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This year, Twilight Velvet wanted to hear a story from Equestria. There are a lot to choose from.

How do I find one that isn’t going to sound silly to humans? Better go with the traditional ones, I guess.

Continuity: Homecoming

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Nice, I've been waiting for this since you mentioned it on discord

:raritywink: A wonderful read. Happy Hearths Warming, Allykitty.

Very, very nice! I'm usually a bit of a grumpy canid this time of year, but this made me smile. Great job, AllyKitty! :twilightsmile:

awesome story also Cadance is the counterpart of the princess of love she will always know because she can sense the feelings

The Cadence knows...she always knows.

Wait . . . Cadance grabs Shining Armor’s hand—but didn’t he go out for a food run?

I’m sure she waited for him to get back. :twilightsmile:

This is is not a standalone story. It's not a standalone because there are huge obvious differences between this setting and canon, none of which readers have any reason to care about if they haven't read the previous materials. And it's not a story, because in a story, something happens. This is more of a news update on the characters and their status--which we've already noted that we don't care about if we don't know your previous stories. And the fact that this vignette leaves me high and dry in this way doesn't make me want to go back and fill in those gaps.

First off who is “we”?

The description LITERALLY mentions that this is part of a larger continuity. The author is basically saying this is part of a larger story. It’s not their fault if you don’t pay attention to that.

Every story in the Homecoming continuity is a story. It’s about the authors vison of the characters lives. So whether that is them fighting villains, shipping, or literally just doing fucking nothing that’s still something and therefore a “story”.

Are you freaking kidding me? You literally are on a site that has bullshit stories titled “______ character eats their cereal”. Gtfo out of here with that. Ally kitty has a whole little universe of stories that provide a variety of different stories. Maybe you should start at the beginning.

Cute. :twilightsmile: Also interesting that this version of Cadance and Shining have opted to defy the counterpart thing with their kid's name.

I'll bet the baby's name might end up being Gleaming Shield or something of the like. Not sure why, but if the baby is a boy, the name Guard Rook sounds cool, but is redundant due to earth ponies' penchant for redundancy.

I went around the room and hugged the various members of the Sparkle family, including an obviously pregnant Cadence. As I settled in next to my wife, I smiled.

That's exciting but also a shock to learn she's pregnant already.

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