clicked a link so fast after reading a summary before!

It would be.... interesting to see KITT's reaction to the Rainbooms's magical shenanigans. :twilightsmile::rainbowlaugh:

And if Twilight is ressurecting older A.I.... maybe she could restore WOPR (from Wargames)?

And so the tale of the kit Kitt car begins.

I'll just show myself out for that pun.:twilightsmile:

The first track sounds like Sunset's track for this show. :)

Loving it already! Knight Rider and Airwolf were two of my all-time 80's favorites! I'm really looking forward to what you do with this next.

Knight Rider 2008 Soundtrack on Soundcloud

Oh man, now that takes me back, I LOVED Knight Rider right after the TV Show the A-Team. So do you have a picture of what KITT looks like for your story or does he look like his old self from the TV Show?

KITT basically looks identical, just with updated tech under the hood and different upholstery. I guess you could say the dash panels probably are mostly updated, especially the video screens--they'd obviously be modern screens, not what the original had.

It occurs to me that if this rolls all previous canon in, then what happens when Sunset uses her empathic sense on KITT? Is he "real" enough to have an emotional core? Given how he's portrayed both in the show and here, maybe?

I imagine if he witnessed the girls during a band performance, or using the power of the Elements, he might have a few questions. Especially if Twilight installs more magitech inside the car. Mobile magitech lab for SCIENCE!!! :twilightsmile:


Cool, say when will chapter 2 be out, because I would LOVE to know who is shooting at Sunset and KITT, one more thing, there was like a sequel to the original series where several other agents had their cars upgraded with A.I's also, you aren't planning on doing that to the other members of the Mane 7, of course it would be cool if you could do that to Sunsets Motorcycle.

"Whoa," Flash said. "So...super spy car?"

"Super spy car," Sunset confirmed with a nod.

Shining Armor shook his head. "Okay, that is...crazy, and yet..." He grinned excitedly. "Kind of awesome! Come on, guys, let's get back to work. We've got a super spy car to build!"


Honestly? I thought this was Bulk Biceps contribution to the scene, and I would've been fine with that

As the boys enthusiastically went back to work on the car and Rainbow and Applejack went back to cleaning and spraying labeled parts, KITT remarked, "Why do I have this sudden feeling of existential dread?"

"Because we're surrounded by idiots?" Sunset offered with a smirk.


Oh, but you love being surrounded by idiots, Sunset. I'm gonna love this.

"It took my last partner a while to understand even half of my systems," KITT said. "Of course, he wasn't a technician. He was...hmm. How should I say it..."

"Meathead?" Sunset offered.

Er... kinda?

"I have no memory record of ever transporting a donor organ," KITT said. "But my memory records are incomplete. It's possible." A pause. "Most of the memory records I retain from my time in service to FLAG...involve more high-speed pursuits, breaking and entering, and gunfire."

"Yikes," Sunset said. "I...kinda hope we don't get mixed up in that kind of stuff."

"I am perfectly content with being utilized for humanitarian aid," KITT said. "Just because I'm bulletproof doesn't mean I enjoy being shot at."

A bullet pinged off the driver's side window.

"Me and my big voice synthesizer..."

Sorry KITT, that was all you :rainbowlaugh:

Liked and Faved! :pinkiehappy:

I've been reverse-engineering his microprocessor to rebuild him with new parts and expanded memory.

"I can rebuild him! I have the technology!"

"Why do I get the feeling that we've drifted into an entirely different crossover?"

In any case, I have little experience with Knight Rider, but you definitely have my interest. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. And who's dumb enough to shoot KITT.

Better question: How did KITT fit through the portal?

Team Knight Rider had only one season, and suffered from really lousy ratings. It didn't help that they tried to get David Hasselhoff to sign off on the show by doing a few cameos, but he refused unless he was made a series regular with star billing. So his non-participation also helped kill it. The show played more or less like a Knight Rider version of the Power Rangers, however, so I'm not sure how survivable it would have been over the long term even if they'd gotten his participation.

The Knight Rider reboot in 2008 only had about half a season or so before it was canceled. Not sure what happened there, but when they let half their cast go and coasted for the second half of the first season, you could tell something was up. Still, they managed to tell the new Michael Knight's backstory and introduced a half-transformer version of KARR before the series ended, so it wasn't all bad.

If Twilight built custom AI's for the others, though, what would they control? I think Rarity has a modern car, if I recall correctly, but she might be the only one with her own transportation. I also really don't see Fluttershy driving a Thunderbird down a highway at 300mph with a look of pure rage in her eyes as she chases a bad guy, so I'm not sure they would know what to do with an upgrade like that. :yay:

(sees title, is interested, clicks on story)

(reads description, does a double take, confirms is not seeing things, slams head into desk, explodes into hysterical fit of laughter for a good three minutes)

Oh this story will be amazing. I'm just going to give it a like for the premise alone. I'd have given your story ten if I could, Moth.

