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This story is a sequel to In for a Bit, In for a Pound

Twilight and Sunset continue their relationship, leading to many turning points for the two girls.

Mainly, Hearth's Warming and Christmas celebrations, matrimonial worry, and how to make a proper pot of tea.

Pairing: Sunset/SciTwi

Continuity: Homecoming

First Featured January 18, 2017

Revisions completed 11-3-17

Chapters (25)
Comments ( 275 )

Can't wait to see what happens next this was a very good opening can't wait to see how this one turns out.

this was a adorable and cute chapter I can't wait to see what else happens when you come out with chapter three. :twilightsmile:

Le gasp, what could she be talking about at the end?

When you told them who you were going to be going with me to attend my mom’s funeral, how did you describe me to them?

You don't need the me in the middle.

Sunset swallowed the mouthful of salad she had been chewing on. “My folks have invited her over for a celebration later on in the week,”

Either you meant Sunshine or it should read "Her folks have invited me over..."

Also, just noticed I think you forgot the 'a' in part in these last couple chapter titles.

love the story , quick heads up on redundant redundancies

You know I’m going to get you back for that, you know,” she said before we entered.”

also the sentice is a question therefor ? at the end , i love the story look forward to new chapters.


More like a statement. but I fixed the redundancy.

“I'm trying to decide between becoming a painter like my mother and sisters or an author.”

I totally thought of this when I read that: :rainbowlaugh:
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Just noticed, current total word count 11,111.


31 in binary. Wonder if that is telling me something.....:rainbowhuh:

:rainbowkiss::raritystarry::heart:this is so cute how sunset is acting at the end
Edit: They need a Cadence emoji for shipping


And yes, a Cadence emoji is in need!

The whole ponies with an aversion to meat thing is based on a real life misconception. Horses can, and do, eat meat safely. After all, meat to horses is like candy to us. It tastes good, it's not good for us, but it's not overly harmful to have every now and again. Besides, I doubt the pigs and chickens the ponies raise are just for the truffles and eggs. I have a feeling that, like us, they turn some pigs and chickens into food. The only meats I can see Sunset having an aversion to the point of sickness to would be beef, sheep, deer, etc.


Scientifically correct, but I have plot reasons. I touch on it in a later chapter.

I look forward to how Sunset reveals herself to SciTwi's parents, hopefully you'll make that a long and detailed scene cuz I love stuff like that :raritystarry:

You could do a trial run and intro them both to Princess Twi's parents. "Mom, Dad, I'll like you to meet my twin sister and her marefriend." :twilightsmile:


I couldn't stop laughing at this. The image in my head was just too perfect.

"But Honey, why does it matter?" asks Twilight Velvet.

"Um, Twilight?" I say. "I don't think this will help with explaining unicorns to her parents."

"Why not?"

"Well, outside of the fact that we supposedly dont exist there? Your parents are both unicorns."


7863714 *rubs head* Okay, yeah, I can see where that might not help as much as I thought. Unless Twilight can change Sunset and Sunshine to their human forms or something? No, that wouldn't work either, would it? *sigh*


But they can get advice on how to broach the topic from them. I wasn't making light of your suggestion, it just sparked a funny scene in my head.

I'll very likely use this, if I may?

7863748 Not offended, so no worries. You just pointed out how what I was thinking wasn't really gonna work that way.

How 'bout this? If Twilight can show her parents what S & S look like at home, either by changing them into their human selves or with an illusion, then maybe the parentals can give them advice on how their counterparts might react. Of course, Velvet might ask to see what Princess Twi looks like as a human and that could be fun, especially as the Twilights don't really look identical in Equestria like they do in the human world. In any case, if you can use any of this, please feel free. I'd be honored! :twilightsmile:


Urge to riot rising! :applejackunsure:

But, good scene, I'll look forward to it in the coming chapters!


Look, Sugar Cube, I'm trying. I just don't know if I should write her accent in or not. It's plum nerve-wracking with a riot looming overhead. :applecry:


Ahm sellin' unlit torches 'n pitchforks for folk at half-off all th' same, sugarcube. Ah betcha can do th' accent right 'n proper if'n y'all don't go and overdo it like some of them writin' it up.

