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This story is a sequel to Why Should I Dance

Not everyone has the steel in their spine to be the weapon of purpose that Sunset is. She knows what her surrogate mother needs from her, and what is asked of her, and all her life she has accepted that she would always be the sum of that purpose: the steel and strength of the Solar Princess.

Now, things have changed, and the weapon wants more than a sheathe. She wants more than to be swung in battle against those who would make brittle the rule of law and the power of the throne. Sunset knows how to swing both blade and magic, but swinging human is something completely different.

This chapter was commissioned by Scampy.

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I really love how Wally in this story is basically just me irl. I guess I could say that about a lot of stories but it's especially true here 🙏

Anyway I think the Aztecs were on to something. I'd sacrifice people by the truckload if it meant getting more SunFlower from you. No one ask how I commissioned this.

Still absolutely love your wordsmithing, and commission or no, I loved seeing some more from you here. Your work has a sort if immutable quality that you don't tend to see often, so it really brightened my day to see more from you, even if you're not back, as it were.

From one reader at least, it made my day to read what I read today.

This was as perfect, if not more than the previous.

I find it very fitting that Wallflower, the one that is always missed by all, is the one that cherishes what everyone disregards of Sunset, her humanity.

A lovely story, and even if you aren't back, I thank you for sharing your words here one more time

its great nice work and its nice to see you back if only temp it will be nice if was permanent

Did it feel strange to pay a self-proclaimed "Crackshipper par excellence" to write your OTP?

Damn, thude. The prose in this was dummy thicc with love, and the fantasy world drama between our two heroines were the sprinkles on top.

To head questions off, no, I'm not 'back' as it were.

Well, you're obviously not just 'fronting.' :twilightsmile:

What a weirdly and uncomfortably passive-aggressive question that was! Thanks for reminding me why I don’t frequent this site much, lol.

I have no idea what that means, lol.

It is a pun. "Front" is the opposite of "back." "Frontin'" is a slang term for someone who is faking it, pretending to be more than they are [EDIT: or to do something they are not].


Did it feel strange to pay a self-proclaimed "Crackshipper par excellence" to write your OTP?

I think it turns out there are some people who are able to do more than one thing. Most people, really! :twilightsmile:

If this is your swan song, at it were, then it's a good one.

I thought it was excellent, and I am happy.

Oh, come on. There are assholes and weirdos everywhere, but do you really think that they are majority here?
There Are a lot of people who truly and genuinely love your work though.

Very lovely though this and the first feel like the first two acts of a larger story.

The obvious brewing conflict is that with so many enemies looking for the smallest weakness it’s inevitable that Sunset and Wallflower’s relationship will be discovered by somebody eventually. If Celestia has any understanding of human nature and she doesn’t want Sunset to go full supervillain she’ll make it clear that as castle staff Wally is Off Limits. But there are a bunch of young arrogant idiots in the nobility. Sooner or later one of them will believe they can exploit her without getting caught. Of course, some of the more ruthless members among the elite using foolish potential future rivals as inflammable patsies to get Sunset disgraced is a worrisome possibility.

Im so happy to see that you’ve made a return and i hope you are good and well! Im gonna read this story right now but i just wanted to let you know how much you and your work are appreciated and enjoyed on this site! Also I’ve always wondered, when writing a story or series, what are some sources/ inspirations or tips that you as a writer would recommend to someone that is thinking of doing this for the first time?

"can you ensure sure she"
"can you ensure she"?

"with stains of sod laced with a hand was hard and"
"with stains of sod laced with a hand that was hard and"?

"Wallflower accepted it all a kind of phlegmatic grace."
"Wallflower accepted it all with a kind of phlegmatic grace."?

Ah, well, I'm sorry you're not at the moment comfortable being "back" -- but it was nice to see this from you. Thank you for writing, and thank you Scampy for commissioning!

Even if you aren`t back per se, i just want to say that it was really nice to read one of your stories again.

“Back” or not it’s just nice to hear from you again :twilightsmile: hope you’re doing grand!

That was a very good read. I love this AU. Thanks for writing that.

Great little series of stories. I hope you do return to the fandom and this series someday. Hope all is well. :twilightsmile:

I really like this, and why should I dance. The world and the concept is just so very interesting, which is why I credited you as the inspiration for my fic, Valse De La Lune.

I also read your blog post. Even if this place is chock-full of terrible sex fics, there’s still plenty of good content out there.

I know this because YOU make good content, which in turn, inspired ME to write a story. Even if that doesn’t change anything, that still has to count for something, right?

Overall, great fics. If you wanna keep away from the site? That’s fine, but just know that your work is amazing regardless of how porn-focused people think it should be, and that it’s an inspiration for others who want to take it to new heights.

Like me, I guess. :eeyup:

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