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Ever wonder what they wrote to each other about?

Here are some examples from various AU versions of the book. Most are random silliness, some entries will be canon with my various continuities and will be marked as such.

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Nice work. Well done.

That looks pretty good.
Keep it up!

That was mildly adorable. :pinkiehappy:

I had thought of this idea for a fic but I didin't know how to execute it. Well, you have written it for me. I will just read this instead

awesome start. looking forward to more

Sold, you completely sold it. Oh boy this is going to be good.

If I could like this multiple times, I would. Why the flipping hell is it not featured yet.

:twilightsmile: Very cute, good job. I look forward to reading more.

I just wanna know how Sunset knows how the harmonica links with parasprites, I just need to know.


It’s silly, I know, but I miss those tasks, you know, the mythic creatures exam all third years had to take? That was probably my favorite course. If I hadn’t gotten all ambitious I might have gone into animal husbandry.

That's probably why.

Dead Princess Twilight,

Umm typo


That picture is perfect for this story. The wistful expression on Sunset's face, the way she's holding her pen -- excellent friend-writing pose.

This should prove interesting

Bow chick bow wow.

Well. SciTwi won't be happy with this.

OH MY GOSH. Perfect.

Non-continuity. If I think of it and it's funny or interesting it goes in here. Continuity things will be marked as such, but I don't forsee a lot of them.

Lol that's what I figured.

Thanks for the laugh. I needed that. :rainbowlaugh:

lol this should be good. awkward but good.

I wonder what Twilight's response would be to this? Also even though there is a new chapter my tracking bar was not showing this has having updated. Glad I found it!


I'mean not sure she would, since Sunny did say she just needed to vent, probably princess to princess.

Twilight writes back "never speaking of it again" in quotes as if sunset wrote that, but sunset wrote "suggest" so I'm thinking there was an edit to one part but forgot to change the other.


She's quoting their agreement to never speak of it again. Though it could be a bit cleaner, I suppose.

I'll you soon,

I think you accidentally a word. :twilightsheepish:

OK this confused me initially but I eventually figured out what was going on lol. This universe needs to be explored further.

I've got Friday all planned out, with space for dinner and some personal time. Just you and me and a very secure privacy spell that I tested on this world's Pinkie. No one is going to bother us unexpectedly.

AJ has been caught daydreaming a lot lately, and usually we're fairly sure it's about you. 

Who is Sunset dating, I must know!?

:twilightsmile: This was cute.

These are not nessecarily all in the same continuum.

Let's see, I've had sunlight, apple set, sciset, and drunken party pritwiset

Who knows what'll happen next?

Wait, I thought sunset was dating sci-twi in this book?

Ok now I'm thoroughly confused

Just think of them as random AU letters.

Sorry, I think this is where I hop off. The individual chapters themselves are too short to tell an interesting narrative, and since each is supposed to be treated as it's own au then an overarching one can't be set up either. Tidbits just are not as fun when they are isolated from a world I know.

That was cute. :twilightsmile: [insert Sunset Shimmer emoji here]

I love these, it's such a brilliant take on the dear princess letters, leading on from the first three series where Twilight and the girls would write to Princess Celestia. Sunset taking on the role of student with Twilight as her teacher, much like with Starlight.
i'd deffo watch EQG as a series.

i think i'm missing some context...
Sunny is Sunset Shimmer and Sunshine is Human Twilight Sparkle?

Yeah. This is a entry from the Homecoming series.

Can i get a link to that? I've not heard of it before.

Oh Sunset, the cheese is real here.

*clears throat dramatically and cracks neck* DAAWWWWW! *death by adorabetus*

That .... was CHEESEY. Like wow , now I know to look out for this line. So thanks for that

ROFL. Normally sleeping drunk with your best friend forces morning awkwardness, but both Sunset and Twilight rolled super high on their charisma checks so they'll be just fine. :trollestia:

Ngl, this homesickness was a big sign I never the friendship games but for the reminder of eqg til it was cancelled in 2019 im surprised this topic never came back up or was mentioned by sunset. My guess is she might of gotten over it. Still this would of likely happened in eqg even if this is a story, it's still a good one nevertheless. :twilightsmile:

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