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Author of the Homecoming series, occasional contributor to Bodyguard!AU, and food aficionado.


Sunset is looking back on the events in her life that truly matter. There are some that she regrets, but others she wouldn't trade for the world.

Continuity: Homecoming

With a Reading by Allykitty

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Oh, Artemis! Crystal does work for this, really, really well. Your usual great job, though I suddenly have River Song whispering "Spoilers!" in my hind brain! :raritywink:


Just wink at her and say "Hello, Sweetie," and she'll be fine.

So, PM more deep thoughts?

This was really good I can't wait to see more of their future together

A beautiful flash-forward (and slight preview on what's to come). :pinkiesmile:

exultant story.

Sorla, daughter of Sombra

Wow... Didn't see that coming:rainbowderp:

Oh, nice, nice, some more domestic bliss and hints of what's to come in the main part of the timeline...I look forward to seeing how those storylines play out.

But what of the AppleDash kids? :ajsmug::rainbowwild:



This will not be the last Timehop story...

8063674 Huzzah!

I've quite enjoyed your stories. Looking forward to more in the setting, if you plan on them. (Sorla's?)


Get to the latest...there's some Appledash flirting in chapter 4 :raritywink:

Lovely story as to be expected but now I have questions. I'll PM them once I've finished catching up as the answers; knowing you, are probably in the stories ahead of me. Thanks for sharing! :heart:

Beautiful story for the end of Homecoming (what's written for it thus far). :heart:

It gives me both a calm happiness and also a bittersweet reflection. I tried putting a little of that in As The Years Pass. It's a unique feeling that's hard to describe, looking back on life like that. You did an excellent job of it. :twilightsmile:

I get what you mean with that song too. Fitting, I think. :pinkiesmile:

8080204 If you write some sequel to this I would gladly read it.

Listen to "Shine Like Rainbows" and the story ends just as the song ends. I love it. It's a habit to listen to that song at endings to stories. Gets me in the dang feels.

While I appreciate the enthusiasm, Scrolls comment was left more or less hours after this posted. This story went up a day or so before Legacy did.

Sorry 'bout that, just enjoy things in an orderly manner to the point of being as led if I have OCD.
Speaking of order, anyon3 ever heard the song discord by Eurobeat Brony?

Nice! Really enjoyable. And now it can be updated to include more events you've written!

Time sure flies when starting a family

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