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This story is a sequel to Bardic Lore: Stabled Dreams

Bards hold many duties, but most are just wandering minstrels. That is the part of the job Azure loves best, seeing the cheer on ponies faces as she performs for their enjoyment.

On a tour into the Crystal Empire, River tags along and begins to learn just what a minstrel is beyond the performance. However, River isn't the only one that has learning to do.

Continuity: Bardic Lore

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It is nice to see River starting to get on in her new and better life with Gleam and Azure.

Lovely, as always. River's song is one of my favorites.

I like the way Azure is making little changes to her life now that River is a part of it.


Fetch, your link isn't working, but with a workaround, I followed it, and it's a great song.

I prefer these versions, personally.

This was adorable


Azure: Well, I'm suren' grateful for the compliment. Hopefully next time you stop by the house, River shall be able to know when to eat and when to talk. Meanwhile, I'm to learn how to keep a filly's mane under control.

Allykitty: Since when did you start responding to comments?

Azure: Hush, you, 'n don't be making me quote Tidus.

Allykitty: :twilightoops:

Beautiful story allykitty. I adore this little family. I don't know if I've mentioned it before but I can kind of relate to little River. She's a kindred spirit I think.

Azure is best Ma.

Confirmed warm and sweet. Love Azure's little (comparatively) story and that of her loving family. :yay: :heart:

*motherly feels* :twilightblush:

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