By the way, I laughed only because I remember watching Knight Rider and thinking it was hilariously cheesy. I wasn't laughing at the thought of your story being bad. Realizing what your story is about just reminded me of some good times with the source material. Oh, I think I'm going to like this.

Man, Knight Rider....

Talk about a flash from the past. Used to love this show when I was younger. There was a sorta reboot movie, then two reboots, but they were never any good. There is NOTHING like the original.

Please don't ask me when I'll be updating or suggest things you want to see me add to the story. ^^;;

The original Knight Rider is one of the most 80s things there is and I grew up on it and I still love it to this day and it is absolutely, gloriously cheesy as all hell. But damned if it isn't one of the greatest TV shows of all time. :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy:

(But yeah, sometimes it makes me headdesk at how certain things are handled...like hacking, computers, etc...)


Better question: How did KITT fit through the portal?

Maybe a badguy that found a spark of Equestrian Magic open a Midnight Sparkle-like Rift?
And Princess Twilight's reaction to KITT would be great to see! :pinkiehappy:


It occurs to me that if this rolls all previous canon in, then what happens when Sunset uses her empathic sense on KITT? Is he "real" enough to have an emotional core? Given how he's portrayed both in the show and here, maybe?

That is a very good possibility!

Shooting KITT sort of falls into the same category of people beating the crap out of Wolverine. The scene is meant to show how dangerously badass the bad guys are, in a way that doesn't have horrible consequences for the character (or car, in this case.) I've had more than a few RP games where the player built a tank, and was regularly used by the GM to demonstrate how dangerous the bad guys were, knowing the player's character would survive it. Same deal.

What I'm wondering is who (if anyone) may have been listening, or may later hear a call go out over the police bands that a black T-top with the license plate "KNIGHT" is currently carrying a transplant heart at speeds rivaling a jet plane? Surely someone heard that. :trixieshiftleft:

This was a lot of fun. Looking forward to more of this.

Fun story, bringjng back old memories. It should be interesting to see who's shooting.
Speculation: The Foundation was taken down by hostile agency. Otherwise a tech breakthrough like Kitt wouldn't have been decommissioned and abandoned that way. Either he was hidden from enemies and the hider couldn't retrieve him, or he was disposed of in a manner calculated to attract the least interest. And now someone, probably whoever eliminated the Foundation, is aware that he's back. If the speed and plates weren't enough clues, the bullet bouncing will be.

A bullet pinged off the driver's side window.

You drove RIGHT into that one.

"Me and my big voice synthesizer..."


I was never a fan of Knight Rider, but if it was ever on I could watch it for the entertainment value at least and also just for the cheesiness of the whole thing. I like Wensleydale, after all.

The joke there is that I like cheesy stuff.

Also, god damn Moth! When did you last get in the Featured box? I've given up writing stories in favor of animation and internet comedian, so I don't know how often you've got on there. It's great seeing your name there again, though. :) It's good to see one of the few writers on this site I had some respect for still going.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is muscle cars, because I am fascinated by vehicles that go very fast for their size.

Electric cars are another interest of mine, because I’m fascinated by vehicles that go very fast for their drivetrain.

And given that I am eagerly awaiting the day when technology and my income will allow for free enjoyment of electric super stock racing, I’d say this tale is right up several of my alleys.

My last new story feature? Back in August. I'm one of the lucky few, like Skirts and Justice. If I post a new story, there's a 90% chance it'll get featured. I'm always happy to know I've done my job and entertained my readers--I'm not doing this for the recognition, so to me, seeing my stuff in the feature box just means I did my job. I was kind of off the radar for all of September (Hurricane Harvey victim) and it's nice to be getting back into the swing of things. As long as I am inspired to write, as long as I still have stories in me to tell, I'll be here sharing them. It's all I have to give this world.

Maybe even have him as a mentor/partner character.
Never actually there, but always gives advice for situations that Twilight can't.

I never saw Knight Rider myself, but this story makes me want to.
My Mom used to love it, though, so I'll be reading each new chapter of this story aloud to her. She says you got KITT quite well as far as characterization.

Well if I never do return to writing fanfics, at least there's one of several people here I can always count on to give me something worth reading. Nothing but the best of luck and fortune to you, Moth. Hope we can talk via PM sometime. Take care; I'm turning in for the night.

Wanderer D

Adds to favorites.

Oh, HELL YES! I freaking love Knight Rider, especially KITT and all his eloquent, snarky glory! Favorited immediately!

So. Much. YES!

Ahem. Pardon me, carry on.

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