Ah shore will try, apple dumplin.

Unrelated note, can I get some of those for use in our march on Microsoft for canceling Scalebound?


On th' house, darlin'. Tell 'em ol' Applejack sent ya to square th' deal they mucked up. :ajsmug:

:pinkiehappy: I got mentioned!!

Oh, and good chapter, too! :twilightblush:

The solution to the confidence problem was brilliant. :twilightsmile:

Writing for Applejack seems to be a game of balance. Enough punctuation adjustment to convey the accent without making it unreadable. You seem to have struck the balance nicely in this chapter.

When the Applehorse accent is just right. :ajsmug:

Riot's off, y'all. Prayers bein' answered and what all it is.

Nice fake-out, but I wanna know how Cadence knew. Luna, I'm assuming, but confirmation would be nice.


Well, by the way Friendship Games ended, we knew that Cadence was in on the whole magic aspect. The process needed to transfer schools is complicated and can take a bit of inter-campus cooperation.

Also, there was the whole pony ears thing. Rather conspicuous, but yeah, I'll work some conformation into part two.

7871350 You have a point about Cadence being in on the magic by the end of the Games, as well as the girls pony-ing up. I was just thinking Cadence might want to confirm things a bit before risking her relationship with the Sparkle clan by "outing" Sunset. Idle (Or is that "bridle" :rainbowlaugh: ) gossip is one thing, Twily hating her for a while is another.

On the other hand, I love how you handled her parents, with the "We knew" and "You'd tell when you were ready." That was great! :twilightsmile:


This is why I like my commenters. Great ideas and plot holes I missed.

I had always planned on Cadence being the tattle tail (oh god the puns), but forgot to dive into how she would know. She would also know that Twilight wouldn't hate her...she knows the girl far better than we think...babysitter, soon to be sister-in-law...

Plus, there's outing (which I know more about than I should) and knowing and waiting for someone to admit it freely. You're correct that Luna was the culprit seeing as how she was the one that put Sunset in charge of magic for the friendship games. I'm willing to bet after the first movie Celestia and Luna had a looooooooong talk with Sunset.

That works nicely! :eeyup:

Speaking of looking at pictures, any chance of a one shot where we see Twilight and Sunset showing the girls their Equstrian photo album? I mean, they were freaking out a little with the two Fluttershys, so seeing their pony selves might be fun! Oh! Did they show the parentals Cadence and Shiny as ponies, too? What about Flurry Heart? :scootangel:

“Merry Christmas, Sunset,” Cadence said as I ?? into the house.

Missing something here. Perhaps 'came' or 'got' seems to be the best option here.

Her frowned at her, and she stuck her tongue out in reply.

Should've been 'He' not 'Her'.

Twilight started to get fidgety, realizing that we were running out of time for out reveal.

Oops, must've missed that 'r' key by a smidge. :twilightblush:
Holy moly, this story continues to amaze me. Also to slightly quote Lily Peet: "Cadence, you little shit!"

I had completely forgotten Cadence was a Dean at CP and present at the Games. Great googly-moogly.


Which I never understood...most schools I attended had either a dean or principal, not both.

Unless the principal was named Dean. That was a confusing year.


If you recall in "In for a Bit..." There is what amounts to a cast shot on Sunsets wall, not to mention the mane six doing their jobs.

Also, they didn't have a picture of Shadence and the baby. I'm sure it will be mentioned though, since Sunset or Twilight will likely look for the chance to rib Cadence.

Sunset has the picture of them on her phone because, well, that was something that seemed like she would do. It Totally has nothing to do with the fact that the last time I went to a fancy thing I kept a picture of my sister and I in my phones camera roll or a bestie using a pic of her, hubby, and toddler as wallpaper...or is it?:trollestia:

As for the Flutters, it's one thing to know you have a twin, it's another to suddenly be face to face with them.

She's Dean of Students I'm guessing. Like a fancy guidance councilor.

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