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While on a vacation across Europe during Winter Break with her parents, Twilight Sparkle bumps in a beautiful local. Now she can’t seem to get her out of her head.
In an AU in which Sunset ran off across seas after Anon-a-Miss with the Equestrian currency the Princess of Friendship had given her on her last visit and has adopted a british accent (because just imagine Sunset with a british accent) and in a world where Cinch never tried to blackmail Twilight and she never ended up at Canterlot High. They are both in their freshman year of college. Inspired by London Boy by Taylor Swift.

Featured on 8/2/2020

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(because just imagine sunset with a Brittish accent.)

as yes.... French sunset.....

Technically English Sunset, but still equal parts hot and adorable.

Which English accent? There are several. I'm not sure whether to imagine Sunset as having a Home Counties or Cockney accent (or, if we're really obscure, a Hertfordshire burr).

yes...... YES! Y E S!
*talks in cockney accent* oi! This be me accent!

Or how about Yorkshire Sunset? That'd be hilarious.

Not really sure what the difference is :rainbowlaugh: I'm an American who doesn't travel, and in this story, she's technically American too and hard a fake accent, so or a lot something like who would just around the UK? Idk. Geography isn't y thing.

Scottish Applejack.

even better. XD

American trying to do British accent.

Bert the Chimneysweep it is then.

Where would RD be from? Cloudsdale's to the north, so I reckon either Newcastle or Carlisle.

I guess she kinda sounds like Millie Bobby Brown's regular voice. Somewhere they could be considered in the middle, but leaning more towards British.

Fluttershy's a little more challenging.

So I'll suggest Manchester.

what about rarity?

What type of sauce? Is it BBQ?

Outer Home Counties (Buckinghamshire and similar).

10364122 Nah. A lovely white roux with a little Parmesan cheese added for saltiness.

10364073 I... I'm not sure what's happening here...


Somewhere they could be considered in the middle, but leaning more towards British.

Right, but all native accents in Britain are British, so I'm not sure what 'leaning more towards British' means?

Let's be real here. If someone from outside the UK is talking about British accents, you almost certainly mean RP, a neutral, middle-class accent centred on the home counties around London. Sometimes called BBC English, as that's what anyone with a regional accent would have to convert to to be allowed on television.

Talking about England/Britain in terms of geographical location isn't so good for averages, because so much of the population and influence is based around the South East. Almost all the films, TV and exported material you'll have heard from the UK will have come exclusively from the bottom third and eastern half of the country. James Bond, Sherlock, Doctor Who, you name it, they're almost all from there. So when you say around the middle, you get Birmingham, which you've probably not heard internationally outside of Ozzy Osbourne.

Just say Sunset sounds like Emma Watson. Can't see it, personally, but sure.

10364124 Mid-Atlantic. It sounds British to American ears, and American to British ears, because it's an artificial construct somewhere between the two.

Or the West Country, famous for its cider.

The fact Sweetie Belle hasn't got said accent is further evidence Rarity is putting on an accent to create a specific impression.

Will there be a sequel?

And since Twi is American, it would sound English to her. Whilst laughably bad to UK ears, Dick van Dyke's cockney accent in Mary Poppins would sound English to an American.

You're right Twiggels, the universe is messing with you. Because the universe is cruel like that.

Also, smooth Sunny. Really smooth move there at the end.

10364365 I've been thinking about this since this morning, and I can't think of a single passable British accent from a US actor. Can you?

There are a few the other way around, I think. Hugh Laurie in House is a good example, I think, since I get the impression a lot of people don't realise he's British.

None come to mind. Curiously, Canadians can do convincing British accents a lot better than Americans; Stephen Blum comes to mind.

I know Rarity was made Russian from a story called Code Lyoko: EG

Indeed it did since it was an AU story like this one.

Is there going to be more to this? It's marked as complete, but the way it ended made it seem like it was setting up more chapters.

Wasn't sure I'd enjoy this at first but I ended enjoying it

I don't plan on writing more, but I guess I could in the future. What happens to Twi and Sunset is kinda just meant to be up to the reader.

The next day and Twilight was leaving a small boutique where she had originally just been looking, but ended up buying more than she really had the money for, but her dad shouldn’t be too terribly mad at her for buying ‘souvenirs’ with her credit card. As she was exiting, she bumped into someone. He rbags went flying, scattering along the entryway. She ended up on the floor. She rubbed her head and adjusted her glasses, looking up to find a golden-colored hand reaching out for her.

Her bags.

Sunset la miró con una sonrisa en su rostro. Con una voz que sonaba estadounidense, Twilight nunca había esperado escuchar del local, dijo:

Oww me encantó muchísimo!! Excelente fic

See a few people asking for sequels. Honestly I’m a bit more interested in a prequel. Not even all that much on the whole anon-a-mis bit either more of sunset pulling out of the us and setting herself up in England

I love that idea! In the two year gap between her moving out there and this story, I feel like a lot could happen I didn't actually put much thought into other than a half-assed backstory for why Pony Sunset was in London, but there could be a lot more to expand on. Maybe I'll work on that soon!

Honestly I would love tos we more of this sunset and her story

I would too! I'm going to work on another AU and the seventh chapter if Love Story tonight, but hopefully I can do that next week sometime!

Ah yes, my finger slipped when I was adding this to all the groups I normally put my stuff in :rainbowlaugh: I'm glad you liked it anyway!!

Mildly disappointing. The story started and ended and aside from a few minor interactions, nothing happened.

The whole point was that Twilight was falling in love with a stranger. It was meant to be taken in snapshots of their interactions. It wasn't supposed to have a larger plot. It was just supposed to be Twilight falling in live with a girl she thought she could never have, but in the end, there's a possibility she could.

I've written one story about them, yes! They aren't my favorite ship, but if done right I can enjoy it.

I wouldn't mind seeing a part 2 to this. Like a afterwards of what happened and twilight finding out why the girl was in London.
3$ say it was tardis related.

Why didn't Sunset recognize Sci-Twi as the Human Twilight?

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