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Wallflower Blush.

The most recent to be corrupted by errant Equestrian magic. Sure, she mostly meant well in the beginning, right?

But after the events of her confrontation with Sunset Shimmer and her friends, she has just a few questions.

Featured 2-18-2018

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This was great:pinkiehappy:

Cool. Nice interaction between characters

Did you borrow Sunset's geode, by any chance? Because I was just thinking about this very subject earlier after watching the special for the umpteenth time. And I must say, you did a good job addressing it. Have a like, you earned it.

this site finally put the character wallflower name sweet :)

Cute story :twilightsmile:

“Just a trend I’ve noticed lately. Before she rigged the portal, it was only open for three days every thirty moons. And now it turns out that the memories erased by the Stone could only be restored within three days.” She shrugged. “I’m just wondering if there is some significant symbolism behind the number three. Because it seems everything comes in three lately. Your episode is the fifth event since I stole her crown.”

Juniper Montage raises her hand, "Umm..."

Wallflower: "Yeah, it's probably just a lazy way for the writers to increase dramatic tension."
Sunset: "Wait, what?"
Pinkie: "Stop it, that's my job."

A lovely little coda to the special. The magical nature of three is an intriguing coincidence. Very fairy tale-esque in that regard. Also, I like the idea of Wallflower hanging onto a fragment of the Memory Stone as a reminder of her past deeds, not least for the irony.

Well the "rule of three" is a fairly typical writing principal so I honestly never thought to read much into it.

So, I was shocked when Wallflower said she was trying to get Sunset's attention halfway through the song. First thought was, 'there's two of them now!' Then you have Trixie fast forwarding past Wallflower's own song and I'm thinking that spontaneous singing must just happen on that side of the mirror as well. Except it was the intro music... making her statement a legitimate 4th wall break.

Very nice one also I was wondering could you do a story with the reunion of sunset and Celestia during and after forgotten friendship please

I’m so glad about what wallflower is doing


If you check my first ever story, you’ll see a reunion. But I did get an interesting couple ideas from the special.

Juniper Montage: why did I bother coming in for a reading?

Sunset: we missed you.

DHX exec: we gotta cut eight minutes. Sorry.

JM: Dammit!

Nice job, Ally. :twilightsmile:

Sunset looked at her and sighed. “Guess you have a right to know. Please, sit down.”

As the number of people “in the know” grows it will be hard to keep things a secret. Speaking of which, I wonder what kind of crazy shenanigans the girls had to pull to erase the security footage of JM’s rampage in the mall.

None, probably. I think the guards probably looked at the monitors and said “that’s above our pay grade.”

Ha! I hadn’t considered that option. The seventy years old part-time mall cop takes a look at the footage and he’s like “Darn kids with their holograms and lasers... they don’t pay me enough for this.”

It's good for what it is, but I for one would love to see more of Sunset and Wallflower. (...SunFlower?)

“About six years ago I fled that world and came here.[...]“

“Part of it,” Sunset replied. “You didn’t just erase high school, you also grabbed a few weeks prior to me running away.”

Wait, question: High school only lasts for 4 years in general, so why would she have erased 2 other years as well??

Depends where your high school is. The one I went to was 6 years just like the story.


IIRC, Isaac Asimov once wrote an essay discussing why the number 3 is often associated with mystic properties.

Everything comes in 3 huh? So Sunset was the Mirror for 3 days every 30 moons, The Dazzlings were a trio of Sirens, what happened at the Friendship Games and Camp Everfree that involved 3? That Memory Stone is obvious for the 3 day time limit before you lose your memories forever.

Only in countries with the Sunday-first convention; iirc, the majority of countries - or at least the majority of the world population- considers Monday to be the first day of the week for some bizarre reason (ISO 8601, the standard that governs most dates and times in the world, follows that rule). The US, Canada, and Japan are the most notable exceptions I've found in my incredibly brief research.

In other countries, Wednesday would be the third day. OTOH, MLP is made by a Canadian studio, commissioned by a Japanese corporation, targeted mainly at the US (afaict), so...

