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This story is a sequel to The Wooing of Sunset Shimmer

Twilight is making dinner for Sunset, making sure that everything lines up perfectly. and she has a special surprise for her.

Continuity: Homecoming

Ship: Sunset/SciTwi

Rated T for suggestive themes.

Now with a reading by Lotus Moon

Revised 11-4-17

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Very sweet :twilightblush:

Very sweet story. As always. :twilightsmile:

Paella and sex. There's a good night.

nice story love it

Ok, I was about to protest that there is no such thing as vegetarian Paella. But dessert made up for it. :heart::raritystarry:

It's beautiful seeing the relationship from Twilight's point of view.

Two to one for water to rice?! Damn that's some wet rice.

I imagine cooking rice in a pot is much different than cooking it in a rice cooker, but damn that's a lot of water. I only go for a one to one ratio using a rice cooker.

Sci-Twi x Sunset? instant fav :3

7991462 in a pot you want to use a two to one ratio, cooking the rice slowly and uncovered. Once the water level reaches the level of the rice, you cap it, take it off the heat and let it go for a while, letting the residual heat cook the rice. You can pour some oil into the pot and cook the rice a little before adding the water.

It seems pretty clear using magic in Equestria, and possibly on the other side of the portal, is just like any other exertion, so bigger appetites do seem completely in order! Maybe I’ll have to poke at that concept in Lectern’s New and Used Books or something. . . .

Rated T for suggestive themes.


That is some delicious-sounding meticulous food porn. You've made me hungry; you're clearly doing sonething right.

Oh hey, I've had paella, it was really good.

I'd say Sunset's very lucky to have such a sweetheart like Sci Twi with her. The only other thing I can say about this story is Awwwwwww.

Very sweet story, you write these two wonderfully.

1. Paella is amazing in all its forms

2. This scene conveyed all of the love and passion that these two have bottled up, and without going into a single "detail", per se. Love it!

There is a companion chapter to this, just so you know.

Ohh, ok! Would that be "Last night of winter break"?

No, it’s this here.

It is a little more saucy though.

Aha! I see! *runs off to read immediately*

/seriously, if this is half as good as the other parts to this series, it should be amazing. You did amazing work on these stories!

This is a cute short.

1 thing about love is something the sacrifices and changes you have to deal with take time and it sure will with Sci twi

Author Interviewer

this one did flips :rainbowderp:

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