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This story is a sequel to Romantic Meetings

After Jake, Twilight, and Starlight all got together, they and their friends shared a few...wacky adventures. Here are a few.

Takes place after Romantic Meetings

EDIT: Going on hiatus until Romantic...Other Worlds? is complete

EDIT: It’s back

Quick note to anyone reviewing this: if you review this, please just review the three chapters entitled: Going to the Gala

If you wish to write a chapter, it must be 1,000+ words, first or third person, and having to do with Jake Taylor

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I was kinda hoping we’d see him tell Starlight off for what she did.

You and I both know why Celestia was alone in the dining room.

Don't you mean tell all three off? Twilight and Trixie have equal blame. The only reason Starlight even missed the meal was because Twilight was CONSTANTLY on her case about her being friends with Trixie to begin with and Trixie guilted her into it as well.

Yes but it was Starlight herself who made the decision and who should’ve known better than to not at the very least tell Twilight ahead of time. That last one lies solely on her and no one else.

Is it possible to die from overexposure to cuteness? Because if so I think I might be in trouble after reading this.

Love these one-shots :heart:

I’m pretty sure that’s not possible. I know, because I’m still alive after writing this. Also, you can contribute your own one-shot to the story

You know, if you want, you could write a chapter for this

Loved this chapter! Good to see other people writing stories for Romantic Mischief :twilightsmile:

Thanks. If you’ve read any of ThePinkedWonder’s stories, you’d definitely be able to tell he wrote this


Glad you like the chapter I wrote!


It won't be for a while, but you can bet that I will try to write another chapter at some point.

Hopefully for Jake, Starlight's dad will be more reasonable then Twilight's parents

I was wondering if we were ever going to see a "Meet the Parents" story here.

Great job with this one, it really pulled me in!

Thanks. I plan to do one with Starlight and her dad as well

These are collectively cute.

Might write a few myself, to help break away my writer's block.

If that'd be ok?

That’d be awesome. Just PM me anything you have. Just make sure they’re all 1,000+ words

So the Sunset Shimmer challenge was accepted I see. Nice one, Peni Parker.

If/when I think of a story idea, I'll try to use some the rest of the Mane 6 in it since no one seems to want to use them at all besides me in the story I wrote when I bought in Rainbow Dash

Edit: I just thought of one, and will start writing it in the near future.

Don’t be surprised if I decide to write a second part to this.

PLEASE write a second part to this. Not only has Peni written an excellent guest chapter (I quite enjoy any Sunset material), but it's been set up in such a perfect way that it could easily be a stand-alone side story.

Great work again, Peni. I eagerly await whatever you and the others come up with next.

I can totally see Starlight and Twilight doing something like this :rainbowlaugh:

Funny story!

That was mean, adorable and amazing, I love it

That’s what I was going for

Glad you enjoyed it. Don’t worry, your story will go up later today

I'd be more than a little pissed about magic being used on me without permission. That's like drugging someone without permission for a prank

There's a lot of potential for this plotline. It'll be interesting for Jake to learn just how much he and Sunset have in common. Also, I'd love to see how Twilight responds to this new development, especially considering Starlight seems cool with it. Please do continue this.

I wanted so badly to try to help, but I had absolutely no idea what to do. Starlight confessed, so all that was left to do was for Twilight to figure out how felt . There was nothing I could do to make it easier, other than provide comfort.

How she felt

This was such a good chapter! I couldn't have done a better follow-up to either Jake and the Fiery Unicorn or A Tale of Two Mares myself. Great job!

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