Why is Wallflower so popular now?

8744605 So, Sunset and Wallflower’s ship name is... Flowey?

I thought someone might try to save that pun for later.

As to the singing thing seems to me it might just be an aspect of Equestrian magic. Since Equestrian magic is leaking into Canterlot High then spontaneous musical numbers would become increasingly common.

That's a WONDERFUL idea~!

She's the new antagonist. It will pass in a month:twilightsmile:

8747659 Thank you.

I haven’t watched all the specials, but I’ve watched enough to connect the dots. That, and Omega Flowey is just plain creepy both in an in-game and meta way. Sunlight = Boktai, Sunflower = Flowey, Sunpie = shojo anime, Sunsarity = Dragonball Z or sincerity. The other ships don’t really have any other significant meaning, but I still don’t care for Sundash.

Wallflower did say she intended to erase all the girls’ memories of high school, so it would be logical that Sunset lost all her memories of CHS. Losing all her memories of the human world, and apparently of going through the portal, is another matter, but maybe the stone’s spell was more powerful when it hit her because it was intended for six people, not one?

The point about threes is interesting, but this special had me more curious about sevens. Obviously we have the Humane Seven, but it's interesting to note that the geodes didn't appear until after the final member (Sci Twi) joined the group. Where did the geodes come from though? My thought is Clover the Clever.

They mentioned Clover the Clever having seven trials he accomplished, one of them pertaining to the memory stone. That got me thinking about how Twilight (Sunset's teacher) has had connections throughout the series to Starswirl (Clover's teacher) and how now that Starswirl's returned suddenly the magic is related to Clover instead. What if Sunset is meant to have parallels with Clover, and each of the incidents of Equestrian magic are meant to parallel Clovers seven trials in some way? What happens when they finish them?

'Cause she's adorable, that's why!

This is the point when Sunset and Wallflower would spontaneously break into song about the power of music to express joy and heal. Two and a half minutes later, they would be weirded out beyond measure!

Okay this is done well loved it I kinda feel this happens like a few days after forgotten friendship or at least a week after

Cute and simple talk

“I’m just wondering if there is some significant symbolism behind the number three. Because it seems everything comes in three lately."

As good a point this is, I can't help but feel sad because of what I can make a reference to with it. Regardless, great story.

Good...but I felt there's some wasted potential here.

Actually...I still think the portal is starswirls work...however...that's a artificial and stable portal.... Let's assume wild portals appear on rare occasions around high enough magic...like during the Friendship Games whenever the locket opened.And he just got lucky to go through one.

Sunset laughed. “A lot? Please.” She turned her brilliant grin on her newest friend. “In Canterlot Castle, every Tuesday at three the entire staff would break out in song like clockwork. And don’t get me started on Princess Twilight. She sings arias about panic attacks.”

Aria doesn't have panic attacks though. :rainbowwild:

“Makes me remember that not all things are better if forgotten.”


“And then friends you have now.”


And don’t get me started on Princess Twilight. She sings arias about panic attacks.


Loved this! Great job and very cute and funny!:rainbowkiss:


The Friendship Games featured three events, The Decathalon, the Motocross/Archery Dealie and the Flag Hunting thing.

I'm not 100% sure on Everfree though. Did Filthy only give them three days before they had to pay back the loan? Can't quite recall.

He said "I'll give you till the end of the month."

It is implied that this happened about a week before the events of the film. So, he basically gave Gloriosa two to three weeks to get the money.

In her flashback, she doesn't have the geodrs until after this conversation but does at the start of the movie.

Your SoL stories are always nice to read, and this was especially enjoyable. Wallflower is a total sweetie pie and deserves more good and positive stories like this. She's too pure and wonderful to be confined to creepy fetishists and unremarkable shipfics. My girl needs HAPPINESS.

>furiously writes more of her own horribly depressing Wally fic
>plugs it beneath a spoiler bar as if that somehow makes doing so less rude and shameless

I think that this is a great story. Well done.

I enjoy it. Nice story.

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